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T-Minues 14 Hours

So we leave tomorrow morning and oh do I have mindless babble blogs for you to read. That's what I'm hear for. Right now though, I have a problem:

I'm sitting in a game room, one of the few places we get internet service here (expensive too!) and all we can hear is the music to Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova (hey, that's what the machine says on it). I can't figure out who sings this one song. It's a woman and sounds like Amy Lee from Evenescance (love her!) but I don't recall the song I'm hearing. Most of the stuff played on here is Techno and I think this is the only slow song. Short of me playing the game, I can't figure it out. I'm sure no one knows what I mean so I guess I have to play it. Off I go to dance.

I'll probably break a leg. I better figure out the song before I do.


I'll be adding the posts from this week when I get home tomorrow or Sunday. They'll show up on their respective days so no, I'm not cheating LO…

Just A Quick Pop In

Bless this woman's heart. We came to Mulligan's tonight because they have free Wi-Fi (I can't believe the cabins don't!). The manager of the place saw that the kids were getting disappointed that the game room downstairs wasn't open so she opened it just fo us. I love this woman. The kids are running around having a great time. I'm getting my internet fix and catching up on gossip. The husband is listening to his hockey game. All is good in our world. Just ignore the chocolate syrup on the girl's face.

I am, as promised, keeping an old school blog. I wrote 4 pages for Sarturday alone. I'll take photos and then transcribe it because really, I can't read my own handwriting. I don't expect that anyone else will be able too.

Oh and I've read two whole books since Sat morning. Good thing I brought 4 with.


We're Still Alive

I'm currently sitting at G's computer because I am that much of an addict. I remember coming over to her house years ago and going online until she kicked me off the computer. This was back in the day when I was on AOL and paid by the hour. That was an expensive addiction. I liken it to crack. Still do.

I'm going soon to get my hair done good. I don't know why I talk like a backwoods redneck when I talk about my hair but I do. Oh well.

The boy is so happy to be playing Wii with Zach and bless Zach's heart. He's being so patient with him. Yet another reason why I love that kid.

I'm getting nervous about my hair being cut so I must go find something to do. Aaaagggghhh!!

T-Minus Not Enough Time And Counting

Damn 530 am is going to get here too damn fast!. I figure in order to pack the car, dress the children and pack them in too, we need to get up at Oh dark thirty. I can't wait to get going. Really. No lie. I'm super excited (SUPER!) to see Georgia and Zach. It won't be 4 degrees everyday we're on vacation. I'll be with the husband and kids. It's going to be great.

I'm getting my hair done all nice and purty tomorrow thanks to G. I'm going short. That's my plan. I'll probably chicken out though, as usual. I'll see what my mood says after 3 hours in the car with my children.

Old school blogging.....I haven't kept a written journal in so long. Should be fun. I'll take a picture each day. Just for you guys. You're welcome. I don't mind.

Clothes? Check
Boots? Check
Mittens/Hats etc? Check
DVD Player? Check
Coloring books/Crayons? Check
Wii? Check

What? I should leave the coloring books at home? Sheesh, whatever will the kids do when mommy a…

We're Calling It A Vacation

but we all know that's not what we'll be calling it when we get back. The husband and I are taking our heathens loverly children to the Dells for a week. Grandma Dorothy had a time share and instead of losing the week, my father in law offered it to us. We decided to do thisplace because really, who wants to fly with the aforementioned children? Not me, that's for damn sure.

In theory, we have the following on the idea board whilst frolicking in the winter wonderland of central Wisconsin: Snow tubing, igloo making (that's what the boy calls it), swimming (indoors of course, we aren't that insane), snowball fights, grilling outside, sledding, etc.

In what I like to call reality, we have the following on call for us: meltdowns, crying, snowballs in the face, meltdowns, falling off sleds, crying, knocked over walls in igloos, meltdowns, DVDs not working, she won't share the Wii, he hit me, meltdowns.

Positive thinking isn't doing shit for me.

Happy thoughts, happy…

Is It All Over Now?

Can we please stop hearing about Christmas and Santa in our house? That would be awesome. No more Jingle Bells, Mermaid Man smells, Barnacle Boy shat an egg.

Yeah, shat an egg. He meant shot an egg but I rather like shat.

Thanks to Fluffy and the MoonSand gift, I now have a love/hate relationship with it. The boy asks to play with it every 3 minutes - I hate that. Alternately, he will stop whatever naughty behaviour he's doing when I let him know it's going in the garbage - I love that.

Just 349 days left to do it all over again. If that math is wrong, blame it on bad public education in Chicago. Ha! I kid.

Not really. I failed math twice.

I'm Getting Old Right?

I think so. If I had gotten out of work 30 minutes earlier last night, I would have been more willing to go out. As it was, the overnight guy was 30 minutes late so that didn't happen for me. By the time I got home it was 1130 and I didn't feel up to fighting the crowds at one of the two bars near our house. We didn't have booze at home so that was out. I feel old in that we didn't go out last year either because there was a blizzard and I like my life, no matter how sad and pathetic it can be sometimes.

I read the news, the husband played Super Mario Bros. 3 on the Wii. It was fun. The kids were asleep, that was a bonus. That's it. We've hit old fuddy duddy stage. I'm so sad.

We're heading over to Pedro Juan's today for a get together. It's gonna be loud, crazy and hopefully fun. (I've got a killer migraine and not from booze, sad.)

I hope everyone had a great New Year's Celebration. Don't talk to loud today unless you like pain.