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Part One

So. The bathroom and I are very good friends now and I hate to say it but I feel bad that I threw the brownies under the bus. It's not all their fault though Lord knows, they have a way of wreckin' my intestines UP!! (I know, just what you wanted to read about no? You're welcome)
So again. I'm not even really sure where to begin with the Littlest Little's story. We were having ultrasounds every 4 weeks and bio-physical scans every week plus toss in a weekly visit to the baby baking doctor and voila! You've got yourself one super scanned baby.
We had a bio scan two weeks ago and then I ended up here. I did the kick counts and in the four or five hours that I was at home I felt the baby move three, maybe four times. The baby baking doctor said to go back into the hospital and get a non-stress test done (which I found out is just the baby on monitors again) That was an epic fail. She's didn't move at all. 
The doctor said we're inducing and we were taken …

The Calm Before The Storm

I wore that t-shirt when my other two children were born. Let's just say that it's still in one piece yet not wearable anymore. Another sign that this child is our last. :::sigh:::
The husband loves looking at the medical machines to see if his company is the one that made the thermal interfaces for it. I can't recall if this is one of them.

Again with the thermal interface stardate 4.761 entry things. Clearly, not at the top of my priority list this particular evening.
I was hoping to see the baby laying here a couple hours later, screaming her fool head off "how dare you take me out of the warm pool and throw me in the Midwest cool air aaaaaggggghhhhh?!?!?!". Instead there were tears, yelling, running, fear, extreme pain, hands in places they shouldn't be, paranoia, if you're visualizing a clip from ER or Trauma: Life in the ER, you aren't too far off. Tomorrow brings us the story from this evening in photos above. I'll be sharing her birth story…

Pleasantly Surprised

Thank you to my work for sending over this lovely basket of goodies for the baby. I love the Aveeno baby line. The girl was all gaga over the little bitty brush and comb (the bear is sitting on those, naughty bear) and Baby Girl was all over the book. The Littlest Little was sleeping, I don't think she would have had an opinion either way. However, she hates being naked (please Lord let her stay that way through college) so she may not appreciate the bath items as much as I do.

These flowers came from the Captain's work. They are gorgeous. My favorite is the purple and green rose at the bottom there. It looks almost tie died. Absolutely beautiful arrangement and I had so much fun working with the different settings on the camera to see what I could come up with. Thank you again to both companies for keeping us and our family in your thoughts.

Nice To Meet You

Hi. I just got here last week. They call me the Littlest Little. I'm glad to be here and I'm sure I'll be seein' ya around.

This my mama. She's always telling me that she loves me and is so blessed to have me in her life. Sometimes she cries. Wait, that's all the time. Someone should get her a tissue or two or a box.

This is my daddy. See my pinky here? He's wrapped around it already. I don't think he minds though.

This is Fluffy and she's the coolest auntie there is. Her little girl, Monkey? I dig that one. Hopefully she and I can be the best of friends.

It's my uncle, Pedro Juan. Everyone says I'm a mellow baby and that he was the same way when he was but a baby. That's cool with me. I love my Peej.
Hopefully I'll have photos of me with my cousins and siblings tomorrow. And Uncle Kota? Mama is trying to find the picture of us together. She's not all that fast on the uptake. Cut her some slack though k? If she gets her poop in a gr…

I'll Take The Easy Way Out Because, Well Duh, It's Easy!

I'm anticipating the baby coming home with us today so I'm taking the easy road with today's post. I just know that when we get home with her, the kids are going to be all over her (at least the dictator will be). Plus, since we weren't expecting her for another couple weeks, I have to locate all the pump parts (the dictator likes to pretend she's a mama and plays with all that stuff and even though I've told her hundreds of times to not play with it, she doesn't listen, she's. a. dictator.)

At any rate, here's some more of the littlest little for you to enjoy =0)

Don't Look If You're Squeemish (That Means You Mandyland!)

Ouch much? Yeah. Ooh ooh and these are from a couple days ago so yay, my tummy is even smaller! Woohoo!

Not sure what's going on here. They think it was just extra fluid that got absorbed overnight.

Here's a new photo of her to help ya'll recover. You're welcome

I Must Have Done Something Good In A Past Life

How the heck else would you explain the husband that I got? I give a lot of credit to my mother in law. She's phenomenal and her kids are amazing people. I really couldn't ask for a better sister and brother in law. But her son, my husband? I may be biased but he's my favorite of the three.

