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I miss this kid.  Don't get me wrong. I love my son.  I love him so fiercely that it startles me sometimes. But I miss this kid.  Before a label was put on him. Before we had the evaluation. Before our lives were changed by that label. Sometimes I want to go back. Sometimes I want to quit. Sometimes I think this is too much.
Most days I suck it up. That's what moms are supposed to do right? I can do that. I can suck it up.  I can be the mom that my kids need. That they deserve. That they want.
I just need fewer sucky days.  Change is coming my friends. I see the end of the tunnel. We're on our way to happiness.  We're going to be just fine. 
So Aspergers? Don't think you've got me beat. Don't think you can take that sweet boy from me. Don't think his calling me a "f*!king bitch"  regularly is going to break me. Don't think I won't kick your ass Aspergers.  You don't know who you're dealing with.


Happy Birthday to my dad. You're card is in the mail. No check though =0)What the hell is the world coming to? My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of those lost and wounded in Tucson.  I can cross the first thing off my 2011 List. We got the townhouse that we wanted. The rent is doable and more importantly, the kids like it a lot. There's a fenced in backyard, 2 car garage (the husband wanted it just for the garage), a huge storage area downstairs. This is going to be good for us.  Crap. I have to pack all the shit we've accumulated over the last five years. Gah! I'm going to go collapse now and commence freaking out.

1/7/11 The Toddler That Won't Quit

It's just after midnight. I'm trying to finish the first disc in the Freaks and Geeks Complete Series set that I got for my  birthday from my kick ass husband. The toddler* wakes up. The video below is what happened for the next half hour. She's still awake, I had to pry her face from the laptop camera. Deep breathing is good for you. Deep breathing......deep breathing......

* my god does that pain me to type toddler. for real.


Ya know, I forgot a couple things off yesterday's list. I think I'll be adding to this list as the year goes on.

12. Improve communication skills. I suck at this. I can't articulate what I want without being super emotional or defensive or confusing.

13. Appreciate my friends. I know this seems like a no brainer but I am not the best at keeping in touch with my friends. I want them to know what they mean to me. I don't have many people, outside of my family, that I trust implicitly. In fact, I can count on one hand how many I have.

14. Get Season 4 of Bones. I got Season 5 and I'm on the last episode now. Partway through S5E2, I realized something was off. Yep, hadn't seen Season 4. :::shakes head:::

15. Go to Vegas. Duh.

16. Learn to bowl left handed. Since the right shoulder is permanently jacked up.

17. Keep a journal, an brutally honest one, on raising an Asperger's child.

18. Not worry about my youngest never catching up with others. She's just fin…


Here's what I have planned for this year. Fell free to share with me what you have on your agenda.

1. Find a place for my family and I to call our own.

2. Travel. Not to a bordering state.

3. Read more. Of course, this is on every one's list yes? I would like to expand my reading horizons. Suggestions?

4. Volunteer more at my childrens' schools.

5. Watch more movies with my husband. Literally and figuratively (wink wink)

6. Play outside with my kids. More than once.

7. Get the flash on my beloved Nikon fixed.

8. Kick start photography business. After number 7 is rectified of course.

9. Improve on my blogging. My writing sucks and I want to improve. I want become more articulate. I want to have something my kids can look back on and be proud, happy, mortified and embarrassed to read.

10. Live life with the glass more than half full. Don't be afraid. Don't let people treat me like crap. Don't let people walk all over me.

11. Love my husband and family with even m…


So hey. How was your holiday? Mine was good. Did I cover that already? Probably. My apologies. My brain seems to still be on vacation. Be right back........

Nope, didn't really cover the holidays. Whew. So.......

My parents came in to town, per the uzh. (How does one abbreviate usual? hmph) This year they stayed at a more mainstream hotel instead of the small town type one they usually stay at. Of course this means they also had a pool. And? and?? AND?

a *so very, very, very* hot sauna.

The end.

Just kidding. But no really, hot sauna. Very nice. This was also when we discovered a certain toddler of ours loves the sauna. and the pool. and any body of water near her. I don't think we've ever seen her scoot backwards so quickly towards anything. It was a sight for sure.

I've often wondered, how far do we go with the celebrating of Christmas? Meaning, how much do we spoil the children? They really do get what they want (within reason, most of the time). They didn't get…


I'd like to say that 2010 was quite the year, that it was full of so many wonderful things, so many interesting things happened and yet.............I don't feel that. What I do feel is that 2011 is going to kick some serious 2010 ass. It's going to kick all sorts of years' asses.

(Hopefully) We are moving in February. It's time. We've been lucky enough to have parents/inlaws that have generously opened their home to us for the last five years. There have been ups and downs but considering what some people go through when they move in with parents/inlaws? We had it so easy
It's going to be tough. The kids are gong to have the biggest adjustment not seeing Grandma and Grandpa every day but they are excited about getting our own place. I have to be honest, I will miss my mother in law so very much. Look at me.....talking like we're moving 5 states away. Seriously. We'll be in the same small town. 5 minutes away at the most. But still, I hit the jackpot…