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Some Weekend Fun

Someone needs a haircut. Just a trim. Mullet and hockey season are over for a few months. Time to take care of this, this, thing on my child's head.

See Mamma?! I can't get the bubbles to work. Perhaps if the wind wasn't blowing 35mph they would work my child. Perhaps.
Richie! This shindig was at his mom's and it was a blast. The kids had so much fun and it was great seeing Richie again. It had been too long my friends, too long.

I love the look. I'm pretty sure he was telling me to stop taking so many photos of him but he doesn't listen to me so why should I listen to him? Right? Right.

And Richie thought this would bug me. Ha! Oh how little he knows. Silly man.

When Did This Happen?

How did I end up with a big girl? Last I saw, there was a Peanut running around here. It's hard to see her as just a three and a half year old. She's running around, bossing people. Sometimes in her I Am Bossy Shirt. She's climbing on the playground like a pro. Her legs are longer than her brother's. Well, almost. She is potty trained in the day now. She's just about night trained. Where did my baby go?

Two Truths In This Life

I'm tired lazy.

She's cute.

Prepare Yourselves For The Cuteness

Why so sad little one?

She really likes Care Bears.

Commence drool puddle on the floor.

Don't Be Fooled By The Serious Looks, He's Shifty Like That (and please ignore my boob there, thanks)

Before She Burst Into Flames

Peanut was rocking a wicked fever for the last 24 hours. We're talking 104 fever. She has not been happy let me tell you. I much prefer her this way........

My Water Babies

At Least They Like The Outdoors

A rare moment of them getting along
This is what happens when you tell them to stay out of the berries. It was so bright red that I was tempted to get the bleach. For his hands.
I don't like that look on his face. The "I know JUST what this needs" look. It's terrifying. Those of you without kids that are laughing right now? Just you wait.
He was shocked each and every time this happened. Which was each and every time he touched the hose.

Some Old Haunts

Frat Boy bar. Ring the bell & lap the bar for your birthday mug. When they went from glass mugs to plastic, it sucked.

My distaste for Hootie and the Blowfish started here.

It's a college town chock full of bars, naturally one must be called Animal House.

You should see the fishbowls in this bar. Holy ginormous! And delish.