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Don't Pass Out Mandy

This, my friends, is what happens when you just can't stop laughing. (Don't look at me like that. We've all tinkled some when laughing. OK, this is beyond tinkling but still, you get my drift)

He Got It This Year

The boy got that Christmas equals going to Papa and Grandma's house. It means going to the store to suprise Grandma while working. It means, well, presents. I have no guilt in letting him believe that Santa exists. I help that belief along. I don't think that makes me a bad parent. He'll outgrow this soon enough. We don't get enough happy moments with him as it is. We'll take what we can get thank you. We did the whole she-bang Monday night since neither of us had Wed off. We had to drive home Tuesday and that was a crappy loverly experience.

The children did not want to go to bed Sunday night so we had to get creative. Ok, creative may be a stretch but with these kids creative can mean eating cheerios with pretzel stick chopsticks. It doesn't take much. The husband got them into the bedroom and as soon as the door shut, my dad and I ran all over getting the presents out of hiding spots. We rang the Christmas Bells by the front door and I yelled for them to come…

This Wii Thing Can Be Dangerous

I know I've told ya'll about my Wii arm. It kills when I play for a long time in one sitting. Mandy had Wii back today and yesterday from all the bowling. My poor niece now has Wii Booty. She has been kicking butt and taking names at bowling. She's so stinking good at it. She's gotten some strikes. She almost beat me. Well, no she didn't but for a kid who's going to be 4 in late January she was awesome!

* note that there are two videos. Some people think they are the same one. Nope. One gives you a crick in your neck and the other makes you feel bad for her.


My husband's grandmother had a heart attack at the nursing home and died a couple hours ago. My husband is out with his dad plowing (the snow doesn't stop just cause we want it to - it would never snow in my world then). My mother in law is back to sleep now and the kids slept through the phone calls. My father in law is holding up OK. I don't know when things are happening except we'll be having people in from North Dakota and Texas. They may be staying here. I don't know.

I just had to get this out. Thanks for listening Internet. I appreciate you.

Right, Yeah, About That Post

Oh I had such a good post in mind for today. It was going to be funny, produce images that you never thought you would have in your brain, it was going to be a doozy. Then Mother Nature and Murphy got together and kicked my ass.

I woke up not able to breathe one iota through either nostril. I sounded like Barry White and my son asked what happened to my hair. It was standing out to one side and standing up on the other side. I guess I slept in the same position for quite some time last night and didn't budge.

I was scheduled to work 6-10 tonight as the CSM (running the front end). You're supposed to call in at least 4 hours before your shift if you aren't going to make it. I called my boss at 9. In the morning. Nine hours before I had to be there. She called me back to see if Mandy might work for me so I called Mandy and she couldn't do it. Oh well. I never call in sick. I leave early when the chance arrives because I who wouldn't want to leave early. AND I never lea…