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My Lovebug, In Photos

Messy bun. Tons of hair.
She loves to snuggle with him and "play" her DS with him.
This night, she was all about watching.
With Great Gramma Fern
Hugging her cousin, who wasn't too sure about the whole thing. 
Try and get her out of the pond and she lays down.  Who can resist that??
My water baby
Looking for some trouble to get into

My Dreams

I have always had dreams that....well....sometimes they are freaky weird, sometimes leave me speechless and most times they leave no memory path for me to recall them. I tend to not remember my dreams. I'm ok with that. Some of the ones I do remember are too painful. Too gut wrenching, they make me physically ill. See last night's note.

I've had some trouble sleeping lately, in that I wake up every. single. hour. It's been frustrating. I've been going to bed earlier (like at 10 or 11 - shocking! I know!) This week hasn't been stressful or upsetting so I'm not sure where this fitful sleep is coming from. I could take a percocet and that would help me sleep but I think I'll save what's leftover for when I have my back go out, again. And again. So these dreams have been fast and furious this week. Some have made me wake myself up laughing (I wish I could recall those) and others, like tonight's, have me crying as I remember them.

My f…