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Game Day Attire

Like father, like son. The boy just said that he wants to play football with Brett Favre when he grows up. Not sure about that one buddy.
Come on guys, let's make it 5-0 today!! And my Cowboys better get their asses in gear and pull in some wins already. Gall dang they know how to make a girl sad.

Here's Some More For Ya

We laughed. A lot.

We got all prettied up just for the fun of it.

We tried pears for the first time. Auntie Fluffy was lucky she walked away with all her fingers.

We went to a preseason game against my 'Boys. I don't know who won because I had entirely too much fun with my coworkers who came with me. Damn did my belly hurt the next day from all the laughing.

And somehow, someway, I gained a 1st grader. What. the. hell? I don't know how it happened either. But he's a cute one yes?

It's Been Awhile Eh?

We had a scavenger hunt geared towards everyone going to school this year. That was a hit, no if ands or buts about it. The kids had a blast, especially the Monkey. She followed the big kids everywhere and was screeching in excitement right along with them!

We had a cake made with a school house on it with crayons, chalkboard and pencil decorations piped on it. Our baker also sent along a portable chalkboard that opens up to hold the chalk and eraser. Super cute.

We learned to roll over. We also learned we don't like being on our tummy. At. All. I think we can name this photo "Aww crap!"

We got to meet Paul Allen, the voice of the Minnesota Vikings. He's the one with the whitest, biggest smile I've ever seen on a man! Really nice guy.

We even got our photo put on the KFAN website. The husband was very excited to see his girls on there.