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Final note........just flipped the channel to VH-1. New Edition's episode of Behind the Music.

What the hell happened to Bobby Brown? I know - drugs. But the man looks like he either had a stroke that paralyzed the left side of his mouth or he's stashing said drugs in his cheeks.

Check it out when it's on again. You'll see what I mean.

Oy Vay


My throat is on fire and not from dinner. My forehead feels like it's about to explode and if I got kidnapped and they put duct tape over my mouth, I would just die. Even if my nose wasn' t stopped up like the Hoover Dam is in there. I know. I share too much.

We've had 2 nights of her majesty sleeping through the night. Thank you lord almighty. I think that run may end tonight though. She's been so crabby all day, crying like Donovan stepped on her though he didn't. I know this because she was held pretty much the entire day by me. If she's like this all day tomorrow I may call her Ped and see what the good doc says. I want to cry when she does cause she sounds so in pain and so sad.

On a freaky note.....There's a new show on Disney imported from Canada called The Doodlebops It's been on for a couple weeks now and I have to tell you, I am loving them. To be completely honest, the first show I saw scared the tar outta me and they creeped me out. I swor…

Hey! Watch it!

I've never been shy to say what's on my mind when I'm in the heat of the moment. Sometimes it works for me, sometimes it doesn't. There were a couple years where I didn't swear. Ironic that I was dating and living with a guy who has the worst potty mouth ever. By big problem was with the God - d*mn phrase. I'm not uber religious at all but I really didn't and still don't like that phrase. Anyway, I've fallen into the bad habit of saying Sh*t. A lot. Seems that it's my favorite phrase around here. Sometimes it's Oh Sh*t, sometimes it's Hey! You are such a little sh*t and sometimes it's just a random sh*t.

I got this from my husband this morning in my email:

By the way Donovan got his foot stuck in Sophia’s bathtub this morning. While he was trying to free himself he was saying “sh*t, sh*t, oh sh*t”.

That's my boy. Make Mama proud would ya?!
I won't smile but I'll stick my tongue out - nannynannynanny
'nuff said
Hello, this is Donovan - How may I help you?

I may need to save up for therapy for Donovan. His penchant for running around 'nekkid at this age is gonna cause him a lot of grief when he's a teenager. There's nothing like 'nekkid baby pics to pass around when the girlfriend comes over. Oh I can't wait.
I really liked this slide, I don't look it but I did. CLEARLY Donovan loved it.

My child proved me wrong once again. I thought he would be scared of the slides but he loved them (after freaking out on the first one that is). I base my fear theory on him never EVER sitting in the bathtub. He'll stand the entire time. We've never figured out why and frankly, I have bigger issues to worry about. Such as.......

Should I risk the upset tummy I know I'll get and just go ahead and eat half a package of Oreos? Oh I think so. They're on sale this week so I can always buy more.
We FINALLY realized that hey, these are fun!
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Look at the smile (and the double chin!)
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I dropped the ball a little

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month and I'm a little late in addressing it, I'm sorry.

For those of you that don't know, my son, Donovan, was named after a little boy I knew and loved who died at the hands of a horrible monster. She beat him over an 18mo period of time. He died at the age of 5 1/2 with a cast on his arm from her abuse. He "fell off a ladder". Her own child told him to tell the truth, that he was pushed. Long, sad story short: She's in jail for life (and god willing, that's where she'll stay the rest of her life) and the child's father got 40+ years. Donovan died during the month of April 1996. He would be 14 now. My son will know the legacy of this child for whom he was named. My children know everyday that Mama loves them, Daddy loves them, Pappa and Gramma and Grampa and Gramma love them.

Please take a moment today to love your children. Kiss them, hold them, hug them, love them til they scream to be put down. Life is …
My little boxer

Jumpin' Jesus on a Pogo Stick

There's entirely too much stuff rolling about in my melon. One minute I'm happy and chair dancing then boom I'm a bucket of tears. What the hell is wrong with me? (Yeah I know, we may never get the answer to that). My Gramma has been on my mind a lot lately. I'm not sure why. She passed away in Nov of 2003. Her b-day is in Feb. Maybe it's cause Sophia has her double chin. I miss that woman. When thinking of her I can't help but think of my uncles and my great aunt who have all passed away in the last 4 years. I'm done with people I know dying. Please stop.

The Circus is in Town

A surprised Peanut

Is it just me or does the collar make it look like a clown outfit?

Death to the taxes

I hate tax season. Always have. Even when I only had my one lonely W-2 with no deductions or anything. This years it's worse. With me watching Lynnea and Dylan, we have to report the income (which is fine, I understand that) but the forms? Eye eye eye. I think we've reached the point where H&R Block is gonna get a call. In theory we owe over $2,000 to Uncle Sam and owe nothing to Wisconsin. We don't get a refund from state either. Something's amiss there. I'll be a nervous wreck before this is over. (Can you tell I'm paranoid about an audit years from now? Receipts? What?)

If my son tries to put his finger in my rear again, I'm sending him to therapy. I know he likes the word "butt" and any chance he gets to say it, he's all over it, but........haha but.........he will come up behind (ha behind - ok I'll stop now) he'll come up behind you all quiet and then holy shnighkies....he's trying to explore. I've spilled more drinks …

My Child of The Corn

Child of the Corn

What a melon on this kid. Could he look anymore redneck? Kool-Aid stains - that's what he needs. Yep

Favorite new words

We seem to like the word "butt" around here. I always share too much information so forgive me if I offend.

We're a gassy family. There's no getting around it. It happens and by golly, we're good at it. Donovan has taken to pointing out loud that someone "tooted" and then proceeds to say "butt" several times. We can't help but laugh. It encourages him but he could be saying a lot worse. He'll tell you if it stinks too. "Pew!" Then he covers his mouth and giggles like a schoolgirl. That's our boy.

I just found out this weekend that a good friend of mine is now in Iraq. He told us he was thinking of retiring from the Marine Corps this year or soon and yet he's in the Middle East. Be safe Todd, we love you and pray for you and your fellow soldiers.

Oh yeah, "cock" means talk in Donovan's world. Oh the joys of learning new words. I can't wait till he tries to say "truck" and "sit" althou…