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Laughs, Tears and Birthday Cake

I don't think I'm this brave. I KNOW my 3 yr old would've been the same way Dad Gone Mad's kids were.

Speaking of my 3 year old...........Happy Birthday Monkey Boy!! I got him a Piderman cake (that's how he says it) and after getting one picture of the cake undamaged, he ran his finger through the picture and proceeded to eat all the icing on the edges. He'll have blue fingers and hands forever now. Surprisingly, he fell asleep less than an hour later. Yay!

Some other blogs to check out where the hilarity ensues.........Enjoy

One can never, EVER, leave out Dooce. It's just simply not allowed. Go. Now. But please come back. Thanks.

BIYF and shopping fun. I used to work for a store that Best Buy owned for a short time and it's true, no exaggeration, there's a ton of shit you HAVE to offer to every single cotton pickin' customer. Eye eye eye. (I don't know how to spell it any other way!)

I couldn't pick just one entry for Suzanne's page so …

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah and All That Good Stuff

I think Monkey Boy is starting to get the whole Christmas and presents thing. I'll admit it, I'm not above bribing my kids to get them to behave sometimes. He realized that when Mamma says she's taking the presents away, she means it. We've been at my parents' place in Wisconsin since Friday and the house is still standing, no one has broken limbs and everyone's hearing is slowly coming back after Peanut decided to pitch an absolutely fabulous fit. She got a bunch of clothes and a teddy bear. Per the norm for a ten month old, she played with and ate the paper and boxes. Monkey Boy got a Waste Management garbage truck and was thrilled. He opened the box, laid his eyes upon it and let out a very quiet and long Ohhhh. He promptly put it in the back of his noise making dumptruck from Uncle DJ. Papa K took the batteries out of that bad boy the 2nd day we were here. I'm surprised they stayed in that long. Gima K was sick but the kids made her feel better esp Pean…

Another Reason Why I Hate Shopping

This post took me back to the days of working retail during the holidays. I remember when Tickle Me Elmo first came out. A security guard got stepped on when he opened the doors the morning after Turkey Day. By stepped on I mean he was practically trampled. The last Christmas that I was in LaCrosse, I was working for the company that distributes the music to the stores (edited stuff for K-Mart and Wal-Mart thank you). Anyway, I lived closest to my largest account so I went there for the day after to work. I didn't really work though, it was more watching people lose their freaking minds. Shoving and pushing around to get a stupid toy, can't recall what it was that year. I just stoof in the music department and was SO happy that I didn't work there anymore. (I used to work in that very department at that very store so I knew all the employees from before and I felt bad for them. Well, a little bit) I'm glad I don't have to deal with anymore.

I have to point at that …

Sometimes The Boredom Almost Kills Me. Then I Remember That's What My Kids Are For.

I stole this from Sarah's blog though I like to think of it as borrowing and sharing. Don't call the PoPo on me, I don't wanna go to the Pokey. Though I may get some well needed sleep. Hmmm.

Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom slot.
1. Hanuman
2. Running2Ks
3. Queen of Spain
4. Sarah and the Good Squad
5. LOOK BUSY...Jesus Is Coming

Then you get to select five people to pass the love on to. This is in no way mandatory.
1. Georgia
2. Kelly
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5. Brian

What were you doing 10 years ago?
Wow, ten years ago I was waiting anxiously for my friend Georgia to have her baby! TEN YEARS AGO!! I was living in Onalaska, WI and let's see, I was probably working at ShopKo still. Ahh yes, I was going downtown just about every night too. Yipes. Those were the days.

What were you doing one year ago?
We were stranded on the side of the interstate right outside Lodi, WI (did you know Tom Wopat is from there? …

Snow Is Beautiful? Say It Ain't So!

