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Say What? Peanut's Shirts Version

Guess where I will be tonight? If you guessed here, you're so wrong. However, if you guessed here or here, well, you are smarter than I can ever aspire to be. The Captain got 4 tickets to tonight's game. How awesome is he? I've never been to one (not even in high school) yet I love the game. I'm such an enigma. Anyway, the seats aren't too shabby. Second level but they are at the 50yd line so who the hell am I to complain? Thanks to Smiley at work for taking my shift tonight. We're even now. I will be sure to write about it tomorrow or the next day.

Does anyone think I could do this? It would guarantee a post everyday but I don't know that anyone would care. Maybe? Hmm. I've got 'til Tuesday night to decide. I keep going back and forth. Ok I'm doing it. I've just decided. Wish me luck. Ideas perhaps??

Monkey Boy discovered today that popcorn dipped in ketchup and topped off with a piece of a corndog is really "delicious"*.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: The video has now been added, sorry it's a little shaky)
Soul Abruption (my BIL's band) had their first stage show Sat night and they rocked it hard! Not my style of music anymore since high school but it was great none the less. PJ was incredible on vocals. It's so awesome to see him up there living a dream! Nate kicked ass on drums, Brett is amazing on guitar and I swear if anyone in the crowd saw Brandon's face whilst he was kicking ass on bass, I would be shocked. During the entire set, I was taking pictures and video and I think I got Brandon's face once, in between songs faking a hit off the smoke machine. It was a fab show (though that's not a word they would use!) I have some demo cd's of theirs and if anyone wants one, let me know and I shall send it out to you. Check out the video from that night, this one from last month and their MySpace. My pick is Home of the Slaves. If the style isn't really yours, at least check out the lyrics page.

*his words, not mine. I had another word in mind.


Les Becker said…
Hey, I've got a rock star brother, too... if you're really, really nice to him, I bet yours will let you haul his equipment for him....
Oooh. I hope the game was fun. You know, considering...
AdventureDad said…
I'm sure you could post every day but would your blog be better? I nwould consider it silly posting every day just to make a point. If you got soemthing good to say, post every day. Otherwise your site might be filled with lots of post's but also some crap (no offense meant).

Trish said…
Les - I've had the pleasure of hauling a couple heavy ass things out to the van. Can't say that I'm hopped up to do it again.

Sarah - It was fun but I thought I went to a Vikings game, they weren't even there.

AD - No offense taken at all. I have tons of stuff that I want to write about but since I'm so sporadic lately in my posting, I just wonder if the effort would be worth it. It would get me pumped about writing again though.
peppypilotgirl said…
"popcorn dipped in ketchup and topped off with a piece of a corndog is really "delicious"*"


Forced writing is better than no writing and it's good practice.

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