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I've Got Myself A Big Girl Here

Look at those cheeks! She splashes way too much in the infant tub so she's moved up to the kitchen sink. I think she likes it =0)

I'm Laying It All Out Here

I've had some pretty craptastic teeth for some time now. I'm extremely self conscious about them. When I was a teenager, I started to get an overbite and when I was told I couldn't get braces because they cost too much? I was pissed. I'm pretty sure I was the only teenager that was mad she couldn't have a mouth full of metal. It's not like I was lacking in things to get picked on for: chicken legs, super skinny (I had great metabolism!!), glasses, bad acne. Not good. And yet I was begging for a retainer and braces. Bah!

I had a toothache a couple weeks ago and it had me in tears. I knew it was a bad tooth and that food was getting caught in it. I had to man up and go in. How'd it go you ask? Let's just say I was crying and all I had was x-rays and a talking to. He was very nice though, didn't make me feel like shit for not taking care of my teeth the way I should have in my twenties. I look back on the photos of me from back then and they didn't …