After a combined 17 years in Illinois and Wisconsin (7 on the lakefront) one should be used to winter weather or at the very least, able to tolerate it. Not so in my little world. Wanna know how that's not possible? Two words: Germany and Tucson. Sure it snowed once during the two years I lived in Germany but by the time I got dressed to go out and frolic in the prettiness of it, it melted. My husband says it can't snow if it's above 32f. I beg to differ. Tucson? Come on, need I say more? Two glorious years of dry, hot heat. I loved it! It was my dream once to retire in Tucson. I love that city, well at least the NW side. Southside kinda scares me some. My husband dashed those dreams though. He was born in Kansas but they moved to Minneesohta when he was 3 months old so basically he's Minneesohtan through and through. He's a freezer baby. Doesn't like the thermostat up too high nor does he like any heat in the summer. I'm the opposite. If I could afford it,…

Right Above The Crack

That's where all my pain is. I'm not even going to think about apologizing for being graphic there. It's my pain and that's where it's at. I took a tylenol 3 w/codeine and that did nothing for me. I think I've taken too much of it in the past for migraines and back pains. The husband said he would try very hard to get home early today and god bless him for that. Everytime I have to get up, I cry. Donovan has been pretty good today. I think he knows when Mamma is truly hurting and he took it easy on me so far. We'll see about after the nap. Sophia has no qualms about being overly dramatic today. She could care less that I'm crying - so is she so what's so special? We've done a lot of cuddle time today and that's cool with me. Until I have to get up.

My joke for the day from my friend Linna:

It was entertainment night at the senior center and the Amazing
Claude was topping the bill. People came from miles around to see the
famed hypnotist do…

Stairway To Heaven? I Think Not.

In my in law's house, the stairs are kinda funky. Leaving the kitchen, you go up 4 steps, make a U-turn to the right, one step and a landing, take a left, about 10 steps, another small landing, go right then up the last 4 steps. I feel like Harry Potter sometimes thinking they may change position on me. Well, they may as well have....

A couple weeks ago, the husband fell down the stairs going into the kitchen. I didn't witness it but rather heard it all the way upstairs. I thought a bowl was dropped on the way to said kitchen. I'll have to bone up on my hearing skills. I came down to the action and had to restrain myself to not start laughing at my poor, face down husband on the floor. You know those chalk outlines in the comedy movies from the dead person? That's how he was laying. I'm one of those mean, cruel people who will laugh when someone stubs their toe, bonks their head getting up, etc. unless I see that it really, truly hurt. Tears. That's what I need …

Public Service Announcement

Passed along by my friend Kelly:

This may be helpful for everyone, but especially men. In light of the holiday season, and my upcomming birthday, I would like to post this small PSA.

What girls like... things that sparkle, things that are pretty, things that are soft, things that smell good, things that make them feel good, things that make them look good. not fight club dvds, good movie, but totally inappropriate birthday gift for a girl. a vaccuum? not for christmas. chocolate covered cherries? sure, maybe if the girl in question likes chocolate covered cherries, but not for me, thanks! and please for the love of all things sacred, remove the freeking price tags. i have no problem with value shopping. i do a lot of it. but no one needs to know that their gift was on sale for 7.99. just thought i would pass on this useful info to all.

Just an FYI boys.....

The Goody, Jr and Me

I used to work at a Sam Goody music store in the mall and I can safely say that I never EVER saw myself working in a mall. I don't even like shopping in a mall. I will take Target any day of the week over any mall (except Mall of America because who can pass up 2,639 stores in one place? Sorry, 2,638 stores). I don't generally like shopping either. I don't window shop cause that's just depressing to go look at shit you can't buy. WHY? Yeah, I don't get it. Then when I do have money, like this weekend, and the ok from the husband to spend some, like this weekend, I still don't spend like some people. I got a couple pairs of pants (god knows I really did need those though, you can only were jammie pants to so many places), a couple pair of gloves for $1.50, a cheap watch and I was happy. Got Monkey Boy a couple Spiderman outfits that were on clearance. We weren't sure if we were gonna get them but as I was showing them to Daddy, the boy lost his mind righ…