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You Won't Notice Anything Different...

but I'll be gone for the next 5 days. The Captain, Oscar Weinershnitzel (grampa), the boy and the girl and I are all going camping this weekend up north. Have I mentioned that I don't like camping? Yeah, I don't. I know that makes me a horrible person but yeah, there ya go.

It's not even the bug issue though I will say I'm thrilled that the ticks aren't around at this time of the year. I can deal with the bugs. There's bug spray for that. Long sleeve shirts, hoodies, etc. I just don't like camping. It's hard to explain to others that love doing it. They can't see why I don't embrace it and thoroughly revel in it. It's just not going to happen.

The biggest reason, this year, that I'm just not that into it is my shoulder. When I worked for the Evil Empire, I tore my rotator cuff. They lied to me saying I couldn't see my own doctor, had to see theirs and then their doc proceeded to muck up my arm even more by putting me on rigorous ph…

Just Plum Cute (Get It? Plum?)

Daddy's girl for sure
Getting some love from her Mama

Trying New Things Can Be Fun

Oh what a mess with avocado but yummy!
Kinda diggin' the peach
Whoa! (She's not crying, just scrunching the face)
Lovin' the red pepper though

What choo lookin' at?

Two Peas In A Pod

Swimming Fun At Casa de la Loco