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5 Viewings Of Barbie Nutcracker Later

It's always sad when we come home from Fargo. Don't get me wrong, we're happy to be home but still. We hardly get to see the family in Fargo (and surrounding areas) because of, well, life. Sometime this summer we'll have to take four or five days and just hang out. No schedule, nothing planned (to some extent). 
Tomorrow I'll be posting photos from the trip. The boy just went down for the night and it's 1115pm. He didn't sleep at all on the way home so I don't know how the hell he was awake for so long. The girl slept most of the five hours home and she's out already. Whew on that one. A snarky, sassy, backtalking drama queen came home with us instead of our it's cute sometimes dictator. Mama was not happy with that acquisition. 
Maybe tomorrow I'll get my dictator back. We can only hope the threat of tossing the Barbie movies has done the job. Pray for us please =0)

It Only Took 5 Hours

and that was with three potty breaks and 4 kids. I think we did very well. And? The children are all alive and well. We just got back from swimming where we equals me, Fluffy, the Littlest Little and Chunky Monkey. I didn't go swimming much to my son's sadness but he got over it once he cannonballed into the pool. The husband is still down there with the boy and the girl.

We had such a good time visiting with the husband's family. It was really nice to see everyone that came in from Nevada and Arizona since they weren't here the last time we were in town. The kids all had a great time too. The baby was passed to and fro. The girl declared that she loved her one cousin that's around the same age and that DID YOU KNOW WE ARE BEST FRIENDS?? Yes. My girl is the loud one. The boy? Well, he got his Nintendo DS yesterday and was sitting off to the side playing very nicely. Everyone went to him if they wanted to visit. It was kind of cute. When we first got there, he went r…

I'm Going Back To Cali Fargo

We're heading to Fargo tomorrow. It's almost 11pm, we're leaving at 7am. I still have to pack for all three kids and myself. I have two loads of laundry left to do, 4 baskets of clothes that need to be refolded (thank you 4yr old) and 2 that are not so fresh out of the dryer. All the medications need to be gotten together, DVD players, chargers for phones, iPods, movies, etc. Dudes? I'm tired. I need to shower. I'm taking one in the morning I guess. 
I'm rambling. 
Guess who's sleeping the whole way there?

Inch Worm Inch Worm

At first she wasn't sure what to make of it. (click on the photos to enlarge)

Then she got into it and was really liking the worm.

Then she tried to pickup the worm where pick up equals almost smooshed him to nothing. Rescuing the worm made her cry. 

Trying to figure out which way to go. It's tough being a worm.

Paging Quincy, Quincy, M.D.??

The Peanut has a raging yeast infection. How does a 4 year old get a yeast infection you ask? Why you put her on two antibiotics - one for a chest/lung infection thingy and one for a UTI. Then you listen to her scream that her butt hurts and a hair is biting her vagina. I don't know, I just report these things. Then you take her to the walk in clinic and get a script for another antibiotic. 
The husband has Sinusitis. Wanna know how we know this? He had a fever of 104.2, body aches, the shakes worse than Michael J. Fox off his meds and the chills. No, not Influenza H1N1helrh40932ng,se40349s.lp;oewiurwp - They jabbed a swab up his nose for that. We spent a few hours in the ER with this fun stuff. As they took him away for a CT scan, I decided to go get the girl's script for her infection filled. 
Lo, the pharmacy at my store didn't have either medicine. Yay. The next closest of my stores didn't have it. Yay merrily. The Walgreen's next to one of the stores had one of …

2/3 Of My Gifts To The World

Jocelyn's Story

My friend's little girl, Jocelyn, is 7 weeks old. She was born a couple weeks before the Littlest Little. She lived with her mom and dad at her paternal grandparent's home. Last week, her mom went upstairs to wash some bottles. Her dad was holding Jocelyn and giving her a bottle. 8 hours later she was in the hospital and it was not good.
Seems her dad was "tired", perhaps he didn't like hearing her cry. Who knows. What is known is this: This sweet seven week old was hit by her father on the side of her head, smacked so hard that he fractured her skull. He grabbed her by the shoulders and slammed her onto his lap. He broke her clavicle, left bruises on both shoulders. The hit to her head gave her a black eye and bleeding in the brain. She is seven. weeks. old.  
Jocelyn's mom and dad were both questioned. He confessed to what he did. When she asked why, all he could say was that he was tired.  He was arrested and charged with 1st degree assault which is a felony.…

She's Got Something To Say Ya Know

Hey! Listen up people! I got something to say.....

Have a great weekend a'ight?


