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I Miss Him

Dear Donovan,

11 years ago, yesterday, you were taken from us. I can't believe all that time has gone by. I look at your sweet face everyday. You would have been 16 right now. A full blown teenager. I can't imagine that. What I do know is that you would have been an outstanding young man. In your short 5 1/2 years with us, you showed compassion and your love to everyone. Yes, even to those that hurt you. Even to the evil woman who cut short your life. Even to your father who knew what was going on. He knew you were being hurt. He did nothing. You loved everyone.

Donovan, I know you are in a much better place now but I'm selfish. I want you in my life. I wanted to know the young man you would have grown into. I wanted to see you grow up. Driver's license, prom, graduation, marriage and kids. I wanted to see all of that with you.

As much as I would love to, it doesn't give me closure to know that your father and that woman are in jail. It doesn't make the pain go aw…

Um, Yeah, About That

Captain: What time is the wedding tomorrow anyway?
Me: :::blink:::
Captain: Honey?
Me: :::blink:::
Captain: Well?
Me: Lemme run down to the lobby and see what their wedding page says.

I thought I could dig myself out of this hole but no, my cousin and his fiance don't have the TIME OF THE WEDDING on the RSVP page or anywhere else except on the actual invite.

Which is sitting in out house.

3 1/2 hours away.

In Minnesota.

I'll call my other cousin in the morning and catch grief whilst getting the time. If this is the worst, thank the Lord.

I know that he's playing with me though and this is nothing compared to what's coming. And those people, are my happy, positive thoughts.

Stay tuned....

The Power Of Pink

I think most women (and dare I say, a lot of men) know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Really though, it should be every month. Last year Fluffy and I volunteered for the Kid's Fun Run. We basically watched the older kids until it was their turn to race, then it was on with the cheering. We had a lot of fun even though it rained and it was cold. This year we're stepping up. We're doing the Kid's Fun Run and the 5k Walk. Peanut will be with us but I think Monkey Boy would be overwhelmed and overstimulated. I, on the other hand, would clearly be in need of this, this and possibly even this*. A long weekend but so worth it.

My grandma, Lulu, was diagnosed in the 70's and beat the odds. She had a mastectomy and lived a long, healthy life until her cancer came back in 2003. She lost her battle with this horrendous disease. She was (and still is emotionally at times) the rock of our family. Everyone wanted to spend summers or weekends with her. Life was so …

Mother Hopping Late

but too funny to not post

Have I mentioned that I really, genuinely like my job, even though I bitch about it all the time? I do. True story.

Hi, Have Some Audacity

So I'm in a pretty good mood last night at work and at some point, I couldn't tell you when, the pendulum swung viciously the other way. I found myself very pissed off. At everyone. Everything. It scared me. I vented to one of the grocery guys for a solid 15 minutes, Jennie From The Block stood outside freezing while I had my cancer stick and listened to me piss and moan and good Lord, shoot me now. I'm still feeling this way. I don't like it, not one bit.

Earlier in the evening, when my mood was not maniacal, I helped a nice older gentleman with a return. As I was getting his money from the register, he asked me to turn to the right. When I did, he pointed to the side of my head and told me I "should get that mole removed, it could become cancerous".


Um ok, I'll look into that, thanks. I've only had it since I was a middle schooler, it has not changed shape, size or color and it bothers no one. However, since you thin…