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Well That Was Fun

I knew I wouldn't be able to go too far with the posting every day *but* I think I did pretty damn well for a long time. You know whose fault this is? His:

I don't know that there are words that can accurately describe Eric. Well, none that can go here at least.


touch football indeed
and his too:  cause he cracks me up, hookah!
and her:
who wouldn't want Tara at their side to say what they can't?
oh hell, them too:
I watched all three seasons in the last week.  I've got to catch up on Dexter and Bones. Plus the husband rocked it out for my birthday in May and got me Freaks and Geeks on DVD.  Love that show and can't wait to watch it again!


Were you ready for some football?? We were so we went and had ourselves a good time.  I took about 120 photos and I'd say 84 of them are shots like this one: 

Listen now, my 'Boys were giving the game to ya Vikings. Took ya'll long enough to take it.  I don't even know what to say about the 'Boys.

Tasting new flavors of Mt. Dew. Out of 8 of them? Maybe 2 tasted halfway decent. The rest? Blech. oh and oh yeah, Gross I think I just threw up a little in my mouth! Yep, good times a the Metrodome!

I don't know who Paula is but I hope she said yes.

We got these FavVision things free for being season ticket holders.  Saw some guy renting/selling them. Should see how much they go for. We were able to watch other games, see replays, watch the camera angles  they show on the tv, set up fantasy football. I liked it but I don't know that we'll keep it after the 2011/2012 season. The subscription fees are waived the first two years.  I shudder at the thought of how much that could …


Taking a ride courtesy of big sister. We'll just skip the part where sister took the corner a little too fast and someone flew over the side of the wagon. We'll also just skip over the twelve gray hairs that sprouted instantly as well as the minor cardiac arrest that was narrowly avoided when that little someone came up laughing saying hi! to everyone she could see.


Kicking it old school w the photo today. Pretty much sums up our mornings.

Had To Share

Normally I wouldn't share jokes from emails and all that forwarded stuff but this one had me laughing out loud for a while. I'm easily entertained, what can I say.


A man  walks into a drug store with his 8-year old  son.
They happen  to walk by the condom display, and the boy  asks, "What are  these, Dad?

To which  the man matter-of-factly replies, "Those are called Condoms son. Men use them to have safe  sex."

"Oh I see," replied the boy  pensively. Yes, I've  heard of that in health class at  school." He looks  over the display and picks up a package  of  3 and asks,  "Why are there 3 in this package?"

The  dad replies, "Those are for high school boys,  one
For Friday, one for Saturday, and one for  Sunday."

"Cool" says the boy. He notices  a 6 pack and Asks, "Then who are these  for?"

"Those are for college men," the  dad answers, TWO
For Friday, …



The Girl? She likes to rub lotion on my feet. Well, anyone's feet really. It's very rare that you have to ask her to do it. You just act like you're about to do it and she's all over that. It feels awesome too. Except when she tickles. Then I have to make sure I don't kick her in the face. Who would rub my feet then?

10/10/10 Part Deux

Just testing this thing out. You know, my video skills. I think they are failing. In an epic way. Awwwwwe. Sommmmmme.
ED: She's whispering "Wow" It's her new thing. Also?
Making ya'll strain to hear it is my new thing. Yeah, sorry 'bout that.


Happy 10/10/10 Ya'll! I'm  a littlea lot a shit ton scared for junior high. I mean look at the pretend drama.  What the hell is the real deal like?  Hold me. Tighter people!  Tighter!

That one up there? My favorite one of her, classic Girl pose around here.

Hot air, that's what she's full of Bahahaha! Don't tell her I said that. She can do things. Scary things. Oh I kid.




On the way to Leann's and Richie's place for a bonfire!


This picture is so awesome for many reasons. Allow me: 1. The ponies? They stayed in the. whole. time. 2. She's in footed jammies. In public =0) 3. This picture of her big sister is her favorite thing to take all over the house with her. Awww. or :::shiver::: depending on how you interpret the look on big sister's face.

also? I am dropping out of the competition for Mother of the Year. I know I would have won, if not placed in the top three, with my diabolical plan. Alas, it will not be coming to fruition as a I cannot afford to purchase the required cds needed for all of the wristbands. Really sucks right? That it comes down to the almighty dollar or lack thereof. The silver lining (and Lord knows I try to find one of those!)....the kids never knew about it so they won't be any wiser. Still, it hurts when I see BTR on the tv and know that we were thisclose to seeing them live. I'm going to go cry now*.

and tomorrow? Remind me to tell you about how I went from pushover mom…


No ponies left when it comes to bathtime. She has some crazy hair......


New phone coming soon and hopefully better phone pics - hahaha! Right. The baby loves watching the Boy play his DS and the Girl is watching the Twinkies with her Daddy.


Gimme My Two Dollars!!!

She'll be out on the slopes waiting for John Cusack.


I borrowed this from my son. He was none too pleased to see the photo evedince. Whoopsies.....Busted


He was impressed with the white pumpkin. Then saw the squash, gourd, WTH is that thing??

He insisted on showing ya'll his money. And his new Club Penguin card. The excitement? It is abundant.


Hockey Night w Daddy Photos courtesy of The Girl

We'll have to work on our focus. Daddy looks blurry.

The pink necklace she bought for Mama with her hard earned money. Awww, so sweet.
Her "gold" necklace that is so beautiful. Isn't it just prefect? I love her wrong words.
I don't think she realized what she was doing but she used the panoramic function.  Looks pretty cool I think.
Also? They lost the game but she and Daddy had a great time together and that's all that matters.



I think I'm going to be in the front of the line for Mom of the Year when they hand out those awards. (Also? Where the hell do they hand those out? I mean there has to be at least one year where I was an A+ mom right?) Carrying on.......
My children love these guys. All four of them. They think they are really from Minnesota (nope). They think the names they have on the show are in indeed real first AND last names (not quite). They think the boys are the COOLEST EVAH! (maybe)
So here's the deal. I, the most awesomest mom in the world (it's true, you'll see), have a plan. A plan that involves buying 5 (FIVE! I say) CDs when they come out next Monday. Then I get to sit on the news that the kids get to go to Mall Of America that Saturday. Really, we may live close by but we go only a couple times a year. Crazy big mall = crazy masses of people. When they get to go to the MOA? They get happy loco nuts. If my plan works out (Lord/Jehovah/Buddha/whomever it BETTER work out)…