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This Has To Be Said

I haven't blogged in 8 months. We bought a house, still unpacking, school started. You know, life. I felt the need, the urgent need to blog about the Adrian Peterson situation today. I am full of all sorts of feelings and had to write about it. I would love to hear your thoughts on this whole thing. No really, I would. I don't feel I was a douchebag in my writing so all I ask is you not be a douchebag in your response. Thanks.

My thoughts on the Adrian Peterson situation (but first, some backstory):
I was spanked as a child. I'm pretty sure most of us that grew up in the 80s were.Until the summer between 5th and 6th grade I lived in Charelston, SC and from 6th to 11th grade, North Chicaco, IL. I have seen every form of discipline doled out on a child. I've seen spankings, beatings, hairbrushes smacked into heads, spoons hitting the tops of heads, whips, belts and even switches. I've seen it all.Most of you know that my son is named after a little boy who died from c…
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Building On Dreams

Donovan's school is not a mainstream school. They educate children that are "special needs". I'm not too fond of that phrase and I'm lo to admit I've used it. He couldn't handle/process mainstream school (they couldn't handle/process him ha!) and was suspended twice in first grade. Yeah, not for him we thought. The school he's at now is nothing short of a miracle. They got him reading by the middle of 2nd grade. He transferred there during the last quarter of 1st grade and he only knew his letters and numbers. He had no desire to read at all and somehow, they got him reading. Now? Donovan is in 5th grade and reads at 8.5 to 9th grade level. Yep, that's my boy. We love this school and his teachers are some of the most amazing people we've ever met. The staff gets the kids to understand things that I barely understand myself. Today, he came home so darn excited waving around some paperwork and I couldn't even begin to guess what it was t…

Well Played Monday, Well Played

Mindless bullet points. It's what you get on this Monday.

Got the oil changed and was informed I should get a new battery, new front brake pads and a flush of the power steering line. Grand total to have them do it? Over $500. Yeah no thanks, I think I'll ask my father in law for his help. Maybe I can buy the parts and pay him to fix these things/show me how. I also will tempt him with a dinner out on the town with his favorite daughter in law. Just because I'm his only daughter in law does not lessen my position any. My 4 year old future felon (have you sent bail money yet???) absconded with her sister's lip balm and proceeded to eat it. The whole thing. She also ate half a tube of blood red lipstick. My son thought she was bleeding but as my sister in law put it, she looked like a little old lady who escaped the nursing home. She wanted to kiss me with all that on her and I had to dodge that one. She was rather fast coming at me. I know it's cold outside people. I…

The Baby Fix

I got a baby fix today thanks to my dear friend Mandy who came up to visit with her two girls. My lovebug of chub, Nora, will be 2 in a couple weeks. WHAAAAA?!? I have no idea where that time went. 2 weeks ago, Mandy had baby girl number 2, Alaina. Please to enjoy the cuteness:

Amiright or what??? Gah!

Celia declared the baby was hers. I said sure. Her mama? Not so much.

Sophia has missed out seeing Mandy the last two times. She was so excited that she was home for once.

I love and adore this photo. Oh does Donovan love the littles. My sweet sweet boy. 

It's not that often I see Nora smile. She's a serious one, this kid. And she's always moving. Oof. I forget that part of toddlers.
 Some days I would love to have another baby. Then I realize I'm not completely insane and go on with my day. I get the fix with Mandy's girls and all the babaaaays that come into my store. I wish my job was going around talking to all the crying babies and toddlers. I ran it past the bo…

Baby It's Cold Outside. (Subtitle: No Shit Sherlock)

It goes without saying that it's colder than a snowman's fart outside. Actually, at this moment it's relatively warm at a balmy 27F.  Tomorrow should be ok at 17F. Then Sunday and Monday? Those assholes are out to get us. Working together! Damn Sunday, why you gotta be like that? -15 will be the high.


for the HIGH.

what. the. hell?

Our low for Sunday evening? -26F. I can't. I just can't. The govnuh (and yes, you must say it that way. DO IT!) has closed all public schools for Monday because of the chilly weather. I'm pretty sure Sophia did a happy dance when she heard that. She's the only one of the 3 kids who has to actually wait outside for her bus. The other two get front door service, perks of the little bus. Sophia hates to bundle up, she overheats by the time she gets to school. She's extremely proficient at layers but still, way too cold for her to stand out there.

If you're going outside, please bundle up.…

Toddler Theatre

In our house, we have a thespian. Two of them really. We've always known Sophia has a flair for the dramatics and really, I have no idea where she gets that from. :::cough::: she's the apple, I'm the tree :::cough::: Sophia loves to over act, over react, over dramatize things. All of the things. And the Academy would like to recognize Sophia for Best Dramatic Performance. It can be exhausting sometimes trying to figure out how horrible, no good, very bad a situation on the bus was when she's telling me about it. I have to take it all with a grain of salt (and just what the hell does THAT mean anyway? nevermind).

Celia though, she's in the movie. In her mind. IN THE MOVIE MAMA! She is currently starring in her own version of Charlotte's Web, the live action version, thankyouverymuch. I am always reminded that I am Charlie and she is Wilvur. That's how the names are said and don't you even think of correcting her. It is not recommended. Most days I am Cha…

Giggles Kicked Off 2014 and It Was Awesome

Happy 2014 Y'all

Contrary to the look on Nanner's face, I assure you, she was having a blast at 12:01 am.  My Monkey, Sophia, Nanners and Celia in the front.  The squeals from them when the ball dropped? Made it all worthwhile. 

Mama and her favorite redhead

Donovan would've wished you a Happy New Year but yeah.  He didn't make it to 9pm.

Watching the One Direction movie.  Awesome start to the year according to the girls.

My Monkey loves her cousin Donovan and was  watching him play Roblox all morning.

See?? Nanners DOES smile. It's just rare to capture it on film.  Ha. Film. That was funny.

Great start to the year I think. Lots of laughs, tickling, giggles, oh my.  I hope your new started out with just as much fun and love as ours did.  Here's to a kick ass 2014!!