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All Gave Some, Some Gave All

We all know it's Memorial Day. We all know that thousands of men and women have made sacrifices for our freedoms and the freedoms of others. We all know what we should do: put aside political differences, no matter how great they are, and come together to thank those that have made the ultimate sacrifice and their families for they are the ones who must live everyday with the grief and pain.
I say thank you to my father for his 25 plus years in the Navy. For the sacrifices he made to our family so that he could serve our country. It sucked when I was little and he was gone for months at a time. I was and still am a huge Daddy's girl so to not be able to talk to him everyday? Brutal. However, in hindsight (damn that 20/20 vision) I know that it was worth it. I'm a lucky one, I can talk to him everyday now. He has always defended the military and even in retirement he is an endless source of support to our troops and their families. Thanks Dad.

Our cousin Olivia, how I look u…

Can't Talk, Must Sleep

Papa and Gramma

The boy and Grandma that we live with, just Gramma for short

some black and white cuteness.

Have Some Of Mine While You're At It

Clean Up Aisle 4!

When I look at these, I think I can feel my ovaries launching eggs left and right at my uterus. How can one resist this sweet chunk of love??

I Made A Choice

I decided to go with the Nikon D40 and really? I am so in love with my camera. Truly. I wish that slobber was covered under the warranty because that is what I want to do to the camera when I see the phenomenal shots. Wow. So yeah, I'm pretty happy. I took about 200 photos this weekend. Sad, I know, but 40 or so were of the Chunky Monkey so hello?? Totally cool. Enjoy!
the Captain

the Monkey Boy in serious mode
Probably should have warned Mandy about this one. Sorry. Aftermath of the toe incident of 2008

I never knew such vivid colors could exist in a photo that I took. Ahh, heaven!

Well Then

Two things I hope to never hear leave my mouth again:

"Get that playdoh out of your pullup this instant! I don't care if you are holding it for later. It smells like ass now. Go throw it away. DON'T SMELL IT!"
- that lovely little charm was from yesterday

"You do NOT put Lucky Charms marshmallows under your penis! You can NOT hide them there! Go Purell your hands."
- that was from 10 minutes ago

Welcome to Casa de la Look Busy. Stay awhile ok?

Can't Get It Out Of My Head

This is what I get to listen to all day, everyday - even when I'm literally crying with a migraine and am threatening to throw the boy in the huge lake across the street. That little shister looks right at me and my tears and starts up:

This is the lovely Pizza Hut song and dance that the children are learning at preschool right now. It's for the Moving Up Night in which all the parents are subjected to ALL the children singing it at once. Sweet. I can't wait. No. No I think I can wait. This is what the dance is supposed to look like though I love my boy's version even better. I will warn you now, listen up: This song will never, ever, ever in a thousand days, leave your head. I'm just saying. You have been warned.Then we have the Barenaked Ladies with their new cd out, Snacktime. All original songs for kids. My children seem to be entranced with "7 8 9". Please note they are singing "How will they suck" at the vampire bit of the song. TOTALLY so…

Canon or Nikon

That is the question of the week here at Look Busy. Last year I was drooling over the Nikon D40. I talked to the Captain about it and we decided to wait until the taxes were done and go from there. We got a refund but chose to hold off on the camera. Enter the stimulus check. I think I talked the Captain into letting us get a laptop. I had no valid reason for having one. I just want one. I don't go anywhere except my store and my house but still. When we go to my parents' place, it would be nice to have one. When we go on vacation we I won't have to sit in the lobby and be parked on the communal computer to get our my fix. So, I'm pretty sure we were well on our to getting a pretty pink laptop. Then I went to the best store on the face of the planet and boy, was that a chore to drag my ass out there. Oh how I hate it so. (insert sarcasm)

I was in that area of the store to get a new camera card because I have all up and lost the one we had. Nice right? We've been usi…

Happy Mother's Day

Fluffy and I had a great time today doing the Walk For The Cure at the MOA. It went a lot faster without pushing a stroller and concentrating on not running people over. It also didn't take us 90 minutes to find the car like last year. Whew. It's always so inspirational to see so many people in one place for the same reason. 50,000 men, women and children walked with us today. No lie. That's what they tell us. Panic attack much? It is overwhelming if you look at the shear number of people in front of you and don't even think about looking behind you. Yikes! Many tears were shed for people we didn't know. Just seeing shirts on kids that said they miss Grandma or grown women walking for their moms who lost their battle. I got choked up when I saw a man with his shirt that said he was "Walking in honor of my wife, my love, my life". Come on! How could you not love that man? It was a great day.

It was even better when I got my Chunky Monkey fix. I hung out wit…

A Hat Trick, The Trifecta Of Posts, Triple Play, Yadda Yadda Yadda

Happy Early Mother's Day to all the moms out there. Represent! This Mother's Day, Fluffy and I will once again be walking in the Susan G. Komen For The Cure walk at the MOA. We had a great time last year and we're so excited to be doing it again. We're leaving the kids at home and it'll be just us. I almost feel bad for the Captain and Bigs but I think they'll be ok.

We did the "Bagging For The Cure" at my store last Sunday and pulled in $833.39 from the fabulous customers we have (and some employees too!). So many times people thanked us for doing the walk. Some of them couldn't do it because of health reasons, others are survivors and most of the people we talked to had lost someone close to them. I always feel so blessed when someone shares their story with me. I feel connected to them. Thank you to all of my customers and coworkers who helped us out.
Everyone knows someone. Someone who has survived. Someone who is fighting against it. Someone wh…

To Help You Recover From The Grossness Of That Last Post

Baby Girl and Peanut OompaLoompas in training I think
Watch out for this one, he's shifty.
Completely fascinated with the tiger paw.

Well What Do We Have Here?

A fresh, new post? Say it ain't so!

It's apparent to me that a toe injury can really screw you up. We've lived with my inlaws for 2.5 years and I have never tripped while in the basement doing laundry. Sure I've cracked my noggin on the air vent that hangs low. Damn does that hurt. My feet have done me no wrong in the basement. The stairs all over the house? They have failed me miserably. Several times.

A couple weeks ago, I'm bringing clothes upstairs to get ready for work and my foot decided to meet this pipe that sticks out of the floor. I've got no idea what said pipe is for, I just know that I had no problem with it until that night. I hit that damn thing, went forward, collapsible cow hamper not really breaking the fall. My arm hit the door and I thought I heard glass break. Fabulous. No, the broom hit the door. I guess I screamed because Fluffy came running down the stairs with the baby to see what happened. I managed to crawl to the steps and promptly die…