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I Learned My Lesson

From my 3 yr old son, Monkey Boy

"I can't touch the light on the sharks, it hurts" - Finding Nemo reference though the light isn't on the sharks just on that funky fish that tries to eat Dory and Marlin. Maybe the boy sees something we don't.

"Babies cry and penis" - not exactly sure where he was going with this one. I did ask if he meant babies cry at the penis (haven't we all at one time or another?) but he emphatically said, "NO MAMA! Babies cry and penis".

"Boots can't touch the mountain, it's too dangerous."

My favorite moment of the day: laying down with Monkey Boy at bedtime. He would close his eyes, then I would close mine. Then he would breathe out of nose like he was laughing but trying to not laugh out loud. He had the silliest smirk on his face. Cracked me up. I was laughing then he would laugh. I'd say it was time to settle down and next thing ya know, he's doing it again. We laughed and giggled and said I Love You for the next 15 minutes. It was awesome.

My least favorite moment of the day: No spa retreat. The snow was coming down pretty harsh this morning and I don't ever like driving/riding/moving in the stuff so I called to reschedule it. Plus I didn't get my shower in last night, I needed to shave my legs and I just never would have had enough time to get ready since I spent a good part of 30 minutes trying to get the boy to put on clothes for once. Sheesh.

Peanut is cutting upper molars on each side. Ouch! Oh and she's congested and has a nose that resembles a sieve. Fun times. Seems just about every MommyBlogger I read is sick or has sick kids. Dammit Janet!


Les Becker said…
I love how you play with MonkeyBoy, it is just too cute. I haven't been by in awhile... I think I lost you somewhere along the way (an upgrade in WordPress, maybe...?), but you are back on my blogroll again where you belong. I missed you.
Trish said…
I wasn't blogging as often as I usually do for awhile there. I had to make time for the meltdowns and drama in my head. I'm glad you found your way back though. I wonder if anyone reads these. My stats say a lot do but I don't know....
Les Becker said…
I can't decide if I should appreciate my lurkers for the hits or be upset with them for the lack of comments. I have many that show up on a regular basis in the stats (some stay for 30-90 minutes at a time and view between 7 and 20 pages), but they NEVER let me know they're there, even if I beg. And as far as melt-downs and drama, I think I'm living that 24-7, myself, but I call them "crash 'n burn" and, well, "me". So there are often long periods between posts, when I'm sitting in the bathtub, crying.

*I* read comments on all my bloglist friend' posts, even if I don't comment myself, so I imagine most of us do.

Come visit me, too, okay? (Great Big Toothy Grin)
Suzanne said…
I don't know what HTML is or means. Kymberlee knows all that stuff...but I'm computer-illiterate. Anyhow, I also like the middle hair-do...and I LOVE the "new me" photo! It's GREAT! I'm looking forward to chatting with you again soon, kiddo. I love and miss always.
"Mom"... a/k/a Suzanne

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