That's how I feel right now. Helpless. All I can do is be there for my friend. There are no words that can be said. No thing that can be done. Not a single thing will make this better for her.
Yesterday I received news that a friend and coworker of mine was going through something no parent should have to go through. Her daughter, Sweet Baby J, was born a couple weeks before the Littlest Little. It seems her father decided he wasn't feeling man enough yesterday morning. What better way to show how testosterone filled you are then to beat on your 7 week old daughter. Pardon my language people but here goes: What the fuck is wrong with you man? How the hell can you live with yourself?? She's a baby! You gave her a black eye. SEVEN WEEKS OLD! You dislocated her SEVEN WEEK OLD shoulder. What. The. Fuck? There's not a god damn thing in this world that she could have done, ever, for you to be able to justify hitting her. She's your flesh and blood. You helped create her. …

I'm An Equal Opportunity Embaresser

Do they even do Kindergarten graduations anymore? My mother made this dress and I have it to pass on to the girls. I have bags under my eyes already. The pressure of Kindergarten was getting to me. 

3rd grade - This hairstyle, if we can boldly call it a style, is my father's doing. It's called the "You don't want to brush your hair? You will have no hair to brush" cut.
Duly noted Dad. Duly noted.

7th grade - Again, who the hell let my father near my hair with scissors?? Again?! Maybe this is why my mother and I never got along. The horrors! This was when I learned you don't cut hair when it's wet. Especially bangs. On your forehead. That people will see right away. And comment on viciously because hello?? 7th grade hell anyone?

10th grade - I don't think I can say a thing in my defense here. I really don't know what I was thinking. I mean clearly I wasn't right? Side pony? In high school. WTF? The bangs? The hell? The jacket though - I am proud of…

I Just Have To Share (Don't Be Afraid!)

I was rearranging some things in the living room (with the big brown sectional gone, there's a ton of room) and I started going through my photo totes. I came across these gems. Enjoy.

My aunt and my mom back in the day. Funny thing? My mother still makes that same "really? you're taking another picture??" face.

My dad. I really like this shot of him. Even with the BC Glasses*

This is the cute little thang I married. Those dimples! Still got 'em!

Rawr! Thirteen is awkward for everyone no? I won't even confirm or deny photos of me at that age. 

* Birth Control Glasses.

Not Enough Booze In The House

Dudes. WTF is going on 'round here huh? I just don't get it. I thought I had some good karma comin' my way via the cutie pie baby girl I graced the world with. Clearly I was mistaken. Ya know how I had strep two weeks after having her? I will take that weekend right now please. Thanks.
Yesterday, I loaded the van with the husband, all three of our spawn and our niece. Wanna know where we went? Sure ya do! We went the Family/Children's Clinic. Woohoo!! I dropped the husband off and went to get gas with the kids (their appointments were 30 min later in the same building). When we got back to the clinic, the husband was done (shocking! usually they take an hour or so) so I left the baby and niece with him while I took our two oldest in. We left with all sorts of luggage: The husband has a sinus infection, the boy has an ear infection and the girl has a micro infection something or other. Seriously people? I blanked out by the time we got to her diagnosis because they put h…

The New Me

Thanks to G and her skills with the scissors, I have myself a new 'do. I haven't had my hairs this short since I was 21. Crikey, I feel old now. Double crikey, I just remembered that I'll be 36 this month. Not old, I know but still. 36? Where the hell did all the time go? :::sigh:::
My Peanut told me that I look like Oma*. I had to control my laughing because when I first saw myself in the mirror yesterday, I thought I was looking at my mom as well. People who only met my mom said I looked just like her, people who met only my dad said I looked just like him. I think Oma wins this one. 
Ignore the mess on my desk please. I do. (it usually looks a lot worse)
*spellcheck would like for us change Oma to Omar. I don't think she would like that.

I'm Almost Out Of Gas

This day right here, the one about to end, has kicked my arse.  The girls and I went to get G and Zman this morning and the dictator girl was so excited. We all came back to our house and got our hairs done up. The girl got an inch or so off though you really can't tell. It looks fuller for sure but I'm glad that, lengthwise, you can't really tell. 
Then came my haircut.
It is super duper short. Alas, no photos just yet. I have to wait the day or so like usual. I love the cut, don't get me wrong, but I need a day to get used to it. Tomorrow I'll have my awesome mother in law take some. I think some people will be shocked, some that know me better will just roll with it. Next month, when we go to LaCrosse to see G, etal., I'll be getting the coloring done. I don't know if I should go blonde or black. Black is the only color my hair hasn't been. It's been purple, red, orange, blond, etc. I'm thinking of big red chunky highlights in it, no matter wha…

