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What Are You Looking At? I Drool, So What?

Such the diva in training she is. She doesn't care who sees her drool. In fact, she doesn't care who she drools on. A second tooth is cutting right now and she's not a happy camper. Mamma's not a happy camper. Donovan IS a happy camper though shockingly.

Kirk and I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Last night. Loved it, though the squirrel scene is a touch disturbing but that's all I'll say. It certainly was funnier than I thought it would be. It made me love Johnny Depp even more (if that were possible). Kirk's off to see War of the Worlds tonight with PJ and some guys from work. I want to see that one too. I still like Tom Cruise so long as he's not talking about Katie Holmes (who will always be little Joey Potter to me) or post partum depression. Like I've heard several women and some men say, until he births a child, he has no place telling those of us who have that depression can be cured by exercise and vitamins.

First of all, exercise? Wh…

Attention Wisconsin Residents:

We have teeth coming in! I repeat, we have teeth coming in.

For those of you who have not heard her screeching, sqawking (it took me forever to think of how to spell sqawking), screaming and crying, you be the lucky ones this time. Actually she hasn't been too bad. She just has to chew on something ALL the time. I should clarify that statement so as not to be lying. She has to be chewing on a finger. Not any of her cute, chubby ten digits. No, either mine or daddy's or really anyone's. She's not a picky child. Just let her have the damn finger!! She gets really ticked off when you make her think she's getting your finger then she realizes hers made it in and you pulled yours back. Yeah, she doesn't like that game. I may need to invest in a couple more beach towels as the drool has gotten to tidal wave proportions. Is there a button on her that makes it stop? I've looked, can't find it.

I hate that I compare my kids and their progessions in growing up bu…

And Life Goes On They Say

What you look like after surviving day #2 with no bottles.

He's not getting all the drinks that he wants because he's fighting the sippy cup move up but he'll learn. He doesn't drink it at night but that's a good thing, we could never get him to give up the bottle at night. Maybe we can curb any caps that his teeth may have needed.

Wicked storm today in good ol' Waukesha. I left a little early for work so I wouldn't be caught in the rain on the way into the store. People thought a tornado was gonna land on us. Psh. I see a funnel? Then I worry. We have a heat advisory for tomorrow already. Supposed to be up to 100 plus god awful humidity. YES! Not only is there sweat dripping in this house but the sarcasm is flowing too.

The boy and I went swimming today. Oh did he like that. He jumps in the pool now KNOWING that I'll make him go under before I catch him. He did that for about a half hour. Holy crap does swimming wear someone out! I'm talking bout me…

Bananas and the Lego Man

So we decided to try some bananas today. Donovan was secure (if that's even possible) in his high chair eating some yummy yummy yummy for my tummy tummy tummy yogurt so I figured I would torture poor Sophia. She drinks so much formula and seems to be teething so I thought we'd get her going on some real food. As you can tell, she's not sure what to think. There were plenty of squeels from me and Donovan as well when she would drool some out of her mouth. Then Donovan would laugh and laugh and proclaim that it was "Gross!" but he says it with his lips puckered the entire length of the word. Try it.

Lego Man visited and left his son with us. I came in last night from work and he was still awake talking with uncle PJ and wearing this hood. PJ said, "Doesn't he look like the Lego Man?". Indeed. As soon as Donovan saw me reach for the camera he got all happy and was saying cheeeeeese and boogers (that makes him smile). Hence the silly look on his face. A…

Anyone Want a 2 1/2 Year Old? Hello? Bueller? Bueller?

The child is still up. It's 11:10. He's thisclose to, well, I don't know what he's thisclose to but he's there. Thatclose.

I've added more links to the sidebar. These are more of my favorite places for fun, information and all around good times. Enjoy.

<~~~ My Happy Place Right Now

Mamma Said Knock You Out. I'm Gonna Knock You Out!


Please do not ask me to email photos out, I get entirely too many requests for them. These are the ones that I have at home, thanks to a couple of sources.

Future CIA OP?

The kid is sneaky. He knows when he's doing something wrong. Waits til just the right moment then gets the job done. Those would be his Magna Doodle magnets in my milk glass. I saw him put them in there but wouldn't let him dig them out. (He's been fascinated with his penis lately and god only knows if his hand was down his pants today - I don't need that in my milk - ish). He was upset because they were in there but too bad. I drank the milk. I know, it makes no sense to not let him take them out yet drink the milk they are sitting in. Anyway, I think he could be a covert operations specialist. After he plays hockey for the Minnesota Wild or football for the Vikings. Them's the rules kiddo.

Baby Girl Has Rolls!

