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How Can I Sleep?

When I know that Bret Michaels, the guys from OCC, Sandra Bullock, Jesse James and maybe, possibly George Clooney are in the same town as me? A girl can really lose her mind with that information. Apparently Sandra Bullock and her delicious husband are staying across the street from us. A couple of ladies we saw outside saw Paul Sr earlier. You know what this means.

I'm gonna be walking all over town looking like a tool with my camera hanging around my neck. Now if you hear of a woman passing out (and possibly wetting her pants*) don't worry, it's just me.

I took a lot of photos on the way down here, couldn't help it. The landscape and farms all looked great. I'll have to upload those when we get back. The husband's laptop would probably have a coronary if I tried to hook it up for that.

So the plan is hair appointment in the morning then head downtown with G and pray that I can get it for my tattoo. Since it's a motorcycle celebration (yay S & S for 50 ye…

Sunset Anyone?

My Dad Would Be So Proud

I went on a boat today. A boat that left it's dock. A boat that didn't have "pontoon" in front of it's description. I haven't been on one of those in over 20 years. Shush. I'm well aware that I live in the Land of 1000 Lakes and I'm also aware that I lived next to Lake Michigan for far too many years. My thing, it's just weird. I don't like large bodies of water that have living things in it besides humans and dogs. I don't like boats because I think they are going to sink. I know how to swim. I can do that very well, thank you very much. I just don't like being out there, in a boat, out there. I don't know, I'm just odd I tell you. Anyway, I took no fewer than 256 photos on this three hour tour.

I'll wait for you to get the song out of your head. Really, it's ok.

Ready? K.

One of my favorite shots: (you really should click on it to enlarge it. Really. DO IT!)

Decisions, Decisions

When it comes to the easy stuff, I can make snap decisions and not regret them.

When it comes to permanent stuff? Not so much. When it comes to ink, permanent ink, permanent ink on my body, I really have issues.

Here's my dilemma. I know I want a cross on the back of my neck. I just can't decide which one to get. Will you help me out? Oh good. Ok, here's the selection:

This one is the everlasting cross or indestructible love. I like how it twists and turns yet is one piece.

I can't recall what this one was named but I know I liked the design of it. Dangit I wish I could remember what it stood for.

So far this one is my favorite but I'm so torn. This is called a dedication cross. I like the clean style and design. At some point later on, I'll be getting my kids' names put under the cross. They'll curve like the 4 sections do. I think it'll look good. I could be crazy though.

I take my tattoos seriously (anyone who doesn't is just stupid) and I put a lo…

Start Your Day With A Ginormous AWWWW

La Crosse, Here I Come

Growing up as a Navy brat, I didn't really have a place that I could call my hometown. For residence purposes when we lived overseas, it was my Gramma's house in Iowa. Even though I spent many summers there, and I loved it (for the most part), I never called it "home". For years, when people asked where I'm from, I'd say "I'm from all over." When I moved to Madison, Wisconsin, it still didn't have that "hometown" feel to it. Perhaps it was the idiot boy I moved there for (from Arizona I might add. 90 degrees when I left AZ, blizzard and 24 degrees when I landed at O'Hare. Yeah. I digress.)

When I moved in with the parents (a mere 2 months after moving halfway across the country) I knew it would be rough. I had been parent free for two years. I was desperate though and really didn't know what I wanted to do except find a place to wallow in self pity and not pay rent. They pulled through in the clutch. For about a month. Then…

Enjoy It While You Can Kids, This Is Never Going To Happen Again

It's Still Here, In All It's Glory

I'm thinking that this ginormous one could go down next. As long as it falls away from the house, it's gravy.

The base of the tree was fascinating to the children. You'll see why later. It was an amazing site, looking at this huge tree, totally upended, yet it was so sad too. That tree is gone for good and while I am not a tree hugger, it was a good tree. It never done us wrong.

Well, it never did until it squished my FIL's trailer. That was a big no no on the tree's part. Not like we can punish it though. Good game plan tree, good game plan.

And A Fine Good Morning To You Too!

The big huge tree in our backyard is no more.

She had some great roots though.

There is a swing set in there somewhere. It has to be replaced.

I have more photos that I'll post later but right now I've got to get the Peanut to the dentist. Oh the fun we'll have.

All Estrogen, All Of The Time

Poor Monkey Boy, he's gonna have his hands full protecting these two, not that they can't hold their own with the boys. I would be afraid. Very.

Here's Baby Girl. I am in no way calling her a baby because she will gladly and sternly tell me she is NOT a baby but she'll also tell you that she likes when I call her that.

She asked for a glass of water. I got it for her. She looked at it and said it wasn't hers. I said I got it for her. Apparently I was wrong. I don't know who the hell I got it for but she certainly was not happy with me. This morphed into a lovely, ear ringing crying episode. She switched to the all curing chocolate milk and I was relegated to other menial tasks like finding the matching Mow Kitty * slipper.

She doesn't mind me taking photos of her so long as I don't make her smile. I'll take what I can.

See what I mean?

They do just about everything together and I love it. Aren't they cute? Just wait until Chunky Monkey can join them…

Help, I Need Somebody, Help, Not Just Anybody, Heeeeeelp!

So yeah, there's a lot of crap on that side of the page ya know? ~~~~~>

I want to make this three columns wide. Two smalls on the sides and one large for my useless words and thoughts. I need to move some of that crap somewhere else and I'd rather the somewhere else not be the garbage.

I'm still in Blogger. I have no clue how to go about getting my own domain name, what is a good cost, who to trust. So please, help a bloggin' sister out. Any helpful advice, tips, paths in the right direction would be AWESOME!

I don't mind paying someone to hook me up. I would like to note however, I don't have one of those magical money trees. Thanks folks. I heart you all.*

*except you people who come here for the Doodlebops sans makeup. I mean I like that I have "a lot"** of traffic but it's really rather depressing when 70% of it is from that alone. Christ, what else is out there to boost the traffic? Johnny does the Sprites and there is video?

**and by a lot I…

I Told Him I Would Post Them All

To recap, this in my BIL Kota. He doesn't like his photo being taken. Tough shit I say. I got me a sweet, too expensive camera and you're holding a cute baby. You are now considered photogenic. But only cause of the baby.

I kid.

What we have here is a mess. All I asked for was one photo of him smiling with his baby girl. Just one, COME ON KOTA!

I got this.

and this

and this

and this.

This is why he fits in the family so well. He's not afraid to look goofy. God love him, we sure do!

Either He Didn't Believe Me Or He Just Didn't Care

I'm gonna go with the "He just didn't care" answer. We went to my BIL Pedro Juan's house last night for a weenie roast. My sister in law's husband, Kota, was there and now, you shall meet him.

This is a "normal" look and really, saying that's normal is a stretch. It's usually the following looks that are "normal" for him. Love ya Kota!!

Poor Fluffy. She says she looks like his older daughter, not his wife. Please note that Chunky Monkey, for once, is not looking at the camera. And believe me, I tried to get her attention. She did. not. care.

The blank look on his face.

Some promise. I see some.

I have some others that I shall post to the world tomorrow.