This man has been more than just a rock in this whole baby baking experience. He's been at every ultrasound, he's asked the questions that I wouldn't have thought of until a week later, during the chaos of her birth, that was when I needed him the most and that's what I got. I really don't think I would have survived the last week without him by my side.

I know he feels stressed out. He feels that he isn't in control and really no one is. Well the baby is but we all know that ha! None of us like this situation, especially the fact that we can't control a damn thing about it. I can't make her consistently breath like a normal person does. If she wants to sto…

Nighty Night And Sleep Tight

Normally I can't get a nap in to save my life. The last few weeks of being pregnant, I was able to squeeze one a day in because of my awesome mother in law. Here at the hospital, you'd think I would be napping all day long. Unfortunately, my brain doesn't work that way.

Between the incision that's bleeding out and the swollen feet and cankles (!) and the constant, constant worrying, I think I'm going to take a nap and then it goes to hell. When I do get to sleep, I get in a good deep sleep then, of course, get woken up. I sit up thinking I've slept for a couple hours, at least, but then realize no, it's only been 20 minutes. I should be happy about this though yes? Napping for 15 minutes thinking it was an hour is SO much better than napping for an hour and feeling like it's been only ten minutes.

I'm not making much sense am I? Gah. I'll tell you why. The girls. The boobies. The twins.

My boobs are enormously, painfully, shockingly huge. They are …

I Can't Reach It!!

While I'm recovering from the chaos that was Friday*, I'm dealing with this ginormous baseball sized bruise on my belly. It's the one right next to the vertical scar that matches the one on my back from scoliosis surgery 21 years ago. I hope it doesn't heal thick and wide. I won't bitch about it (much) if it does. I'm just saying. I digress though.

They have me on Tylenol, a lovely stool softener and Oxycodone (sp?). I know it's not Oxycontin, I asked. I've discovered that this lovely pain killer takes away the pain, yay! but it also makes me itch something fierce. Usually within a half hour of taking them, the tickling on the skin starts. The worst? The worst is when I get the meds at 2 am and I can't reach the spot in between my shoulder blades. I won't wake the husband up for that because, well, that would be silly. I try to stretch my long ass arms to get it but I jacked the shoulder up while playing Twister** on Friday. Usually I'm so ti…

Here She Is

We don't have a nickname for her just yet but hello? Cutie patootie ahead!!

It'll take me some time to write about her birth. To say it was traumatic would be an understatement of epic proportions. We're very thankful that she's here with us and healthy as she can be. I'll keep ya'll updated if anything big happens. We should be heading home on Tuesday afternoon. Thank you for all the well wishes that have been sent. We really do appreciate them =0)

Aaaand She's Here

The newest member of our clan made quite the appearance this morning. I'm too tired to blog the whole story tonight. It'll have to be in segments too since so much happened.

Bottom line: she's doing as well as can be for the moment. Mama's sleepy but doing well.

You'll Have To Excuse Me But....

Shitty shit shit shit mother truckin' frickety shit damn frick n frack

We had a bio scan on the baby today and she scored 6 out 8. That means of the four things they were looking for (blood flow in two areas, breathing movements and regular movements), she did all but regular movements. Maybe she was being lazy, I don't know. Her score though meant I couldn't go home and come back next week for the next scan. I had to go to the back room (I hate that room, no good comes out of that room) and be put on monitors. She still wasn't moving after 15 minutes so they "buzzed" her. They put this wand thing up to my belly and well, buzzed it. She jolted in there and my belly moved about two inches. Prolly scared the merconium out of her. They don't count that as a movement though because it was involuntary. They fed me some orange juice and crackers to get her going. Apparently the breakfast and OJ I had this morning didn't do the trick that it normally does.


