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I Feel For Her

The hair just kills me. Thank the good Lord that she likes me combing it. Actually, the kid likes me spraying the detangler on her head. Let me point out here that the detangler is not for any tangles. No, no. It's to get her hair to stay down. For more than 4 minutes. I must say, we were using some fruity smelly kind before. Now we're using Johnson and Johnson and it rocks! It doesn't smell ishy and it makes her hair look full. Not that she needs TOO much help there ya know.

To Protect The Innocent.....

Well, the innocent looking at least.

Monkey Boy shall from now on be known as Bam Bam since he looks just like him in hair and body depts. He also acts like him so there ya go.

Peanut is now known as Pebbles. She has red hair. She drives Bam Bam insane. It works for us.

You all are going to sleep better tonight now that you know this. I'm sure of it. If you don't, just stay away from caffeine and Ambien

It's Gotta Go

This hair of mine. It has to go somewhere else. My spa retreat has been rescheduled to this Friday and man, am I ready. I get a massage, a manicure (I've been letting them grow out), my hair gets washed and blow dry styled. I added a haircut by an apprentice on to it because I need one. It's down to the middle of my back and I'm tired of finding my hair everywhere. Literally. I need something easy to maintain. I need you, my 3 readers, to help me out. What do you think of these cuts?

I like the part on this one and how it looks on the sides but something tells me my from the box red hair won't look that good laying down. It has a mind of it's own.

I am totally digging this one. I'm hoping all I would need to do in the morning is put some mousse in it and let it be. I don't have time to be styling and whatnot. There's kidlets screaming for me every 5 seconds.

I've had my hair this short and this red (the red I have now, obviously not the red in the pi…

Um What?

Why does he feel the need to do this? He sleeps with his hand in his pull up. He pulls his penis out during the day to show me. Here I thought it went to Penis Playgroup.

How did Peanut know, before even touching the icicle that it would be cool and warranted the face of pure happiness? Oh how she was distraught when it was taken away. I think she was really just pissed off because Monkey Boy took it and broke it into 12 pieces and that was the end of Fun With Sharp Frozen Things.

*** I'm so irked at the whole T.O. thing in Dallas. I wish Jerry Jones would just stick his head further up his ass.

*** When you stub your toe and the next day it looks like your 3yr old colored your foot with black, blue and purple markers, you probably broke it.

*** It doesn't feel good when said 3yr old stomps on said foot during one of appx 14 meltdowns - this morning.

*** Trying to rearrange a bedroom that 2 kids and an adult share while all those people are in there? Not such a good idea.

*** M…

I Learned My Lesson

From my 3 yr old son, Monkey Boy

"I can't touch the light on the sharks, it hurts" - Finding Nemo reference though the light isn't on the sharks just on that funky fish that tries to eat Dory and Marlin. Maybe the boy sees something we don't.

"Babies cry and penis" - not exactly sure where he was going with this one. I did ask if he meant babies cry at the penis (haven't we all at one time or another?) but he emphatically said, "NO MAMA! Babies cry and penis".

"Boots can't touch the mountain, it's too dangerous."

My favorite moment of the day: laying down with Monkey Boy at bedtime. He would close his eyes, then I would close mine. Then he would breathe out of nose like he was laughing but trying to not laugh out loud. He had the silliest smirk on his face. Cracked me up. I was laughing then he would laugh. I'd say it was time to settle down and next thing ya know, he's doing it again. We laughed and giggled and said …

Is There Any Hope Out There?

That's the question I've been pondering around here for quite some time. Has nothing to do with us getting a house or even a second vehicle. I fear that I am truly becoming a horrible mom. I never in a million years visualized my relationship with my son as it is right now. I know that he's 3, that he's a boy and this is normal. I don't need anyone telling me that right now and to be honest, it would really piss me off to hear it ever again. I have had so many meltdowns in the last two weeks that I am seriously concerned about my mental and physical wellbeing. I don't want to be the mom that has zero patience for anything or is a control freak about everything and yet, there I am.

My son is named after a boy I knew while living in Arizona. This boy, oh how I loved him as my own. His father and I dated for a bit, that didn't work out but his son and daughter were still close to me. When I moved to Wisconsin, his father did not attempt to keep in touch and th…

Idol Thoughts....No, Not The Show

Though I do have some thoughts on that now that I think about it.
I am loving Ace and I don't think he's gayMy gaydar could be broken tooKevin, damn that kid grew on me As much as I love that my son is potty training, I am really not liking the "I have to go potty mama" at 2am and then screaming at me for 1/2 an hour because he won't put a PullUp onI am thrilled that he poops on the potty even though he pees in his underwear. Most kids are terrified to poop anywhere but their pantsI can't wait for next week. The husband got me the Express Retreat at SpalonI miss my friend Georgia and her son more than I could ever properly expressI miss all of my friends and their kidsSome days I really don't like MinnesotaToday is one of themFor whatever reason, I've been listening to the song Sullivan over and over today. It's about the Sullivan brothers from Iowa. It's done by Caroline's Spine off the Maroon album. Check 'em out