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Stolen Blog Material Ahead!

An idea from Fluffy

~Go to Google Images.
~Type your answer into the “search” box.
~Pick an image from the first page.
~Copy and paste answer into blog.

My name is....Trish and sadly, nothing on my body resembles anything on her body. Bitch.

My relationship status is.......happily married

My favorite color and really? I must have a pair of these. I would wear them everyday.

My celebrity crush is......Mike Rowe (for the moment) (my eye candy is still Jonny Lee Miller though - rawr)

My favorite princess is..... Princess Grace

My favorite adult beverage is.....Miller Lite, in a bottle and very cold please

My dream vacation is.....New Zealand

When I grow up, I want to be..... proud but not this hairy

I know the beverage one is way off on the side there but ya'll? I'm about to throw my computer out the window. I have tried to fix it and I've decided that I like the heading over there and the photo over here or wherever the hell they all landed. I'm too tired to care. Bitchy…

Some Great Reading Time!

I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to reading this book. The author, Rebecca Woolf, is a phenomenal woman who inspires me to stand up for my son's right in education and life in general. (Not that we have problems with his school but if we did? She's given me the courage to stand up for my boy). Her website is one of the best out there and I love reading about her life (kinda stalker-ish no? not intended). She's one of those bloggers that I'm always nervous about leaving a comment because I'm just a little ol' nobody here in Minnesota and she's a famous blogger. Kinda like Dooce. I think I've commented on her site once. Mostly that's cause I'm afraid I'll type something stupid and it would be the one time a comment wouldn't get swallowed up by the 1,839 comments on that post.

Wow. Where was I?

Oh yes, this book. It arrived in my mailbox 35 minutes ago and I've already ready the first two chapters. I think I could ver…

I'm Still Here

I know I post sporadically as it is but the time span between the last one and this one is rather long. I'm still here. Some of you know what's going on, some of you don't. Here's the lowdown so far.

A few weeks ago we got some unexpected but great news. Yay for us! We talked about how crazy we were to have a third child, how excited we were, how the hell would we be able to get a place of our own with another on the way?, whatever will we name he/she? Actually that last one was pretty easy, we had that figured out in a couple days.

I came home from a normal, regular day at work and noticed I was spotting. Freaked out a little (since I never spotted with the other two), I called my sister in law. She said for a lot of women this is natural and most times things are ok. I had Sunday off (almost never happens but no complaints from me fo sho) and I was still bleeding. I called the doctor's office Monday morning and they cancelled my lab appointment and got me in to see…