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First sign that blogging after drinking a lot is not a good click PBS instead of your blog homepage. Yeah no, not good.

The racoons are fighting in my backyard right now. Hmm. They sure are loud.

Good to see they are on top of things here.

When one is paying $6.00 for a drink please get it right. A Southern Comfort and Coke is not the same as a Bacardi and Coke after just two drinks. Maybe 4 or 5 but not 2. Thanks.

And..........I'm spent.

Say What? Part Duex

"Michael Vick has received more negative press than if he had killed a human being." - R.L. White, President of the NAACP's Atlanta Chapter.

He says that after Vick does his jail time that he, as a new, rehabilitated Michael Vick, should be welcomed back. Let him play football, have endorsements and what not.

OK, I'm all for that. I don't know the details of what happened. The other men could be lying. They could be telling the truth. How do I know he's not pleading out to avoid a long, drawn out trial that may not ever clear his name in the eyes of the public? You just don't know. I, personally, don't see how he couldn't have known what was going on. I may be naive in thinking that he would never drown a dog. Who knows except those that were there and now have to save their own asses.

My problem is with the first statement. I don't know that I've read a more ridiculous statement regarding this case. Does Mr. White really believe that? Does h…

I Almost Forgot....

SEATTLE - A woman attacked a karaoke singer belting out Coldplay on Thursday night, telling him he "sucked" before she pushed and punched him to get him to stop singing, bar staff said. The man was singing "Yellow" when it happened.

"It took three or four of us to hold her down," bartender Robert Willmette said. When she was escorted outside, the 21-year-old woman "went crazy," Willmette said, throwing punches at him and others, including an off-duty police officer.

Patrol officers and detectives then arrived at the neighborhood bar and blocked off the street, which inflamed the woman's rage even more, a police report said. Before police could handcuff the woman, she headbutted the off-duty officer at least twice.

The off-duty officer was treated for cuts, scrapes and bruises. After treatment for injuries, the woman was booked into the King County jail for investigation of assault. She was also held on a warrant issued for a previous theft char…

Bear With The Insanity Please

We're taking the kids to the fair on Sunday. I hope we haven't signed some death warrant doing this. Unlike The Queen, I'll have backup with me.

If you work at Dairy Queen and someone orders an old fashioned cherry soda, make the soda. Don't give me a cherry sundae. You asked me to repeat what I wanted and I said it s l o w e r for you to be sure you had it right. I clearly was mistaken in that call. Your manager could use some classes on how to make customers happy instead of talking to them like they've never eaten ice cream. At least I know he didn't spit in it (I was watching). That's something that always worries me when I complain about my food. I generally like to watch them make it correct after said complaint. I do this because I know people who used to work in fast food and I've heard stories. ::shiver::

Speaking of customer service (or a clear lack of)....when someone calls to order a pizza, shut the hell up and let them tell you what kind they…