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A Suitable Reward Yes?

I promised the Dictator that I would take her to Build A Bear a bear(?) sometime this week to reward her for being 92% good on Saturday. This is my screecher, my whiner, my - well - dictator. She stood in line with us for five and a half hours. She only took one potty break. She whined once. Ok, it was for 17 minutes but did not involve screaming or flailing on the ground. Thank you baby Jesus. The MOA has all those mother flipping wishing ponds/lakes/pools/WHATEVER and of course we were next to one for awhile. She wanted to make some wishes so I unloaded all nine of my pennies on her. Oh, she wants to make a couple more wishes. I spot her two nickels. I told her that was ten wishes but she didn't get it. I knew she wouldn't. Then she wanted to make just two more wishes, please Mama, please? That's all she wanted to do, just two more pretty pretty please? BUT MAMA!! PLEASE?!?! She said please though, did you not hear that?? A penny was pulled of the pond/lake/pool/WHATEVER and the wish was made. Then the pennies of three other adults were dispensed. Then? Then this child of mine is down to the absolute, without a doubt, don't even THINK about more pennies, last two wishes and she starts crying. I ask why and she says she is too nervous to make her last two wishes.

Um what?

Yes, she was nervous about her last two wishes. I'm not sure if a previous wish was for impending doom and she was feeling some bad mojo coming? But I talked her off the ledge and all was good in the wish world. She told me she even wished for the new Mario game for her brother. Hold the aww that is so sweet. She said she wished for him to get it so that she could play it but she didn't want to wish for herself to get it because then she couldn't get her Pink Ticket Party. Whatever the hell that means.


Mandy and I are taking her to get a Build A Bear tomorrow. That wasn't something over the top to promise her was it? I don't know why I'm asking since I probably won't get any responses before we go. Ack, I think they have cute stuff there and it's not horribly expensive. It was five and half hours in line. On her feet. She's four.

Nah. I think this is just right. She did Mama a solid that day.

Even if she did violate The Pioneer Woman's personal space.*

*that's coming tomorrow. the story that is.


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