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The Parent Rap

Hands down, funniest thing I've seen in so long. So accurate and true. Enjoy:

Thanks Georgia for posting this!

All They Want For Christmas Is.....Everything. Of Course.

It goes without saying that they will not be getting everything. Puppy dog eyes be damned. No matter how many pleases we get. No matter how good their behavior (they would get nothing with that one). We're going on one big gift with each of the kids and make the stockings more of the little things. 
   My Kindle is always taken over by the children. All three of them fight over it, it's my turn, you went on it first yesterday! Eees my acowwwwnt (three years old and she stands up for herself. fiercely). So we've decided that Donovan and Sophia are each getting their own Kindle. Not the HD one mind you, no, they can live luxuriously with the original Fire. We'll pre load it with the games they love and a couple surprise ones for them. As we do with my Kindle, the internet access and any purchases will be password protected. 
   I know there are some people who will say we are spoiling them with this purchase. That's fine if you want to think that. I look at it sev…

See How Well That Worked Out?

Yeah that whole NaBloPoMo thing just wasn't in the books for me. I realized it when I woke up last night (one of the dozen times) and realized I was late. Bummer. Eh, I'll keep trucking along though. It'll do me some good to get back into writing (or what barely passes as writing for me).

So you've seen Magic Mike yes? I rented it the other day and um, wow. Not the wow you would think I'd be saying as a red blooded woman. Some thoughts, if you will indulge me.

I can't possibly be the only one that giggled through a good portion of the dance scenes. The hip thrusts in beat to the machine gun sounds? I thought I was going to pee myself. Not the result they were looking for, I'm sure. Alex Pettyfer? Sweet fancy Moses. I had a highly inappropriate dream involving Mr. Pettyfer a couple nights before renting this movie. I had no idea I would be watching the movie a couple days after the dream but I tell you, that dream sure spurred the motivation to get it from Re…

Vacation Time

For my anxiety, that is.

We have decided, after a lot of thought and consideration, to take Donovan off of the waiting list for the two week psychiatric evaluation. It wasn't an easy choice but it's one we feel is right. For right now.

He has not talked about suicide since the window jumping attempt. He still gets overwhelmed and will cry frequently, sometimes saying he wants to die. I think it's important to note that there is a significant difference between him wanting to die and him declaring he wants to kill himself. It may seem the same to those not used to this talk but I assure you, it's not.

When he is frustrated, he has reached his breaking point. He cannot handle whatever is going on or whatever is agitating him (school work, transitions {oh those damn transitions!}, etc) and he just wants it all to go away. He says he wants to die because in his brain, the problem will go away. He doesn't really want to die  but it's the only way he can articulate h…