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Yes, I Cried And I Needed Two Tissues

Yesterday, the girl went to her first day of preschool. She has been in this classroom before with the boy when we had IEP meetings last year so she knew what she was doing. Too bad Mama didn't know what she was doing. I was certain that class was from 930-12. We got there 15 minutes early. You see where this is going yes? Yay, a point for you. We stroll in to say hi to the ladies in the office that she hadn't seen since May. I look over at her room door and see that it says to come in, not the stop sign that it normally has before class starts. You still see where it's going? Another point* for you, you smart one. I looked at the ladies and said, "Uh, class starts at 930 right?" and they laughed, asking me if I looked at the paperwork for her class and I said well yeah, but that was back in June. I can't remember yesterday. Mama dropped the ball. Class is from 9-1130. Well then, I won't forget now. Or ever. Here she is right before we went in with me apologizing left and right about being a moron and really, she's way smarter than her Mama so please don't hold her being late against her. I wasn't really worried about separation anxiety with her or me because she's been in that room so much before, it's like she belongs there. It's her turf. Her part of the block. She caught sight of the room helper, Miss P. and she literally hurdled another child to jump in Miss P.'s arms. I knew I was no longer in existence for that moment so I left. I was a little sad but I got over it. She's a little bossy pants around the house with a chip on her shoulder the size of South Africa. I need a break from the drill sergeant.

The boy though? Oh, that's a different story. That was the two tissue one. I knew I wanted to get him going on the bus immediately, none of this drive him to school the first day stuff. He needs that routine. He went back and forth on if he wanted to go or not. He decided he didn't want to go. He walked up to the driver when she got there, told her that he was not going to school on her bus and then went and sat down in the seat behind her asking me to buckle him up. Um, ok. I told him that I loved him, gave him a kiss. He couldn't have cared less, he was too busy telling his clueless bus driver all about his Ben 10 watch and look at this alien I can change into and can I play battle mode on the bus so that I can get the one new alien back that I lost when my mom changed the batteries last morning cause I like those aliens and I want to show my kids and my teacher when I am done not riding this bus. I'm sure he said more but I was too busy cackling under my breath that this woman has to listen to it for now instead of me. Thanks for the small miracles. Then I turned around and watched the bus drive away with my firstborn in it and my heart broke. I missed him already and was fighting with myself. You don't miss him, yes I do. You need the break, he needs his Mama. The girls need a break, the girls miss him too! Aagghh. There were many tears and then I saw my mother in law when I came inside and she was crying too! Damn her! She said it was like watching her firstborn (the Captain) go off to school. We were a wreck. We survived though. His caseworker called me later on to tell me thank you for sending him to their school. She said he is the sweetest boy and she just melted each time he smiled. She said sorry 'cause she was getting misty eyed talking about him. Dang that boy is gonna be trouble when he discovers girls. Gah!!
Tomorrow should be fun. (insert sarcasm) I have to get the boy on the bus at 845, load the girl, baby girl and the monkey all in the car to get the girl to Pre-K by 9. That's NINE A.M. for those not following along. NINE, not nine thirty. For those keeping score at home, we have a 5 yr old getting on a bus, a 3 yr old going to pre-k and a 4 yr old and 6mo old along for the ride. Good times people, good times. It's all good though. The two kids leftover are the quiet ones. I can dig that.
*If you have points, that is awesome. Yay! You have points. I got nothin' for ya. Sorry.


Les Becker said…
Ummm... THIS ought to have been the post that you decided valium was in order at.


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