Family Day

Today, by the grace of God, we actually went out and did something as a family. All five of us. I was trying to make the husband stay home because he's sick but when the boy declared he wanted to come with me and the girls, the husband insisted on coming. 
We went to a local town's sesquicentennial (at their police station location - useless info, I know)  and had a blast froze our asses off. It would have been spectacular had the wind not been blowing like tornado alley. We got to see McGruff the Crime Fighting Dog, a couple of people dressed up as the crash test dummies (not the band, the car accident dummies), tons of police officers (rawr), firefighters and horses. I never see the horses in any action except at these things. They're never chasing a perp down Commerce. I mean come on, what do they do all day?
As we were ready to head home, I managed to misplace the van keys, the winds picked up, then the helicopter (they had it there for a us common folk to gaze at) took …

Perpetual Motion People

I have experienced it today.
I don't think there was a time (other than when I was driving) today that my body wasn't moving. Oh let's not get crazy and think that I was exercising because that? That would get you committed to the loony bin. No, I gave up exercising last year and have been toying with the idea of starting up again but gosh, doesn't that mean I have to exert...what's that called? Energy? Yeah, that stuff? Doesn't exist in my body. I've looked. My kids have Puh-lenty of it though. If only.....
The Littlest Little had an ultrasound today and of course, we were misinformed on whether the doctor would talk to me afterwards or not. I was told he would be talking to me, the technician informed me (albeit nicely) that I would get a phone call on Monday. Awesome :::insert sarcasm::: The baby did well, was ogled by the nurses and declared so cute and oh my! Look at those chubby cheeks. Yes, thank you, I bake good looking babies. They get that cuteness …

Whisper It With Oomph My Son

This entire conversation was whispered, by both parties. Every part of it. You should really say the parts out loud. It'll make it that much more fun.
The Boy: Did you think about it Mommy? (I told him I would think about him going on my computer)
Mommy: Yes, I thought about it and no, you may not go on my computer but thanks for asking.
The Boy: Grrrr*
Mommy: (is rolling on couch laughing)
The Boy: (puts his hands on my face turning it towards him) Think about it some more now
*yes, he whispered his growl to me. these are the times I wish there was a camera rolling. gah.

One Of The Biggest Decisions We've Made (So Far)

The Littlest Little had her MRI last Friday as we all know. Today I was finally able to talk to her CMV doctor to discuss the results. It would appear that everything is the same as it was before. The ventricles are still large, there's still a brain bleed and still extra fluid. This didn't really help the husband and I with our decision that had to be made. 
Our little one qualifies for the drug study. It's for a medication that is now in the oral liquid form versus the IV form. They would have her on the medication for 6 weeks then the medication or placebo for 6 months. This medication is used to control the CMV infection and possibly prevent the hearing loss that is common among the kids (I'm repeating myself - I know, sorry). 
A couple concerns that I had: in animals, it caused shrinkage of the ovaries (they worded it much better), infertility and cancer. The doctor reminded me that those side effects were never seen in humans, just the animals. Another concern was …

I'll Admit It, I'm Completely Irrational

It's been a pretty rough day. The kids don't want to listen to one single thing I tell them to do. 
Don't make a mess in the bedroom please, I sleep in there :::commence making a huge mess and deny deny deny when asked who did it:::
Please pull the plug in your bathwater and get out :::please start splashing water all over the place:::
Please, for the love of all things holy, stop talking :::tell a (no lie) 10 minute story regarding absolutely nothing remotely significant in this world or any other:::
Stop whining, you can watch Pocahontas/Little Mermaid/any of the 294 Barbie movies we have tomorrow, they aren't going anywhere :::please put one of the movies in and then scream and screech for a half hour until your mama cries:::
The worst part of it all is that I'm not even that emotional about this stuff right now. My problem? I'm sad that the kids didn't get me a card yesterday, or make me one, or that their father didn't get one from them or even him. Yes…


This is what happens at 2am when neither of us can sleep. We take pictures.

And we make funny faces

Cuteness And Too Much Info

See what I mean by Littlest Little? Kinda cute and yet sad all rolled into one little bitty foot. Someone get me a tissue.

Right before she was taken down the hall. I'm sure she's wondering what the hell is going on. 

This is when she was coming around from the sedation. It's moments like this that I wonder what they are thinking. Then I think of my other two and am glad I don't know. 

The husband went in the little door. He would.
It's too bad I didn't get a shot of that. 

All in all, she did very well. We won't get the results of the MRI until Monday. She could qualify for a study that her doctor thinks she would benefit from. It's a drug that the doctors think helps prevent potential hearing loss. In CMV positive kids, hearing loss is the most common issue that comes up. I'm torn on this and am still doing research on the drug and on CMV (as if there could be anymore information we haven't learned already on it. Good golly mister molly). She would…

The Littlest Little And The Big Huge MRI Machine

I've been thinking we could use one of these things at home. Ya know, for containment purposes. I'm just saying.

If this isn't the saddest thing. Mama had to leave the room. 

Getting ready to head to the big bad machine. She wasn't sedated yet but had the "sweeties", sugar water, to calm her and did it ever. Death grip on the Nuk much? Yikes.

