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The Circus is in Town

A surprised Peanut Posted by Hello

Is it just me or does the collar make it look like a clown outfit?


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BEWARE! Moe Doodlebop Unmasked!!


If you would rather not see Moe (Jonathan Wexler) without his makeup on and keep the mystery alive, please skip this post. I've been asked by several people to post a photo and since I don't feel like emailing a dozen people, here it is.

If anyone has a photo of DeeDee (Lisa Lennox - no, not the porn star) or Rooney (Chad McNamara), please send it to me if you wouldn't mind. This photo is an older one I'm sure as he looks more mature (if I can use that phrase on a man that wears clown type makeup) on the show. Good looking fella he is. A tad on the femme side, nothing wrong with that.

UPDATE: I now have a pic of Lisa (thank you Denise!) and I can't believe that amazing voice comes out of what looks to be such a little woman. She packs some oomph in those songs. I also have a photo of Chad but it's small and fuzzy.


Please do not ask me to email photos out, I get entirely too many requests for them. These are the ones that I have at home, thanks to a couple of sources.

Well Played Monday, Well Played

Mindless bullet points. It's what you get on this Monday.

Got the oil changed and was informed I should get a new battery, new front brake pads and a flush of the power steering line. Grand total to have them do it? Over $500. Yeah no thanks, I think I'll ask my father in law for his help. Maybe I can buy the parts and pay him to fix these things/show me how. I also will tempt him with a dinner out on the town with his favorite daughter in law. Just because I'm his only daughter in law does not lessen my position any. My 4 year old future felon (have you sent bail money yet???) absconded with her sister's lip balm and proceeded to eat it. The whole thing. She also ate half a tube of blood red lipstick. My son thought she was bleeding but as my sister in law put it, she looked like a little old lady who escaped the nursing home. She wanted to kiss me with all that on her and I had to dodge that one. She was rather fast coming at me. I know it's cold outside people. I…