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On The Fence

What do we think about this? (and by we, I mean all 4 of my raders) One of my favorite groups ever, no doubt about it. It's not bad but not something I thought would be on an album. From them. Sing it in concert to get the crowd going? Sure. Maybe I just don't like my 80's all funky like and trying to be 2007. No, it's cause I'm in a bitchy mood and just don't like it period.

But I do like it. A little. Gah. I'm going to get a drink.

I've Got Nothin'.....

but random thoughts that is. Oh yes, more of them.

I'm a little sad that Mr. Wizard died. Ya'll know him. Don't pretend you were too cool for his show. That's where I learned to make that cyclone in the 2 liter pop/soda bottles. Good times. Good times.

WE CARD EVERYONE FOR CIGARETTES!! You know this, they know this, we all know this. Please don't be a bitch and/or a douche. Thanks.

I'm not sure if I should admit it but, I just watched the Rags to Riches about Snoop Dogg. And I know I'm not the only one saying "The d-oh-double g" right now.

The kids "helped" me water the plants today. Ha. I almost typed that without laughing. Monkey Boy apparantly loves having the water sprayer thingie in his shorts while freezing cold water is coming out. Weirdo.

It's a mad mad world and I'm loving it.

This, This and Oh Yeah, Some of That

I won the Captain some tickets to a Twin's game. On my birthday. Did I mention that I am so unAmerican and that I can't stand baseball? It's just so......I don't know. Boring maybe? I'm used to the get up and go of football. The hits in hockey. A really great board check can turn a crappy night around fo' sho'. I had fun. It had nothing to do with the game but rather watching the kids. They were pretty decent seats (row 20) and the kids were able to focus on the players. When we were at the hockey game, we were, literally, 5 rows from the very top. While it's hard to have a "bad view" at a Wild home game, it still was not fun to sit that high up. Anywhoo, there was cotton candy lovin' going on. Hot dogs, Mike's, pretzels, little bats, running of bases. Oh and they won. It was a good day. Until......after the game. They let the kids run the bases after each game apparantly. What they don't allow/like/tolerate is a 4 year old on the …