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This And That With Some Mixed Emotions

My sister in law, Fluffy, is due this Thursday to have her first baby. Sweet Baby G could have been born this past weekend and Fluffy would have been deliriously happy. No, she's holding out, wants to stay in the warm, dark place I guess. I told Fluffy to watch out, it's a leap year. That'll be fun all through life hey? I get to be in the delivery room with her and I can't tell you how excited I am about that. I don't have siblings and I imagine that even if I had a younger sister, I wouldn't love her as much as I love Fluffy. She's a great kid, er woman I mean!!! I am so happy for her and for Bigs. He's taking good care of her, making sure she rests and whatnot. I'll keep my 5 4 readers up to date (Mandy's computer died so she doesn't count anymore).

Went to a meeting tonight about sensory processing and how it effects the child. I was under the impression that it was an informational meeting. Help for parents who need it, resources, other p…

What They Say Is True

Most accidents and what not happen within one or five miles of your house (depends on who you believe I suppose). I'll go with the winner that said one mile. You all remember when I got pulled over right? Yeah, that was a fun time. It appears this intersection hates us.

The Captain got rear ended this morning. He was stopped at the yield sign for some silly reason. Oh yeah, cars were zooming by. Some seventeen year old girl ran right into him. He called me about 3 hours later to tell me about it.

Me: Are you shitting me?
Him: Seriously
M: Did you get her insurance information?
H: She didn't have it with her car.
M: Isn't that kind of, what's the word? Illegal??
H: Yes.
M: Did you get the make, model, color and license on the car?
H: No, I forgot.
M: :::blink:::*
H: I know, I know.
M: Did you give her our info?
H: Yes, I gave her my insurance card from my wallet.
M: What? Why the hell would you do that? I'll call the insurance company and let them know.
H: She gave me a telephon…

Juvenile Mind

The Boy: Am I going to get married someday?

Mommy: Hopefully.

The Boy: NO! I don't want to be married.

Mommy: But being married is fun.

the boy thinks about it for a few minutes

The Boy: Do you get to play with toys?

Mommy: ::blink:: and ::sly smile:: sometimes son, sometimes.

The Road Less Taken Indeed, For Me At Least

Yesterday I had a meeting with all of the school officials that are helping determine the best path to take with the boy and his Aspergers. It was a long meeting, a lot of information to take in and in the end, so worth it. There were many ideas tossed around, books recommended (one of which we have already, yay us!) and the notification that, officially, he qualifies for school district programs for Autism Spectrum Disorder students What that means is that my boy will be getting some of the best help from this panel of educators. Next week we meet for an IEP meeting with his teacher to lay out a plan specific to him. Right before the winter break this year, it will be reviewed and new one written up for him. I also found out that we don't have to pay for the last 3 months of preschool. When he qualified for these programs through the school district, it meant his preschool tuition was absorbed by the district. I'm not sure how that all works but really, I'm not complainin…

The Boy and His Chair

The kids have this folding chair with fish on it. We call it the Game Chair. If you want to play the Wii, you must be sitting in this chair (not the big folks, just the under 6 yr old variety). At any rate, the boy loves to play Animal Crossing and decided to draw it out for all the world to see. In this photo you can see the intricate detail of the fish chair. He has also drawn his GameCube controller with the cord going to the Wii. Note the large smile on his face.

I was told by my son to tell you every detail of the photo but really? I think it speaks volumes on it's own merit. I think there's talent there though I am biased. I'm not ashamed to admit that either. For a boy who has difficulties in so many areas, this is not one of them. He loves to draw. We may have to buy another refridgerator just for the artwork. We haven't even tapped into what he brings home from preschool. My plan with all of those pieces is to save ten of them and take photos of the others. I&…

A Little Of This And That

That whole 365 blogging? Yeah no.

I was laughing so much watching this. My kids started laughing with me but in their defense, they couldn't hear anything and they wouldn't know what was being said anyway.

Anyone else play Animal Crossing for the GameCube? Damn Nintendo for making it Wii compatible. Guess who has to use a timer to play it? Besides the boy?

It's fascinating the differences between my son and my daughter. He never had pretend conversations with himself. He would make up stories and songs with us, and still does but Peanut? She's sitting on the stairs right now talking to her babies and making up a story for them so they'll go to sleep. She does this all the time. Maybe I'm just so used to how he is that to see her in a different light is, well, enlightening. (I realize that whole thing probably made no sense. Oh well. It made sense to me.)