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Thanks For The Berman Man

Last night started out great, ended on a good note. All that crap in the middle? Not so much. A recap in photos:

Yes, Yes it is

One hour to go

Goooooooooooo Vikings!!

Then it all went down hill. I'll give the Patriots credit, they are an awesome team. I really wish the Vikings had shown up to the game. I would have taken a couple pics of Bollinger but um yeah, he was sacked on every play of the only drive he was out there.

These two asshats could have been kicked in the head and I don't think a single soul would have reported the perp. I understand cheering for your team but yeah, these dipshits went beyond that. They didn't care that the couple behind them (elderly I might add) asked them to not drop the F bomb. They would turn to all of us behind them and yell "That's what the F we're talking about" whenever the Pats would do something good (and let's face it, there were plenty of F bomb opps that night). They were just asshats. I would use a stronger…

Say What? Peanut's Shirts Version

Guess where I will be tonight? If you guessed here, you're so wrong. However, if you guessed here or here, well, you are smarter than I can ever aspire to be. The Captain got 4 tickets to tonight's game. How awesome is he? I've never been to one (not even in high school) yet I love the game. I'm such an enigma. Anyway, the seats aren't too shabby. Second level but they are at the 50yd line so who the hell am I to complain? Thanks to Smiley at work for taking my shift tonight. We're even now. I will be sure to write about it tomorrow or the next day.

Does anyone think I could do this? It would guarantee a post everyday but I don't know that anyone would care. Maybe? Hmm. I've got 'til Tuesday night to decide. I keep going back and forth. Ok I'm doing it. I've just decided. Wish me luck. Ideas perhaps??

Monkey Boy discovered today that popcorn dipped in ketchup and topped off with a piece of a corndog is really "delicious"*.


I Feel The Earth Move

Whilst I was slaving away at work the other night, Monkey Boy decided he wanted to rearrange the closet shelf. The shelf that he's too short to reach. Not a problem for him. He just climbed on the video cabinet. The video cabinet that's chockfullofDVDs and my Harry Potter books. (I have to keep them somewhere!) The cabinet clearly wanted none of that. It decided to lay on him. Oh yes, I hear he was screeching and hollering up a storm. He had to be rescued by Gramma. His foot was a little bent outta shape and he was so sad. He rocked with his best friend Gramma and all was good in about 30 minutes. Come with me in my time machine if you will.....

Yesterday it was me and the Peanut home alone (my MIL took the boy) and we were having a great day. Until the afternoon. Peanut was attempting to escape a timeout by scaling the gate at the bottom of the small set of steps. In her quest to become an Olympic jumper, she fell in the direction she was coming from and landed on her head. On…

The Light's On But No One's Home

So yeah, had an awesome post about this that and the other and my computer took a shit on me. I've screamed and cried and really freaked out my kids. Thank every religious figure and the tomato plants in the backyard that I have my appointment tomorrow. This crap medication they have me on is doing nothing for me and I feel like a shittier mom everyday. I actually said to Monkey Boy that I just did not want to hear his voice today and could he please just go up to his room. He cried at me. I can't do this to my kids. I can't do this for 3 or 6 months while we dick around with what meds are gonna work. I know they can't just give me something and say we promise this shit's the bomb but they could certainly try. I won't mind. I really am so disappointed in myself that I've turned out this way. This is not who I am, not who I aspired to be and I'll be damned if this is anywhere near the kind of mother I intended to be to my children. I cry every night when…

Say What?

I get these emails from or someplace like that and they list things your kid should be able to do, isn't able to do and what they should NOT be doing right now. So, Peanut is 18mos old. Let's see what they say and then the reality (and I know that all kids progress differently):

Taking clothes off - 18-30mos. Ok I think every kid is able to get butt nekkid alot earlier than that. They love being nekkid. All. The. Time. Mine were nekkid all the time at 12mos. Nevermind that it was winter outside. They had the air on their ass. Oh I like that sentance. I'm saving that one.
Putting clothes on - 24mos. Peanut can get her brother's underwear and pants on in about hmm, 45 seconds if she thinks you're coming after her to take them away.
Eating an ice cube - 2 years I think that's a little long to make a kid wait for the glory of brain freeze and swallowing a little ice and having it freeze your throat cold. Peanut was eating ice all over the house at a yea…

Now Listen Here.....

I love football, not as much as Sarah (really, I defy you to find ten men who love the game as she does) but I would never (and I'd like to think Sarah would never) do this. That was one screwed up sentence. Sorry bout that.

I had to work last Sunday when the game was on and we had a buttload of people over. Apparantly, whilst the adult beverage consumption was commencing, Monkey Boy made the ridiculous loss of the Vikings bearable. Everyone was clinking glasses, toasting, who knows what the hell they were doing. Monkey Boy walks up to them, holds up his glass and says, "Bring it. Like the beer." Seriously, whose kid is this? If he isn't oozing DNA from my dad and grandfather then my husband is hiding the crazies in his family. He is so my child. Scariest shit sometimes.

How many times do I have to say any of the following to my son before it sinks into his head?
While the "Movin' Out" Opi nailpolish looks fab on you, it's not really for boys. Just loo…

Mindless Dribble

I checked bulletins Tues afternoon on MySpace and saw that the Barenaked Ladies were at a bookstore in Minneapolis. Can't tell you how pissed I was that I didn't know that sooner. Dammit. They will be on Conan tonight though.

I came upstairs to find Monkey Boy "jus' relaxing Mommy".

He now sings all the words to this song. I am mortified/proud of it.

I have 4 tapes of tv shows I need to watch in order to catch up. I think I'll just skip 2/3 of them and watch a couple shows. I don't have the energy (hell the time) to watch all of them.

My little Peanut as she heads towards trouble.

We have seen Chicken Little about, oh, 24 times in the last week. Help me please. I can't get this out of my head.

I talk to the doc next week about upping or changing the meds. They aren't doing anything at all and I'm not happy about it. No pun intended. I'm glad that I have a support system on here. It helps to have people to talk to about mundane shit that freaks…