Baby Belly Brain Thoughts

Are my awesomely fantastic MIL and I the only two people in this world who are skeeved out by Adam Lambert? His ish factor is so high. I just can't listen to him sing anymore. Just can. not. do. it. I don't know what it is about him but gah, he drives me nuts (and not in the good way). Now Kris? Oh I like me some Kris indeed.You know, I can kind of deal with the whole Dora as a tween doll. This? I can't handle. And I love the song (well not the version here, the original of course). Who the hell thought this was a good idea to put in a commercial for the kidlets too see? It wasn't me. I don't get paid ridiculous amounts of money to make asinine decisions like that. I must be getting old. Dammit, ever since I had the first kid, I've become more responsible. Well shit, now what?Seriously, baby girl that's baking in there, you must move out of the right quadrant of my belly. You are really making me sore on that side. I feel bruised every time you move. Really…

I Feel Like I've Been Here Before

Aaaand we're home. The contractions are anywhere from 3-7 minutes apart but no progress south of the border (if you know what I mean and I'm sure most of you do). These damn things hurt so much. I know that's a rather stupid statement but yeah, they didn't hurt like this with the girl until I was at the hospital in full on labor.

The nurse was really cool though. She made me feel comfortable and not like an idiot. She sent me home with some medication to help me sleep. I couldn't get comfortable while the contractions were happening. Not that one really can get comfy.

She said I'll either get a really good night's sleep or she'll see me before her shift is over at 730.

I'll take the good sleep for 200 please.

I Call Bullshit!

Of course all kinds of things feel different now. My boobs. They are not as large as one would think. My thighs. Are they rubbing together? My butt. It's bigger, this I know.

These contractions feel different. Therefore, I'm tearing the husband away from 24 (wretched horrible wife I am, I know) and take the trip to the hospital. If we get sent back home, well, it wouldn't be the first time. Same thing happened with The Peanut.

Hopefully we'll know really soon if we're staying or not so I can let my sister in law know. Hey Fluffy, if you're reading this and you haven't heard from me, call your brother =0)

Three Weeks And Counting

I know how lucky I am to be able to have children of my own. Carry them to term, take them home with me. I'm also a realist. I'm over being pregnant right now. There's zero room for her to move. There's zero room for my bladder to expand.

For most of today I felt like crap. Wanted to throw up, achey all over. I had a headache that went to migraine status several times over. Leg cramps have been keeping me up nights. Yeah, I'm done.

Thankfully there was an NCIS marathon on. I love me some DeNozzo.

Extras And Outtakes From The Big Birthday

The husband and MarkyMark
I don't recall what was being discussed but Mandyland looks ill no? Oh wait, that was later on in the night. Ha!

The girls =0)

Any good ones (i.e. bribe worthy)?

Nice Paris Hilton Wonky Eye! At least Cowboy looks good. Daaaaaaaaaamn good.

Shower Fun

Fluffy and I. Have I ever mentioned she's the best sister in law evah? Tis true.

Me with Cousins M and A (who was due after me and had her baby this past week)

The Monkey and Auntie K

All the girls and let me tell you the struggles with this one. This is shot #7 of 9. We've got The Dictator, Monkey, Baby Girl, Cousins T and B.

And finally, the husband came to me one day and asking just what the heck was going on on the stairs. I asked him just what the heck was he talking about. Well, clearly a Care Bear needed some help.

Good Friday Indeed

Let's all hope that tomorrow will be a good Friday. As in the baby baking doctor will say I'm dilated and I have to go in to have this baby.

Because that? That would rock!

The ultrasound on Wednesday went extremely well. The baby's head went from the 5th percentile to 32nd in three week's time. That was very good news. Her arms, legs, head and all that good stuff are measuring at 35 weeks (give or take). Her belly though? Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick. It's measuring 40 weeks 3 days. Um hello chunky baby. She weighs about 7lb 7oz now (again with the give or take - this time 1lb). I'm terrified to have a large baby but as long as she's healthy, I'm good to go. I'll just take more of those drugs (if they work). Thanks.

I'll keep ya'll updated as to what the baby baking doc says tomorrow. Now I'm off to nest some. I've been saying for the last 2 days that I'm going to clean that mess of a bedroom and yet, there it sits, waiting for dis…

I Remember It All, She Doesn't

I love that Mandyland's brother was waiting for the face.

:::sigh::: He's so dreamy.

That is one crazy bunch right there but I love them all. Well, I'm sure I'll love Cowboy. I just don't know him yet.

This is normal behaviour my friends. Totally normal.

All together now: Awwwww

The Monkey Was Cheeky

She wants to share her cookie with Great Grandma - awww

Well, maybe not.
What's this? It's four generations of absolute sweetness, that's what it is.

All of the other ones, where the Monkey is actually looking at the camera, have either Fluffy, Grandma or my MIL looking at the baby or blinking. Bah.

