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Not For Sale, Child Or Photo

After looking at all the photos of cute kids on Rebecca's post last month, I decided to share my favorite ones I've taken on my kids and my nieces. 'Cause they're cute dammit. I think you'll agree.

The Peanut this past summer

The same Peanut at 4 months

And again at 3 months

Baby Girl at 18 mos maybe? (the data isn't attchd to the photo - oops)

The Boy at 2 years. Still one of my faves.

I'll post more later. I go for the funny ones it seems.

Does Anyone Follow That Old Adage?

You know, the one that says "If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all"? I have almost daily fights on this one. Going to my parents' place always induces anxiety attacks, crying jags and periods of irrationality. Those are all from me. The children are still young enough where most of what they experience just goes over their heads. They don't get it.

I imagine when they are teenagers, they'll start having memories and the questions will come. Why is your family crazy Mama? Why did you put up with that behavior? Why would you let someone make you feel that way? Why would you let someone talk to us like we're stupid?

I should start saving for therapy. Do they offer group discounts?

When I was a teenager, my dad would tell me that he loved me (and always would) but there were times he did not like me. At all. I used to get hurt by that but now I get it. I love my parents. I do. I just don't like my mom.

Wow. Now if I could just hit publish and not g…

Invaded By Monsters

So ya'll know that I got a Chrismahannakwanza miracle this year and actually completed NaBloPoMo. The whole 30 days. I know, I'm shocked too. Anywhoo, I was so proud of myself. I was tooting my own horn around the house, though really? The kids weren't all that impressed. My mother in law was though. I love her. So here I was feeling so proud and then I get an email from Ms Eden herself. I won a prize. A NaBloPoMo prize! Huzzah! I just about fell out of my seat.

I won prize #29. For those of you too lazy to click over (shame on you) I won myself an Ugly Monster! (She's out of the monsters but she has other cool stuff too! Check it out. Do it! NOW. Um ok sorry) Mary Ann asked me if there was any pattern or color scheme and I said pink and brown, ya know, for the new baby. I don't know how to shut up (or type less?)(don't look so surprised!) so of course it took a couple paragraphs of extraneous information for her to get that tidbit. A week later, our house was i…

I'll Change My Mind Approximately 43 Times Before The Day Comes

Today I had an OB visit, all is going well. She asked if I had any concerns and immediately three came to mind:

Pain - I don't like it and I'm certain if it knew me outside of the delivery room, it would not be friends with me. I can count on that, I'm sure. I can't have an epidural because I have two herrington steel rods in my back. With Monkey Boy, I had a PCA (patient controlled analgesic) that sorta did the trick. It took the edge off but it was still brutal. With Peanut, I had fentanyl and that sucked the big one when it came to taking pain away. I bow down before any woman who has gone drug free during labor and delivery. It's not me. As much as I would love to not use anything, I know my limits and I know what I can handle on my own. A bowling ball coming out what used to be a lima bean sized hole? That, I cannot handle without some sort of painkiller. The doc said she would have one of the anesthesiologists come and talk to me long before I have the baby so…

Two Teenage Girls In My House At The Same Time? Lord Help Me.

She's just kicking around in there.

No more photos please. I gave you a couple already, let me get back to my gymnastics. Thanks.

The Monkers And Gramma

So beautiful

Getting a good grip on it.

I think she has it.

Yep, there she goes, enjoying some gum. Don't worry, she always gives it back.

18 Weeks

I was going to wait until the halfway point to start the belly pics but realized I'm impatient. I think we took a belly pic for two weeks with the boy and then forgot I guess. I'm not sure what the hell happened there. The girl really got the shaft. No belly pics with her until a couple weeks before she was born. Anyhow....these are the 18 week shots. We find out on Wed if we're having a boy or girl so hopefully the baby will cooperate like the other two did.