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There Should Be a Function on the Computer to Limit eBay Looking Time

Seriously. That's pretty much THE site I look at all the time. I managed to win my first auction, a double stroller. Then a retractable Jr name badge clip, a book and a cute little wallet. I went to check out other items I was watching (I bid right before it ends, I learned my lesson) and noticed that the person I bought the stroller from is no longer a registered user. I then saw that they had received 30 negative feedbacks in the last WEEK!!!! Most for shipping taking forever. Thank god we used PayPal and are insured to get our money back. If we don't get the stroller in a couple weeks like we're supposed to, I'm gonna be really mad. I saved $22 dammit. I don't really want to go to the store and pay full price. Grrrr

PJ is staying with us now as they are moved up to the Cities. He hasn't been hired up there yet so he's crashing here. I'll be going over to Linds' apartment after work tonight to finish cleaning it. I would have had it done on Mon but…

It's Different When It's YOUR Kid

Popcorn boy is alive and well. We took him to the Ear, Nose and Throat (heretofor known as ENT) doc this morning. He looked in both ears, saw the popcorn in the left ear and said he could get it out. I asked him to look up his nose just in case. People........I don't know if I should be proud or embaressed. The child had something up his nose as well. So the doc, who shares the same name as an animated character, tells us he can take care of it tomorrow morning. That was NOT going to work at all for us and I let him know. Here's the deal: We have one working car and even that one is limping. Kirk had to take unpaid time off to come with. UNPAID folks. We wouldn't miss that if I went unpaid like I did a couple days last week but for the husband to go unpaid? No no no. I beg him to to extract everything that doesn't belong in my child TODAY. Bless their hearts, the hospital squeezed us in.

If your young one needs to have minor surgery (though no surgery is minor) ask if …

Boogity Boogity Boogity Let's Go Racing!!!!!!!!!!!

WooHoo Race day at the Mile! Holy Cow did we get to see a ton of drivers! Kirk got so many autographs and took my picture with about 10 drivers. It was awesome. I love this photo of Kenny Wallace. He is so damn funny! I called him sweetie. I felt like a giddy schoolgirl around these guys. If it was Dale Jr though, I think I woulda peed myself and then maybe, just MAYBE, I would have to ability to say um hi or something unintelligent like that. Truex Jr walked right by us but we had no clue that the driver's meeting was just getting out so we realized it too late. We did get Bill Elliott's autograph. That was cool. I met Carl Edwards (he's cute in person) and his crew cheif plus we met Bono (pronounced BohNoh not BahNoh like in U2). I had to run and catch him then ask if he was Bono so that I knew I had the right guy. Kirk pointed him out and I said well if you think it's him, yell his name. He says what if it's not? Well, he'll IGNORE the wrong name. Kirk didn&…

Mamma is not operating at 100% today

Allow me to introduce you all to Donovan's latest habit. Sticking things in his ears. These lovely tidbits are from today's emergency room excursion. ER trip #2 in the child's short 2 1/2 yrs.

He decided popcorn kernels worked better in his ear than the garbage. His pediatrician tried getting them out with the vaccuum machine and the scoop things that look like crochet needles. Neither worked so I took him to the ER.

If you live in Wisconsin, the bordering states and quite possibly, lower Canada, then I'm sure you heard Donovan's strong dislike for the doctor. I have never heard a scream (or two or 300 hundred) come out of a child as I did today. By the end of it all, I was bawling like a baby too.

He has a piece of something still wedged waaaaaaaaaay up in there and there's some blood in there. The doc told me to take him to the ENT doc on Mon. They said they're have to sedate him to take a lookie see. I'm going to ask them to knock him out for a coupl…

Lil Blue Eyes

My little peanut and her purty blues eyes. She's being a good girl and keeping them and her red hair. She's gonna be a spitfire and I don't think we can properly prepare ourselves, no matter how hard we try.

God Help Us All

I Should Be An Editor

Clearly I have watched this tape of the Doodlebops more than I really care to admit. I noticed something during one of the episodes, Doodlebop Photo Op. Moe answers the phone and can't hear what the person is saying because Rooney and DeeDee are making too much noise. It was a photographer saying he wanted to take a photo but Moe couldn't hear who it was going to be. They go through why each of them should be the one on the cover of the magazine and get into an argument. Mazz, their manager, comes in and tells them to solve the problem. My question is, if she's their manager, wouldn't she know if someone wanted to take a photo of them for a cover? I thought so too.

Sometimes when you watch Moe during the dancing scenes (of which there are plenty) you can see that he's trying to remember the moves. The looks on his face are pretty funny.

Do you see why I need to get out of the house with the children? I read this website everyday and she was talking about going to C…

And the Race Is On

All the child wants to do is ride his tricycle. Unfortunately, the NASCAR race is on so that puts the husband out of taking him. My back and neck are hurting so much that I can barely move. He'll just walk around with it on then forget he wants to ride the bike. That's a plus to a short attention span.

There Should Be a 12 Step Program

I'm addicted to eBay and I've never won a bid on there. Sad huh? I found this awesome stroller, dual, new, in the box. These people just won't let little ole me get a damn stroller. I've gotten outbidded three times. Is outbidded a word? It is now. Then I found a printer, got outbid on that one. I think it's outbid. Not outbidded. Oh well. So now I'm waiting until the last minute to bid on the stroller I want. I'll show these people. All I want is a double stroller that's in great condition so that I can GET OUT OF THE HOUSE with the children. I am so tired of being cooped up here in the apartment. I mean Donovan gets crazy cause he can't run around like a 2 yr old should be able to. Throw us together day after day and you've got yourself a train wreck waiting to happen. Not a pleasant thought.

