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Lazy Days

So today has been a lazy day all around. I've been so sick all day and the kids have been mellow for the most part. It started to snow some which made me nervous since we're leaving tomorrow morning. I shudder at the thought of driving on back roads when it's all covered in icky white stuff.

My dad had the ringer off on the phone. I told him to never do that again unless he wanted the local police out there visiting them. Mom is home and doing well. She's on pain meds as well as her other 5 meds she takes. I hope they own stock in the pharmacy. Lord knows they spend enough there.

Note to all out there: Never watch 30 Days of Night at midnight when you are staying at a cabin in a rural area and there aren't blinds on the huge patio doors that someone could easily break into. I think I slept maybe an hour that night. The squirrels keep running up to the doors trying to get in and when they bonk their heads, I have a coronary. It's been fun. Also, the phone up here …

Up In Da Nort'woods Ya Know

Just a quick one tonight. We're in Big Fork right now enjoying a break with the kids and each other. It's so beautiful up here and the cabin we're staying at is phenomenal. It sleeps 15 people and yet it's just the 4 of us. It didn't work out for the rest of the family to come with us and we wish they were able to be here. The kids like the cabin a lot. There are bunk beds in one room and within a couple hours of being here, Peanut fell off the ladder, landed on the heater vent and has a lovely gash that is about 5 inches long. Fantastic hi how do you do to our vacation no?

I started to take some photos because, really? This place is great. My camera card though is somewhere in the house 4 hours away. Only 30 pictures fit on the internal memory. Nice. I broke out the cell phone and took some craptastic ones with that. I'll post those when I get home.

At first the computer wasn't working and I thought I would have to buck up and live without the good old WWW b…

Do These Say What I Think They Say?

Take one, from last night

Take two, from this morning.

Talk amongst yourselves. Discuss. I'm going to work.

And She Shall Be Called.....

I've decided to ask you guys. I need a name for my niece. We could call her Little One. She is so little that it makes sense and we already have a Peanut. I want to call her NomNom as in look at that face, I just want to nibble on it and go nom nom nom.

UPDATE: Chunky Monkey. Go on, say it. You know it works.

What do you think? Here's another photo to help you decide........

A Couple Things Cause I'm Trying To Work A Nap In

I love that this woman's children honored her wish.

I was told several times in the last two days that I'm beautiful, crazy, cute, have a stinky butt and am really good at this part of Super Mario Brothers on the Wii (and you have to say that whole thing, that's the title of the game). I'd like to say the husband told me the nice things there but I think we all know which ones told me them all.

My favorite story about Dar:

Young man comes up to the service desk with a pack of condoms. Asks for a pack of smokes. Dar asks for his ID. He looks at her weird. She says (in all of her nonchalant-ness) "Honey, I don't care if you're having sex, I just want to make sure you're old enough for the cigarettes." Poor kid was probably mortified but I can totally picture her saying this. I can hear her voice right now and see the smile on her face. Priceless.

One of the guys described her perfectly. She would get a crabby butt customer, big ole' jerk. She would …

You Will Be Missed

This is her employee of the month photo from a couple years ago. Don't her eyes just yell out, "I'm trouble"? She was one of those women that you knew worked hard all of her life but when she let down her hair to have fun, it was on. Her humor and wit, big heart and smile, all of it will be missed more than we could ever express in words. May she be soar with the angels and live forever in our memories. We love you and miss you Dar!

Pretty Accurate

So I'm killing time and letting my brain settle down so that I can sleep and did one of those survey/quiz thingies* that are all over the web. I've never heard of an enneagram so I was intrigued. (apparently it's this and really, that's way too many words for me to read and break down so I'll just skip to my results - a partial list as it was really too long if I wanted to comment on them and comment I will!)

Your Enneagram type is SIX (aka "The Loyalist") "I am affectionate and skeptical"

Questioners are responsible, trustworthy, and value loyalty to family, friends, groups, and causes. Their personalities range broadly from reserved and timid to outspoken and confrontative.

How to Get Along with Me
Be direct and clear. I think this is a DUH one.
Listen to me carefully. Again, duh
Reassure me that everything is OK between us. This is a huge one for me, dead on accurate. I'm one of those people who likes to make sure we're kosher. All the time…

She's a Leaping!

We got ourselves a Leap Year Niece!

The Little One was born this afternoon and was 5lbs 14oz coming it at 18 1/4 inches. We think she has strawberry blond hair but she was not liking the hat off her head and hey, who can blame her? She's absolutely gorgeous and her mama did a great job. Her daddy gave me a scare a couple times, looking like he was going to pass out. Turns out he was pushing when she was pushing. I told him to sit down at one point, he was making me nervous that he was going to pass out because he was breathing like she was as well! Poor fella. There was so much emotion in that room when she was born that I can't even wrap my head around it. A lot of crying, a lot of reassuring that the baby is indeed a girl and yes, she's perfect. Well, hell, see for yourself:

I present to you, The Little One