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I'll Take That Valium Now Please

My husband just bought a mini van tonight. Um ok. I thought he was going to go out there, test drive it and I would go out there after the weekend and look it over. Oh well.

I'm going to LaCrosse this weekend with the girl. My mother and her sister are coming over there for a girls weekend and we're going to meet up with them at some point. Mostly we'll be hanging out with Mistress Gigi. She'll be cutting my hair while the girl watches her 6 Barbie movies in the chair next to me. Should be fun though.

The girl has croup again too. 3rd time since December. I'm not a huge fan of seals to begin with so to hear one barking in the middle of the night in my bedroom really unsettles me.

I need a nap. Several of them. All rolled into 24 hours straight. Yes, that's what I need.

Yes, I Cried And I Needed Two Tissues

Yesterday, the girl went to her first day of preschool. She has been in this classroom before with the boy when we had IEP meetings last year so she knew what she was doing. Too bad Mama didn't know what she was doing. I was certain that class was from 930-12. We got there 15 minutes early. You see where this is going yes? Yay, a point for you. We stroll in to say hi to the ladies in the office that she hadn't seen since May. I look over at her room door and see that it says to come in, not the stop sign that it normally has before class starts. You still see where it's going? Another point* for you, you smart one. I looked at the ladies and said, "Uh, class starts at 930 right?" and they laughed, asking me if I looked at the paperwork for her class and I said well yeah, but that was back in June. I can't remember yesterday. Mama dropped the ball. Class is from 9-1130. Well then, I won't forget now. Or ever. Here she is right before we went in with me apo…