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The Time Has Come To Say Goodbye

almost turned into a couple times. Whew!

My Open Apology To The Pioneer Woman

A week ago, the great state of Minnesota was graced with the presence of the one and only Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond. I was reminded the day before by my niece's mom Linds. I hemmed and hawed all night Friday and even still Saturday morning. I figured I would never get the chance to meet her again, unless I went to Oklahoma and I have to say, I wouldn't mind doing that again. The signing was from 1-3. The Dictator and I would pick up Linds then go get her friend Colleen and head down to the dreaded MOA.

Side note: most people who live here do not go to the MOA all the time. :::shudder::: Carry on.

We got there around 11:30am. I don't think I'm over guessing when I say there were about 400-500 people there already. We bought our books, got our wristbands, got the coffee, pop and/or cookies. We made nice with some moms in line. The Dictator made a couple "best friends". She had the one meltdown. Thank goodness.

When Ree came out, there was a huge cheer from us b…

GMail Hate Me, Part 2


Dear Dad,
Long time no talk eh? Without further ado (because Lord knows I could ado all the way up to the day before Christmas!) here's the boy's list.
Item #1 -  It's the newest of the Ben 10 watches. It has to be the F/X one. He has the other two. If you can't find it or you find it a little pricey, please feel free to skip it. We can have him use part of his piggy bank money to get it. Walmart and Target don't have this particular one. Amazon has it but it starts at $44 I think. Again, it's up to you. I will say that this is the one thing he has been talking about for the last month. You know for him to talk about something for that long is phenomenal. Moving along......
Item #2 - Ben 10 Season 2 on DVD He is really into Ben 10 again. He has season one and has requested season two. Both stores have it. $13.86 at  Wally,  $16.19 at Target and Target also has season three. Just saying.
Item #3 -  Ben 10 Alien Swarm - the movie He saw this at lea…

Since GMail Hates Me


Hi Dad,

  I know I'm the first choice for Mother Of Year/Daughter Of The Year since I am just now sending you the childrens' wish lists. I like to procrastinate wait patiently until I am ready. I've been like this for thirty some odd years though. Ahem, right so, here's the Dictator's list. She was very specific. Please try not to navigate from the particular characters listed. It could cause eternal damnation in my house. I could do without that right now. Let's at least wait until they are teenagers. Moving on........

Item #1 - 
This entertaining item is the Disney Princess Magical Jewels* game for the Nintendo DS gaming system. I could not find it on the Walmart website but Target has it for $19.99

Item #2 - 
Here we have The Princess and The Frog Deluxe Bag from Mattel. It retails for $19.88 at Walmart and $16.99 at Target. Those prices seem a little ass backwards but that's what the websites say so that's what goes on here.


I Feel Like I'm On Another Planet

I took the boy to see Planet 51 today and if you ask him? He'll say the movie was AWESOME!!!!! WOOHOO!!!

I think he liked it.

The girl? She is supposed to go tomorrow to see it with Daddy. But right now? She's throwing yet another meltdown and we're not caving. We haven't caved the last few times and gall damn does it SUCK but she's been getting away with everything for too long. I feel bad because I know it's our own damn fault but she knows this. And uses it. All the time.

So....I'm going to bed now. With a screaming almost 5 yr old. I certainly won't be doing any of this from yesterday. Sigh.

A Suitable Reward Yes?

I promised the Dictator that I would take her to Build A Bear a bear(?) sometime this week to reward her for being 92% good on Saturday. This is my screecher, my whiner, my - well - dictator. She stood in line with us for five and a half hours. She only took one potty break. She whined once. Ok, it was for 17 minutes but did not involve screaming or flailing on the ground. Thank you baby Jesus. The MOA has all those mother flipping wishing ponds/lakes/pools/WHATEVER and of course we were next to one for awhile. She wanted to make some wishes so I unloaded all nine of my pennies on her. Oh, she wants to make a couple more wishes. I spot her two nickels. I told her that was ten wishes but she didn't get it. I knew she wouldn't. Then she wanted to make just two more wishes, please Mama, please? That's all she wanted to do, just two more pretty pretty please? BUT MAMA!! PLEASE?!?! She said please though, did you not hear that?? A penny was pulled of the pond/…

The Cabin, In Photos. Part IV

I Was Two Hours Late To Work Today

but it was so I could see this:

The Cabin, In Photos. Part III

The Cabin, In Photos. Part II

The Cabin, In Photos. Part I

I Wasn't Aware

I did not know that somewhere along the way home yesterday we picked up a tyrannical redheaded communist leader.
I know that I joke around about her being a dictator but holy shit. Today, today people? If Hitler was ever going to be a four year old girl? I know what it would look like if he didn't get his way. It was ugly ya'll. U. G. L. Y. UGLY
I can't even remember what started the whole thing (probably that damn Dora! Jesus that little girl can cause some effin' drama) but I do know that the punishment was her movie that we rented (and she saw twice in 12 hours since renting) was going back to the store.
My god. If you were in the Midwest, lower Canadian area, oh hell, the continent of North America....I apologize for her screams. I didn't realize she could get that loud. Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick. Ugly people.
She screamed for thirty minutes while I tried to get ready for work. She screamed for thirty minutes after I left for work. My 21 month old niece was …

In Case You Were Losing Sleep Wondering

I still don't like bats.
I wasn't sure if ya'll were aware of that.
Just keeping you in the loop.
** EDITED TO ADD UPDATE** Since I blogged yesterday, I have discovered there was no bat in the 3-season room. It was my son't DVD player on pause. I felt like a fool. Typical, normal feeling for me. I know.

