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Redemption and Forgiveness

For the last couple weeks, I've been feeling really bad about my post regarding Jani Lane. I didn't say anything mean, just that I was shocked at how he looked now. You know how you root for the underdog and when they do well you almost want to cry? No? Well you're simply a heartless bastard!

He got a haircut and I agree with my friend G, that helped a lot. He has done so well on this diet show. I'm so proud of him and I didn't even birth him. I know it's hard to go through tough times with seemingly no support but he totally has my support and has had it in the past. I just had to deal with the shock.

So Jani Lane of Warrant....I still love you, always will. Thank you for being an inspiration to a lot of people. Good luck with the sobriety. It's a tough road but it can be done.

Ok enough sentimental shit. I gots me a nap to be taking.

If I Wasn't Afraid of Getting Fired

Don't be a smart ass to me in the bar. If I say I need your ID, hand it over. Yes you will screw your friend out of their shit too.

Snap at me again girl when your man comes in and you wait outside the department because "he's buying it not me - I don't have to show you mine". How many other freaking stores are there that sell liquor? WHAT? There are others?!? YES! Take your sorry ass to one of them. I don't make the rules, I enforce them. (I felt so empowered as I was typing that. Bring me a punching bag Myrtle!)

I know you're 50 and not 14. You think I don't hear enough of this shit ALL DAY LONG? No I need one more asshole before I close. Thanks.

If I say thanks and have a good night/day/one, don't stare at me blankly. I may just have to tell you to have a shitty day. I don't care.

And for the record, yes I do card the 80 and 90 year olds that come in. And no dumbass, I don't card the 6 year olds. They didn't help Poppy pick out what be…

Please Do Not Bathe In Your Cologne, Thanks

I ask that you think before leaving for a small confined area where others may possibly pass out from the fumes. If I think for a moment that I have too much on (cause we all know the person wearing can't smell it just like a smoker can't smell other smokers usually unless it's been a few days since a smoke, then they want to mug the smoker for one but I digress)I usually ask someone if the smell is too strong. Unless it's Drakaar (YUM-UMM-YUMMY) please back off the spritzer, thanks! Other pieces of advice: If you turned 21 in the last two years, don't get all self rightous and pissed off when I card your ass. Wait til you're 80, then bitch. If you're underage, sit your ass in the car. I don't want to hear the "Oh he's buying it I'm not drinking it" shit. When I say you have 5 minutes before you can't purchase more, that means 300 seconds and not a single one more.

As much as I would like to say that I did this to my child, I cann…

The Bible and Us

So the bible arrived the other day (and I totally just reminded myself I had to leave feedback!). I've been reading it thoroughly and God willing, it will work. I'm impressed with the fact that the authors originally did this program to teach the mentally challenged to dress, feed and go to the bathroom on their own. When they realized that it worked so well for them, they thought why not a toddler? It looks like a great program that Donovan can follow. Kirk and I were talking about when we should do this. Wait until we move or just do it now? If he regresses when we move then we can just do it again (if it works that is). I think we'll be trying it in a couple weeks since Kirk will be out of town for a few days with interviews and whatnot.

I was brave (and impatient) the other day and shaved Donovan's head without the hubby around to distract the child and make him happy. It didn't go anywhere near as bad as I had planned it to. The news of a bath right after made…

Premonition Baby

I've been saying from the day she was born and her red hair was flaming at us that Sophia was going to be a handful. I couldn't tell you when it will happen but mark my words, it will. There's nothing we can do to prepare for it. Kirk was holding her just now and she was squirming per the norm, trying to climb over his shoulder, her two teeth grinning at him with buckets of drool pouring out. He called her a wild woman and I started to say that she is way wigglier (it's a word now!) than Donovan ever was. She is going to be more obstinate and independant than the boy. I tried to get this visual across to Kirk and he interrupted me and said, "Bite your tongue woman! If she's worse than him, I'll be in a mental institution this time next year!" I think he's scared. I KNOW I am. We all should be. Even you, thinking you're not going to be affected. Oh it'll make it's way to you, yes indeedy.

And Of Course.....

my Cowboys lost. Good to see they're consistent. With LOSING. What a long football season this will be. I'll be sure to work the Mon night that Minn and Green Bay play. I don't need to be at home listening to the screaming at the tv even though the refs can't hear you even if you drop 17 F bombs. Better make sure the baby is out of the room. When Donovan was still a newborn, the Stanley Cup finals were on, last game of the series and there was a bad call. Kirk was holding Donovan, he let the tv know in no uncertain terms how displeased he was then Donovan proceeded to tell his father how frightened he was. Kirk felt so bad for making Donovan cry so bad. I felt bad for both of them. More so for the kid of course. =0)

Let The Potty Training Begin

We're not sure if we're ready but here we go. Hopefully I'll win this "Potty Training in Less than a Day" book on eBay. I think Donovan is ready, he knows about the potty chair, likes to sit on it (clothed and nekkid). He knows the difference between the different functions. Should be interesting.