Auntie Stephanie will be so happy when she gets this picture in her email. Donovan didn't have rolls and for a child his size, you would think he had tons of them. Nope, we didn't get any with him. Sophia sits up now with a boppy pillow. While she was sitting with Daddy, I just happened to look over and bam! It hit me, there's some rolls on this child and I must document them. She scratched her face today even though I cut her nails. Odd. The blank look is common now when pictures are being taken. I kinda like it though. Maybe I'm the odd one. Enjoy.

Reality Really Blows Sometimes

So I'm watching Celebrity Fit Club this morning on VH1 and hear a name that sounds familiar but I can't place it nor the face that it belonged to. I didn't get a good look at the guy but soon enough, I did and




It was Jani Lane from the 80's pop metal band Warrant. Only it SO didn't look like Jani Lane from Warrant. I know people change and I know that he had thinning hair. I accept that but people....I had a crush on this man for years. YEARS! I even "dated" a boy who looked like him. (Don't know that I would call it dating but that's another story).

Ok so this is Jani from back in the day. Pretty yummy looking. I can see why I thought he was hot. I still kind of like the long hair, the sassy look on his face..
Some people find it hard to believe that I used to like guys like this because my husband looks nothing like this. I like to think that I've grown and matured some but really it's just that my husband is one hot mofo. It's …

All Together Now.......


I Thought He Was British and In His 20's

I was not aware they were filming the Naked Chef in my kitchen

Mini-soh-ta, Don'tchya Know? Eh?

We just returned from a weekend trip to the Twin Cities and LaCrosse. Got new tires on the Explorer! YAY! No more duh duh duh duh duh as we drive. No more stress for me to listen to it. The 6 hour drive almost killed me. Finally got to see the townhome that Stephanie, Dakota, PJ, Lindsey and the kids have. Very nice. I wanna live in one just like it. It's so big and spacious. And air conditioned. Yes! We got in to Mom and Dad's around 1am Sat morning and Donovan didn't go back to sleep until 3am. Guess what time he got up. Just guess. 6 AM PEOPLE. I don't do 6am and he knows this. Thank goodness my mother in law does 6am. She is a saint for putting up with that child at the hours she did. I thank her so much for that!

On Sun, Kirk's aunt and uncle and cousins from Reno stopped by to visit - they were flying home that night. I walked into the backyard at the inlaw's and Lynnea almost killed herself trying to get off the bench to come see me. I missed her so much!…

Space Cowboy

I think it's healthy to let kids pick out their own clothes or shoes. It won't be your fault when you can blackmail them with the photos later in life.

So far we are on week 2 with no swearing from Donovan and week 1 of nothing being shoved in his ear.

Kirk is convinced the DMV/Emissions place is a scam. We've gotten what's "wrong" with the Explorer fixed 3 times and we still can't pass emissions. I think some guy down there dinked with the machine and likes to see the looks on people's faces.

Donovan is watching me as I type this up and all I am hearing is "Booooooooots Booooooooooooots!!!!"

The boy likes his boots and dammit, I just remembered that I forgot to get the child his chocolate. Grrr

Somebody Get Me A Doctor

That right there folks is David Lee Roth. In the flesh. Dirty old man that he is. The husband wanted me to go so I was a good wife again and made him happy. Don't get me wrong, the show was really good. I like Sammy better is all. I like the David Lee Roth from the 80's. He was crazy back then though to hear him talk now, you wouldn't think there's much difference. He had a potty mouth tonight and even though you kind of expect it, it was at Summerfest on a free stage where kids were in the audience with mom and dad. Reminded me of when we went to see Kenny Chesney/Tim McGraw a couple years ago. An old timer country man was up there singing away about how he pulled his pistol out from under his pillow and shot his wife dead for cheating (I think, though the reason is probably moot at that point). There was a drug buy in that song too. We were in shock given how many kids were in the place. That's country for ya.

Back to Dave though.... He sang a lot of Van Halen son…

There Are Some Things In This World That ALMOST Make Me Speechless


It's shocking, but true. Some things make me stop, try and think of something, then just stand/sit/lay there in absolute and complete shock, awe and silence. Save for the gagging, that's what happened when I saw this:

This dog, drum roll please, won the ugliest dog contest in San Diego (I think it was there). I believe the photo is from the AP so THANK YOU (no copyright police please). My son saw the photo, looked at me and yelled YUCK! GROSS!. Smart kid. My husband said, "God in Heaven, that's disgusting". Linds said they shouldn't have these contests cause look what comes out of the woodwork. Poor dog looks like he's gnawing on his paw and ready to rip a hand off if it were to smell the slightest like a Krisp…