If I don't get this stroller on eBay, I'm just gonna go to the store and get it. Poooey on them.

She DOES Get Fed On a Regular Basis

I guess she was just hungry for some Spongebob Squarepants Bed today

And I just had to put Donovan in a headlock to use tweezers and get a tic tac out of his nose. I'm doomed people. DOOMED I tell ya.

I Hopped In My DeLorean Today

I was going through the thousands of photos that I have and came across this one. It's one of my favorites. The entire time we were dancing, we were talking business: who's taking the gifts to the hotel, who's taking the leftovers to the church, so and so can do this and that. Plus neither of us can dance worth a hill of beans (and how much is a hill of beans anyway?). We were both trying not to step on toes and I was trying to move very very slow because of his back surgery FIVE days before. Yes. A fun time my friends, fun indeed.

And They're Down For the Count

It started out as Kirk getting Donovan to sleep. It turned into Donovan wiggling around for so long that Daddy fell asleep first. The fun part comes when I have to spend 45 - 60 minutes trying to get the husband off the couch and to bed. I could just tell him I want to "do laundry" (IF you know what I mean wink wink) but then I would be letting him down cause I have zero energy for that.

Take This Job Before I Look Like This

Mama camel at the Zoo here in good ole' Millawakay, Veesconsin. She just had a baby in the last couple months. I must say, THANK GOD humans don't look like that after birthing a child. Ok, my hair strongly resembeled mama camel until I got home to my own shower!

I learned from Dooce not to talk about work online in your blog. You should really go check out her page. She is one of the funniest people I have ever never met. Perhaps someday.

Back to hating my job. I just hated it tonight. It wasn't even the customers this time HA!!! I better stop talking about it or I'll let it all out and if I do that, I'm sure some fool at my work will see this and that'll be the end of grocery cashiering.

I hated my job tonight. In case you missed that earlier. I HATED MY JOB TONIGHT. Ok I'm so tired that I originally typed I hated my john. I don't have one of those and I wouldn't make enough money to have a john. HAHAHA Then I typed I hated my bob. I don't know …

It's a Zoo Around Here

Donovan and Lynnea in the bouncy house thingie. She shimmed down on her tummy but hey, she does things her own way dammit!
Daddy's little girl all wiped out at the Zoo

BEWARE!! DeeDee Doodle Unmasked!!


DeeDee Doodle (Lisa Lennox)

DeeDee Doodle - Lisa Lennox

Miracles, they happen

His butt is in the water. I'm sure you think that's not a big deal but in this house it is. He even LAYS DOWN in the tub, WANTS you to put water on his head and LOVES letting the water out. (The drain sounds like a loud cow in heat if you don't pop it up all the way - used to scare the tar out of him).

I bet if I turned on the shower, he would run like a sissy and scream like a girl. Some things will never change.

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' Rawhide!

She does pushups now. She's moved out of her bassinett and into the big girl's crib (an oxymoron there). She seems to like it though she still prefers the naps out in the living room on the floor. I never know where she'll be when I come back in the room. She's ended up halfway under the couch. I don't think laundry baskets are going to hold her in a perimeter like they did Donovan.

I think we're in big trouble here folks.

And I don't like that!

BEWARE! Moe Doodlebop Unmasked!!


If you would rather not see Moe (Jonathan Wexler) without his makeup on and keep the mystery alive, please skip this post. I've been asked by several people to post a photo and since I don't feel like emailing a dozen people, here it is.

If anyone has a photo of DeeDee (Lisa Lennox - no, not the porn star) or Rooney (Chad McNamara), please send it to me if you wouldn't mind. This photo is an older one I'm sure as he looks more mature (if I can use that phrase on a man that wears clown type makeup) on the show. Good looking fella he is. A tad on the femme side, nothing wrong with that.

UPDATE: I now have a pic of Lisa (thank you Denise!) and I can't believe that amazing voice comes out of what looks to be such a little woman. She packs some oomph in those songs. I also have a photo of Chad but it's small and fuzzy.

And still, she sleeps

She's just like her Mamma. And her Daddy. She can sleep through Donovan and Lynnea banging toys and screaming at each other. In fact, she's taking another nap in pretty much the same spot. When I go to move her to the crib, chaos ensues. It's not pretty. At least she sleeps through the night AND in her crib which is so much more than I can say for Donovan. I've made the horrible mistake of letting him sleep on the couch with me. I fear he'll never leave it. Lynnea has taken over his Spongebob bed that's in the living room. Yes, my husband and daughter are the only ones that sleep where they are supposed to. Oh well. It's a quiet, happy sleeping arrangement.

My DNA and Spare Time.....Deadly Combo

I think Kirk should have had DNA testing done to see if my eggs would carry forth the insaneness in my head to our blessed chilren. It's a little late for that now but hindsight is always 20/20.

Donovan runs up to me yesterday screaming, "Nose! Nose!". I said, "What about it? You have one." He then pushed one nostril shut and blew a tic tac out the other one.

I was looking for potty training ideas on the web for Donovan. I'm pretty sure the Cheerios in the toilet/Aim for them technique won't work for him. He'll reach in and eat them. Before AND after the deed is done. I saw something about putting blue food dye in the water then showing them when they pee it turns yellow. Yeah, I don't know about that one. The bribing them with candy one sounds like a doable. The boy loves his chocolate.

There was a Spiderman Potty Training page at Pampers and I sent it to my husband cause he likes Spidey (and I thought he would like Spidey helping Donovan learn h…

Such a Big Boy and Teeny Girl

He jumped on this one and refused to get off. He figured out fast how to pump his legs. Will he ever stop growing so fast??? 'Scuse me while I get a tissue.
I couldn't resist putting her in there. She kinda sorta liked it, not really.