I received my two sign language books that I won on eBay and am excited to start learning. Now that I have the first 5 Harry Potter books read, I'll have the time to get started. I'm looking forward to that! I have a customer at my work that is deaf and I would love to surprise her some night by signing something more than hi or thank you. Her daughter and grandaughter come with her all the time and they are just great people. Maybe I can get Donovan to learn some and later on Phia as well. Donovan already knows how to count to ten in English, Spanish and German. He knows how to count only to three in French but that's 'cause that's all I know. Oh we…

BB6 Thursday and Minneesotah Pics

So Sarah is gone. I'm just speechless with Kaysar coming back. Not so much that it's him but the margin of the voting. 82% of America voted for him. At least I am guaranteed some fireworks. I just wish Eric had come back. Oh well.

Enjoy some pics from the trip to Minneesotah this past weekend.

My sister-in-law Stephanie with Sophia

Papa (my father-in-law) with his grandaughters, Lynnea and Sophia

Donovan with some cool shades that some brave cousin of Kirk's let him wear (they were returned in one piece a few minutes later - whew)

BB6 Saturday and Tuesday

I was out of town to Minneesotah this weekend but that's another post.

Saturday's episode....hard to watch with Donovan screaming every five minutes about everything. He's like that a lot at Gimma and Papa's house. Back to the show. I like Howie sometimes. All the boobie talk is just wrong but he makes me laugh. Him nominating James and Sarah was awesome! Ohmigod! It was FAB! I know, I'm clearly too excited about something that has no effect on my life but god! The looks on James and Sarah's faces.

Tuesday - So the ass saved himself AGAIN! Grrrr. The POV game was just like the Gnomes a couple seasons ago. Didn't anyone learn anything from them?!?! You put ALL the candy in James and Sarah's pinatas dumbasses! GUH! So dipshit wins POV, saves himself (what kind of man does Sarah think she has there? upstanding? um no. loyal? negative sparky) They are SO over when she sees the stuff he has said about her. So then Howie has to put someone up. They all knew t…

BB6 Thursday

So Janelle and Kaysar are on the block. I think I would vote Kaysar off but then what does he do? He makes me start to like him again. While he was talking to Mags about getting rid of James (now that K knows about James being an ass) Kaysar actually made me want him to stay just to see that. Alas, he was sent home. So when do we see Janelle turn into the biggest bitch? Can't wait to see that.

Howie won HOH which is ok I suppose. I think he would put up Ivette and Beau to split up one of the teams. ALTHOUGH seeing his reaction to James saying he would put Howie and Rachel up, we may see fun loving Howie stirring up a storm (get it? storm? weatherman? HAHA) At any rate, nominations should be very interesting.

Best news of the night though of course, is another secret from Julie Chen. They're doing the same thing they did in Marcel's season. They are bringing someone back but this time it's not up to the houseguests. It's an America's Choice deal. That being said,…

BB6 Tuesday

Where to begin? If I were Sarah (and I must take the time to say whew, glad I'm not), I would drop James' ass in heartbeat. When she gets home and sees that he said he would do better without her and that she was somewhat intelligent? I thought I would reach through the tv to hit him. I know that lying and being conniving are really the only ways to win this game but James has gone overboard. I'm not an overly religious person by any stretch of the imagination but to put your hand on the BIBLE and swear to something then a day later renege? That's just not right. It's a shame that Sarah "won" the veto. When Maggie shut Sarah's tv off I had to put my hand over my mouth so's not to scream out in joy (it was after all, 1am). We all knew she was gonna save James' ass and I had a feeling Janelle would go up. Fine by me. So Sarah, Jen and Rachel won the movie luxury competition. It actually looks like a good movie though anything with Mark Wahlberg …

What The Hell Am I Doing?

I really should be asleep right now and I'm sure if I was laying down, that would be the case. Donovan went down for his nap at 630 last night while I was at work and Kirk didn't wake him up. He woke up at 11ish pm. He didn't go back to sleep until 330 this morning. Grrr. No sooner did I lay down when he went to sleep, Sophia decided she wanted to get up then. She had been asleep since 630 as well. I was hoping and praying a bottle and new diaper would put her back to sleep but she had other plans. Those plans included Mama being up until 5ish this morning. Thanks Sophia, Mama loves you. Then I was awake again at 8am. They both took naps at normal times today thank god but of course not AT THE SAME TIME. That would be too easy. My kids don't do things the easy way. I've been running on 3 hours of sleep people. Running is totally not the right word. I've been practically comatose but alas here I am awake. At least I have Big Brother to look forward to tomorrow. …

My Latest Addiction

So I'm addicted to Big Brother, have been since season dos. Since I work evenings and my husband is usually asleep when I watch the episodes, I've decided to blog about them here. I'd like to say that I'll be posting every Tues, Thurs and Sat night afterwards but alas, we all know how lazy I can and will be. They'll be here though within a couple days. Here's the first 4 weeks recap. FOUR WEEKS? Good lord, the time, it does fly.

Week 1 - We meet all the houseguests. Right away I'm not liking Janelle. Eric seems like a decent guy. You could tell, no offense, right away that Beau was gay. Howie? Odd fella there. The rest just kinda didn't really make an impression really. Ooh ooh. Kaysar. I like him. I think it sucks that he probably got on the show just because he and his family are from Iraq. He seems to know that's a possibility and is ok with it. Good for him. Rachel won Head of Household and she makes me nervous. She nominated Kaysar and Ashlea.