The Princess bag? It held all the "the shit is hitting the fan" stuff to aid the docs in case anything went wrong. Thankfully, nothing did.

Hot Diggity

The husband and I get to  go on a date. Ya'll will have to hold your breath(s) 'til I get home for the hilarity that was ensued (???) at the hospital yesterday. There'll be pictures. 
I knew that would hold you over =)
Cya soon internets, hello Hugh Jackman!!! Rawwr

And We're Spent

The baby had her MRI today. Doc decided MRI gave a more detailed picture of what's going on in there. Four hours at the Univ Hosp. I need sleep. Tomorrow I'll tell you about little i.v.s, the hospital bathroom and elevator hijinks. 
I don't care if I lose, I'm gonna snooze.

Here Look At This

I just spent the last 3 1/2 hours braiding three 100 ft rolls of rope. For my kids. A tree swing. My fingers hurt. I have blisters. I also have Neosporin and bandaids, yay me. That being said, I'm only braiding hair for my daughters and nieces from now on.
Anyway, enjoy some babyness won't you?

I'm Going To Say Three Seasons Now

I used to say the Midwest has two seasons. Winter and road construction. It doesn't matter where in the Midwest you are, chances are this is an accurate statement no? I swear the same God forsaken stretch of 94 between Madison and Mauston is always under construction. I truly have no idea what the hell else they can do with that section of the interstate but by golly, they think of something every year. 
Well today I was reminded that there is, indeed, a third season. Rummage sale season. Glorious, beautiful rummage season. Let's talk about the name quick though. I was one of those that used to call them garage sales. However, I have since been to several "garage" sales that do not, anywhere on the premises, have a garage. Also, at a lot of these places, you really have to look for the good stuff. I mean l o o k. I know some people put their stuff out there to sell it even though they don't really want to. Mom is making them, the wife is making them, the extra kid…

High Expectations? I Hope Not

I really have nothing today people. And? I'm too tired to link any of these things below.
Dom DeLuise died. That's pretty sad.
Adam Lambert makes me want to throw up. Blech. Go Kris!
Ty Murray looks gooood on Dancing With The Stars.
My fingernails will never look this good again. Le sigh.
That stack of magazines that I haven't read yet? That sits upstairs on the bookcase? That I was supposed to take to the hospital? Still sitting there. 
My kids are still outside playing. It's dark. Grampa is very interesting when he's putting in a new rope swing apparently.
My voice is coming and going. Frankly, I wish it would just go for a couple days. I'm sure others in the house wish that too. Ha!
Happy Cinco de Mayo senors and senoritas.

First Photo Shoot At Home

This is about as good as it got with the Littlest Little today and her photo shoot. She was not feeling it.
She turned her head away whenever she could. That was fun.
She gave me the evil eye. I got that a lot. 

Someday I'll get some good ones. Someday.

Keep 'Em Coming Murphy

I don't know what I did to make Murphy mad but he's coming after me I think. Damn Murphy and his laws.
I could have a colicky baby. Can I tell you how excited I am about that prospect? Very. 

:::insert sarcasm:::
Now I'm going to squeeze in an episode of CSI:NY then try to get some sleep.

What The Eff?

Yesterday evening my throat was feeling a little, shall we say, funky? I immediately thought of the H1N14ek927n58z4 Influenza that's running out this popsicle stand of a nation because hi media, you make me paranoid. Thank you. 
It was too late for me to go to my clinic so this morning I went. This, of course, is after my night of sleep was ruined by coughing which in turn woke up my sweet baby who will sleep for five hours straight if I let her. I was in tears this morning, I couldn't cough because it was hurting and every breath I took would make all this mucus shit move around and that was no fun. 
I went to the Target clinic and sadly, it was in the one Target that I cannot stand. As my girl calls it, the crazy store. They never have what you want and/or need. The staff is rather curt and rude. The people who answer the phone all need to be retrained. It's the only one that I truly cannot stand going into unless I have to. That being said, it's the only one in the ar…

Part Two

We left off with my labor nurse Angie and her hand. Ever since that day, I've said it's a good thing that I liked Angie from the get go. I don't know that I would have liked having someone I didn't "click" with having to do what she had to do. So Angie was saying she has the cord, the other nurse was furiously unplugging monitors and stuff. The husband is confused, I'm sure as hell confused. Somehow I got on my hands and knees, per everyone's vehement requests. I tried to keep my shit together but that didn't work so well. I was crying and asking what was going on. I'm sure they told me a couple times that her cord had delivered and that if they didn't take her now, she wouldn't make it. The cord cannot come before the baby, that's what was making her heart rate drop so much. Well OK then, it finally clicked in my head but hi? still in so much pain. Angie was still on the table with me. The husband said she had to duck my legs when…