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First Game For The Boy

He seemed to have fun, made friends with some lady in the row in front of them and got all decked out in his gear. Something tells me he's going to a lot of games this year with Daddy. He's making his Mama proud. Now if only he was going to be in town for the Cowboys game! Ho-daddy that's gonna be a great night! Can't wait to wear my Cowboys jersey to the 'dome and have a great girl's night out at a game!

A Class Divided

After watching this show, I had a couple thoughts:I wish someone had done this experiment in my schools in South Carolina and N. Chicago. The amount of racism I saw was astounding to me. There are several people that I know that should watch this. I think it would open their eyes and possibly their minds. Wow, Ms. Elliott can be mean when she needs to be. I kinda wanted to punch her in the head a couple times. I imagine that was the point of the exercise. Well played Ms. Elliott, well played.Holy crap! I'm watching a PBS show that doesn't involve animation.Especially Max and Ruby. Gah, I can't stand Ruby.Pushy, bossy, overbearing sister. Good lord, that's going to be my 4yr old when she's older. Awesome. Can't wait.This is way more than a couple thoughts. Call the press.

She Was Heartbroken

After reading about Kim and Reggie breaking up, the Monkey had a moment of silence to reflect on the love that is no longer there.

And then she ate part of the page. Fiber! She needs fiber ya know!
She wasn't as into the Saved By The Bell article like her favorite Auntie was (ahem) but she did kiss Zack Morris. No lie. Puckered right on up and layed one on him. He hasn't been the same since.

Someone Done Got All Purdy Today

This Is One Of The Prerequisits Yes?

I should have a card made and laminated that I can give to other moms saying "Welcome! I feel your pain. You are not alone". I feel I should have received one of those today.
My 6 year old son called 911 today. Twice. In a 20 minute time frame.
We had a mini family reunion today and since I had to work at 3, I had to leave early. I took the boy and the girl home with me and the husband kept the baby because, hello? Everyone loves babies. I finally get them wrangled into the van, hope and pray that the bicycle tour thingie is over, hyper focus on not getting lost and most of all, worry about getting home in time to leave again for work. All went well, whew, and we made it home with a couple minutes to spare.
The boy comes running upstairs hollering that he needs our street address. Um why is naturally the first thing that comes to mind. He says to just tell him and I say I need a good reason to. Here is one of the reasons we haven't taught him our address: (no lie people, …