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Random Quotes

These were all heard on The Amazing Race: Family Edition last night. I had to pause the tape several times because I was laughing so hard.

Carissa,9, while riding through New York: Wow they use a lot of spray paint here.
Dad: Yes they do.
Carissa: Are they allowed to do that?"
Dad: I think they strongly discourage it.

The contestants had to find a hot dog stand and ask for a frank to get the next clue.

FatherInLaw Tony (traveling with 3 son-in-laws) is jogging to the car after getting the clue.

Hot Dog Man: He's gonna have a heart attack.

After one of the younger women gets her clue.....
Hot Dog Man: I'd like to be on her team.

Megan was in the Amish Buggy with one of her brothers and he dropped some serious ass on tv and clearly from her reaction it was pretty rank. Nice bro, nice.

There were a ton of others but I'm drawing a blank. I'm sure I'll have more.

The One Where My Son Rediscovers Electricity And How It Can, Indeed, Be Messy

We watch entirely too much television in this house given that we have two children under the age of 3. Sept and June always kill us because of all the premieres and finales. Too damn many of them. So I was trying to watch the rest of the new 7th Heaven episode (don't laugh - you've watched it before) and we had to keep pausing because of, shocker alert!, the kids. The 2 1/2 yr old to be specific. At one point, we were about 1/2 way through the episode, I've got 1/2 an hour before I have to be at work and Donovan is babbling about something in his very own language that I have somewhat been able to translate. I looked at the husband for help and all he said was, "Listen to what he is saying". I don't know what the hell he thought I was doing whilst I was staring at the child, my brain in overdrive thinking what the hell is THAT word, but I was indeed listening. Nothing was registering, that's all. Finally I said I needed to watch the show, please tell me …

The One Where I Fell Asleep At A Concert...Again

A few years ago, when I lived in LaCrosse, my good friend Georgia and I went to a concert downtown. It was a menagerie of bands. I think we were there to see Caroline's Spine (Sullivan is a rockin' song!). We sat near the back and no lie, I fell asleep for awhile. It was a loud show too not some Enya type thing. Georgia couldn't believe that I could sleep through that. My mother just had to put her beloved pekignese, Fritz, down a couple days before and she was just a wreck. I was over there consoling and crying with her and that takes so much out of you. The more I think about it though, I am very aware that I can sleep through a lot of stuff. Loud rock music though? THAT made me wonder.

Fast forward to tonight's festivities. The husband and I went to see U2 at the Bradley Center. We got our tickets online about 15 minutes after they went on sale and we were still in the nosebleed section. I agreed to go because #1 I was told Keane was opening for them and I like that …

The One With the Not So Healthy Obsession With Greg Wiggle

If someone were to ask how many times we have watched the Wiggles' "Top of the Tots" DVD in this house, I would have to guess around 70 times since Sun night. You think I'm joking right? No. It's disturbing. BUT, it's not Barney or the Teletubbies so my world can still exist in harmony.

I do however find myself staring a lot at Greg Wiggle (aka Greg Page). He's the Yellow Shirt one for those non Wiggle watching types. The crooked smile, the laugh plus he's so tall. Yummy. I love my husband dearly but if he gave me one night with anyone without any regrets or threats of divorce, I would pick Greg Wiggle. I'm such a bad mom, lusting after a Wiggle.

The One Where The Lights Went Out In SE Wisconsin

The other night I was preparing to take the baby up to the store for our "Mommy has the night off but can't stay away from this fricking place for more than 24 hours" trip. Looking outside, the tree in the yard bent in half. It didn't break, flexible thing, that tree. Then the rains came. For a whopping 5-7 minutes. Kirk turned the tv to a local channel and saw that we had a severe thunderstorm watch until 630. This was at 530. About 4 seconds later the power went out. Until 1130 PM.

Anyone have any clue how hard it is to entertain a 2 1/2 yr old? In the dark? While he's yelling FIRE MAMMA! and trying to blow out the only two candles that exist in the apartment? Did I mention no air? How about the 85 to 90% humidity? The husband taking a nap? How about when I took the double stroller (THANKS DAD!!!) and the kids to go on a walk and it rained again? No? I didn't tell you, oh wonderful internet? That's because I've been lazy, I am not ashamed to admit i…

Yep, That Would Be Me

Looters Beware!

Good thing he's got the ugly woman in case the claw hammer fails him!

I don't know anyone that lives in New Orleans or the surrounding areas (well my husband has an uncle by marriage - we think they are still married - he lives in that area). ANYway, it breaks my heart to see the photos of the devastation and to hear people talk about it. I've never been a "I MUST live by the sea/ocean" person. I'm not a big fan of large bodies of water. I'm an excellant swimmer, I just don't like swimming with other live things though dogs are ok. I also know the dangers of living on the coast. Before we moved to Germany in 1990, we visited a bunch of friends and family all along the eastern seaboard. It was right after Charleston, SC got hit with Hurricane Hugo. I was in shock to see boats a 1/2 mile inland. The devastation down there was nothing compared to Katrina. When I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around something, I try to picture myself in their s…