Close Call My Internet Friends, Close Call

Well, we made it back from Fargo and the baby's still baking. It looked a little scary there this afternoon right before the service started. Lots of sharp shooting pains but they subsided, thankfully. There were a couple really hard contractions on the way home that made me nervous but I kind of ignored them and took a nap. If I thought about them too much I would have freaked out.

On the way up to Fargo, I got a text that a coworker of mine was in the hospital having her baby. She was 9cm already. She's due the day after me. That didn't help my nerves at all.

Anyway, we made it home safe and mostly sound. I've got photos from Mandyland's 21st (she doesn't remember saying bye to us) and tons of photos with the whole clan up north.

The baby is moving around a lot and there's a ton of pressure. I kinda hope it's just me needing to pee. Now I have to show the husband how to blog for me lest my 365 (-3) goes down the toilet while I'm at the hospital. Thou…

And A Good Time Was Had

I'm so glad that my contractions have decided to take a break from scaring the crap out of me. I'm definitely feeling it's ok to travel to Fargo today. It was pretty iffy for awhile there but I feel good and am not as concerned as I was Saturday afternoon.

The husband and I met up with Mandyland and her family and friends to help celebrate the big one. The only downside to the night (besides the craptastic spit rain that was falling down) was the odd looks from people at the bar.

I don't know if you people that were staring knew this but um, yes, I am pregnant and yes, I was enjoying myself in a bar. Gasp! Say it ain't so! Were you people aware that Minnesota went smoke free a long time ago? I'm pretty sure it was on the news when it happened. I heard the comments about a pregnant woman being in a bar. Get over it. It wasn't smokey and that was Pepsi I was drinking thank you very much. Perhaps you were amazed that I could move such a large body with grace an…

Happy Birthday Wench

Today is Mandyland's* 21st birthday. God help us all.

The husband and I are meeting her for drinks later tonight and it should be a good time. Of course, I'll be the one getting loaded on water and the occasional pop/soda/shirley temple. I'll have fun no matter what I'm drinking. My ass won't be leaving the barstool though because I'm still having contractions and I fear that all the laughing that will happen may get things going.

We'll see.

*Normally I would link to her blog but since the broad hasn't updated it since November of OH SEVEN, I won't.

I'm Flip Flopping While Wearing Flip Flops

Dumbest blog title ever. Oh well.

The doc said she is telling me to stay home. I would feel more comfortable not being 4 hours away. I would also feel like shit because this is my family too. Not blood but they've treated me like family from day one.

What. the. hell.

I don't know what to do. All I can do now is keep track of the contractions and pray that they don't start coming closer.


I'm going to bed. This shit is wearing me out.

Baby Baking Wasn't This Hard The Last Two Times

So....where to begin. Ya'll know I had mono and CMV last Oct when I was about 9 weeks along. That was a fun week in the hospital. :::insert sarcasm::: Because of the CMV infection, we have Level 2 ultrasounds every four weeks. We get the cool 4-D photos as well as higher detailed scans for growth measurements and progress in utero. Everything had been going swimmingly until a few weeks ago. The technician told us that the baby's belly was measuring in the 95th percentile and her head in the 5th percentile. The doc took us to the back room to talk to us. For the record? The back room or side room is never a good thing, at least not for us.

What they were seeing was a restricted growth in the baby. Her head measurements hadn't really changed (grown) since the last scan four weeks before. They did make sure to point out that just because the belly/head measurements were 95th/5th percentile does not mean that if she were born now she would have a fat belly and itty bitty head. …

Not A Laughing Type Day Over Here

I'll tell ya'll about the MRI and the results tomorrow. We found out this morning that our beloved Papa Merlin (my MIL's father) passed away this morning. He was 86 years old and God bless him, one of the sweetest men I've ever met.

When I married into this family, I was so blessed to be welcomed in. Papa was always so much fun to hang out with and talk to about anything really. To hear him sing with the kids on his lap? It would bring tears to your eyes.

I'm saddened that the new baby will never have met her Great Papa. Oh but the stories we'll have for her. She'll know who her Papa Merlin was. The boy was very sad to hear the news when he got home from school. He ran from me, went into the kitchen and sat at the counter crying. I couldn't move, I was crying so hard, for him, my mother in law, for us. He recovered and launched into a matter of fact conversation about death and the funeral. The girl is sad but being only 4, she goes back and forth between…