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Heeeeeyyyy. Whatchya doin'?  Me? Oh just playing Peek A Boo. I play in a very untraditional way.
That's right, I cover one eye. I have to keep the other eye on you. You might do something that will make me LOLZ. Don't want to miss that ya know?
See what I mean? You people crack me up! 
I'M WATCHING YA'LL! Dang, sorry 'bout the yelling.  I need a bottle. And a nap.


We'll finish eating after this workout. Watch us though everyone!  WATCH THIS!! DO YOU SEE ME?? DID YOU SEE?


No Mother, as a matter of fact I will *not* turn and smile at you, thank you very much mean woman putting these glasses on me and expecting me to pose even though I do look adorable.


This is what happens when her sister and brother don't listen  and leave their stampers lying around the living room. 

It looks like she took on the Kool-Aid man and the big guy won.


I got your hot air right here.


Here, you play with the alligator finger puppet.....

I'll be over here sipping on my gin and juice, laid back, with my mind on my money bed and my money bed on my mind.



Our oldest niece and one of her favorite uncles, my sexy beast of a husband.


I hate when the weather is crappy and the tv does this. *Especially* when it's my favorite show. I'm glad I can watch CraigyFerg online.

How's Your Day Going?

No really, I want to know. Especially if you don't have children. Children that are driving you to the brink of insanity and then pulling you back to normalcy with the cuteness and apologies. If you're one of those people, please, do tell how awesomely fantastic your day has been. Mine? I've discovered the following:

* I bought diapers for the 1yr old the other night. Size 2. She wears 4.
* I clean like a motha when I'm pissed. I'd say the living room looks mighty damn organized right now.
* Kids don't like a yeller for a Mama.
* Mamas don't like being yellers to their kids.
* Mamas feel like the biggest load of shit when they ream their kids a new one.
* A horse fly just flew into the side of my head and damn, it kinda hurt.
* Good news, my rotator cuff isn't torn like the asshats from 13yrs ago told me.
* We still don't know what the hell is wrong with my shoulder though.
* Loving a 7 yr old w/ Aspergers has got to be one of the hardest effing thi…


They think I'm killing them by turning the tv off.
Clearly she's suffering right??


I think someone looks like their sister. Behold, 2/3 of my trio of beautiful nieces:


My goofy redhead


When he crashes, he crashes. Also?? Holy big kid Batman? Where the hell did he come from??!!



Hi. I'm going to scale this gate. They think they
can keep me down. This baby jail can't contain

The first step is to look cute. Check.

I'm getting there. I can do this. 

Gah! Failure! Look at the technique though.  Curl the toes, that's crucial people. I slid down  a couple times but I'm tough! 
Still couldn't scale the plastic hole filled wall.
Hole filled? Hey! I'm one. Leave me alone.


Thanks BK for making my kid want to see this. I know, I know,
I have the power to NOT get him a kid's meal from your eating
establishment but dudes? He doesn't even know he's supposed
to be Team Jacob!!He was Sharkboy for Pete's sake. Damn you for
causing long drawn out two hour discussions* on vampires BK.
Damn you.

She didn't feel like discussing vampires, the ones from
Twilight or True Blood**. She was all about those Benjamins
Washingtons that were piling up. There was also a Hammerhead Linkton
amongst the Washingtons.

*you think I'm exaggerating on the two hours. Oh you sweet,
sweet people.

**Let's just say that there have been some serious discussions as to which vampire show/movie/family rules supreme.



Dangerous indeed!


Hi, my nap was great. And yours? Oh..... You didn't get one? So sad.


She got there herself and was pissed I wasn't getting her out of there fast enough;


Working hard on a hot Sunday afternoon.


OK boys, now sit and smile please.

Right, ok, well, thanks anyway boys!

About Me

I'm going to do an "about me" page and even though I love talking about myself (hahaha) I was wondering if there was anything ya'll wanted to know about me. Or is there something you think I should put in there??
Help me out. Ask me some questions. Be nosey!
Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


We think the sign should have included poop in it's warnings since we adults have seen monkeys gorillas throw poo at people. Thankfully there have been no direct hits. Fans of "Battleship" they are not.

Another gorilla peeked it's head out of the door and this one (who was outside watching the perimeter)? Well he scared the other one into going inside. The he sat there daring someone or something to step his way. I'm no fool, I went inside.


She was not happy this morning. Seems that every time you tell her no or try to prevent a serious self caused injury?? She gets pissed. Huh. Who'd of thunk it?


Turns out the zoo makes them more crazythan staying at home. Oh well, I'm getting them out of the house and really, that's all that matters right?
That's what I'll keep telling myself.



One of the kids' favorite things to do is play around with the computer camera and have the split reverse screen thing up. They like making their heads disappear or become ginormous. I'm thinking the Monkey here is not happy with the turnout. In fact, she sees this photo and covers her eyes. It's kinda creepy and hilarious all at once. The pic, not her reaction. I also think she looks like the saddest anime character evah.


Still holding down the crazy here.


Hope ya'll had a crazy yet safe holiday. Clearly, we had crazy covered.


If she saw how awesome her hair was, she'd be smiling. As it is, she's blinded by the flash on Daddy's phone.


Mama is dying in a tank top and thedictator diva girl has a thermal jammie top on. Umm......


Look at her! Bah, gonna make me cry.......