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You'll Have To Excuse Me But....

Shitty shit shit shit mother truckin' frickety shit damn frick n frack

We had a bio scan on the baby today and she scored 6 out 8. That means of the four things they were looking for (blood flow in two areas, breathing movements and regular movements), she did all but regular movements. Maybe she was being lazy, I don't know. Her score though meant I couldn't go home and come back next week for the next scan. I had to go to the back room (I hate that room, no good comes out of that room) and be put on monitors. She still wasn't moving after 15 minutes so they "buzzed" her. They put this wand thing up to my belly and well, buzzed it. She jolted in there and my belly moved about two inches. Prolly scared the merconium out of her. They don't count that as a movement though because it was involuntary. They fed me some orange juice and crackers to get her going. Apparently the breakfast and OJ I had this morning didn't do the trick that it normally does.

After a half hour, she still wasn't doing anything so we had a choice to make. We could either have another scan tomorrow morning and see if she cooperates or we could do an amnio to check her lungs and possibly deliver tonight or tomorrow. I'm not a fan of amnios unless they are really, truly, medically needed. We decided to wait and have another scan tomorrow and see what happens with that one. If she isn't active tomorrow during the scan then we're having a baby tomorrow. I have to keep track of movement, if any, at home today and call in if she still isn't active. 10 kick/roll counts in a two hour period. Fingers crossed. Obviously I'll keep ya'll updated. That's Part One of the Shitty Shitty Bang Bang.

Part Two just breaks my heart. A very, very dear friend of mine found out today she has breast cancer. They think she may not need chemotherapy but will find out more information tomorrow. My prayers are in full on overdrive this week with all the things going on. Hopefully we'll get some well needed good news tomorrow on both fronts.

Part Three: An amazing woman in my family (a second cousin 3 times removed or something like that) passed away two days ago. Sadly, we can't go to the funeral since, well, the baby baking issues prevent it and it's a 3 hour drive for us and at this stage, that's not happening. She was my Grandma's cousin. Harriet was the one we went to when we had old family photos and kept saying "Who the hell is that person?" Chances are, she knew. Even after my Tanta and Grandma died, I would still try to make it to the nursing home to see her whenever I was in town. Harriet and her giggle will be missed by all of us.

SO....I declare today's quota of shitty shit shit news filled. The trifecta is complete. No more please. We've had enough. Thank you, drive through.


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