It's A Good Good Night

Uncle Richie and his girlfriend are here. We're playing trivia and consuming adult beverages. The boy and the girl are asleep. The baby is hanging out and smiling.

All is good in the world.

Except I swear I hear a bat in the three season room and can't say anything out loud or look because Rich's girlfriend will freak the eff out and I don't want to do that to her. I'll wait til they go to bed then peek in with the flashlight.

Of course then I'll scream and she'll be wondering what the hell is going on.


Whale Sighting!

I think someone likes being at the cabin. This is pretty much the look she has on her face all the time. Especially when someone is looking at her. She scrunches up her nose, squints her eyes and does the old lady laugh. It's that laugh where it's not quite a laugh but you know there's one in there. And when it comes out? It's gonna be a big ol' belly laugh and it's gonna make me pee myself. Again.

Well I Never Saw That One Coming

So the other night the husband and I are talking. Well, I was talking as I am prone to do. A lot. For whatever reason, I was wondering what actor or actress, alive today, would he want to spend the day with, just hanging out, have a couple beers maybe, talk about stuff.

My first choice is Christian Bale though I know for a fact I would lose my shit in front of him and have to excuse myself to change my underwear. Just saying. Kevin Smith, while hot in his own right (rawwr!) would make me have to change my underwear because of laughing too much and we all know how I like to laugh a lot and pee through underwear and pants. I should bring an extra change of clothes. If he brought Jason Mewes? Shit, I would be rendered speechless and an indescribable puddle of various body fluids.

Perhaps the husband should look into this. Again, just saying.

So, I volley the question to the husband. What actor or actress would you want to hang out with for a day. He thinks on this for a couple minutes while…

A Day That Should Be Honored In A Bigger Way

I did it last year. And even though I didn't blog about it the previous 3 years, I know I thought it.

Thank you to all the veteran's out there. Past, present and future.

Words could never truly encompass what your service, dedication and sacrifice means to me and my family. Thank you.

To the man who gave 27 years of his life, half of it on a boat*, to the Navy and whom I am so proud and honored to call Dad, thank you! You are an inspiration to me and to so many others. Thank you for all that you have done.

To the man that I love to pick on, love to hug and love to love, my father in law: Thank you Manly. You are awesome.

To the soldiers at Fort Hood, the families and co workers: During this horrific time of loss and heartbreak, please know that the country is standing proud with you. We feel your pain, we feel your loss, we feel your sorrow. Please do not let one person make you doubt what you are doing.

To all of our veterans, their spouses, children and family, thank you.

Thank you

I've Changed My Pants, No Need To Worry Folks


We're at the cabin. The trip up was relatively quiet and that alone, given the children we have, was miraculous. We got everything unloaded, sorted and put in it's proper place. DVD players were set up, places to color and make Bendaroo creations (thank you whomever invented those! My children were silent for ten whole minutes making things*). Ya know, we got our poop in a group.

The rules were laid out: You are not allowed to open any of the doors to the cabin without Mommy or Daddy with you. You could get lost in the woods, fall in the lake, general Mama paranoia passed along to the kidlets. We also told them that they are still not allowed to hit each other or make each other scream. People who do not have more than one child are amazed at just how quickly the noise level can rise to DefCon 8. Scary. This being said, the children love the three season room off of the living room. March of last year was the last time we were here and that room was fah-reezing cold. They …
I think she was enjoying her visit with Mandyland. We hadn't seen her in almost a week. Too long I say. Too long!!
All the packing I have to do and what am I doing right now (besides blogging?) Farming on Facebook. As the youngin's would say: FML
If I have to watch the Princess Stories Volume One one more time? I may pick up Sebastian and poke my own eye out.
I'm thinking of opening the bottle of Southern Comfort early. I'll leave plenty for the cabin.

Kinda Of Wishing Tomorrow Was Yesterday

The thought of packing for three children and myself is not so bad.
The thought of packing all the crapshithow many do they have?? necessities?
That is making me get gray hairs.
I work in the morning and then come home to tackle the clothes, entertainment things and dry foods packing. Monday morning is going to be full of the coolers being packed whilst the husband gets to wrangle the children into their clothes.
Should be fun no?
Someone hold me. I'm scared.

She's Growing, I Promise! See?