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I Can See Clearly Now

So I got some new specs a few weeks ago. So did the boy. He loves his Spongebob glasses and looks stinkin' cute in them, in my humble opinion. I got some chunky plastic frame black ones that are white on the inside. If I wasn't having such a crappy hair weekmonth day, I would show you. Anywhoo, the boy has stepped on his glasses two times now and thankfully, they've been fixable. On a side note: did you know that some half rim glasses have the lenses held in with fishing line type stuff? Never knew that. Made it pretty easy to fix them though thankyouverymuch! sister in law, Fluffy, told me about this website that has glasses for super duper cheap so I went there today and ordered two pairs of glasses for the boy and a pair for me. $8 a pair. EIGHT. I feel so accomplished today. I'm sure that'll pass soon enough.

For The Love Of All Things Holy!

I don't care what side of the fence Congressman Wilson is on. He made an outburst. At an inappropriate time. He should have bit his tongue.
He apologized. The president accepted. He has apologized a couple more times. He owns his mistake. He regrets it.
Enough already. Jesus Christ people, between Maureen Dowd at the Times and former President Jimmy Carter, you would think Wilson called the president that horrible word that no human (black, white, whatever) should EVER utter.
I get it folks, the Elephants are pissed at the Donkeys and the Donkeys are pissed at the Elephants. So now the House is going to formally sanction him? Please! I'm tired of government wasting money and time on ninny nanny crap like this when there are more important things at this time to worry about.
Listen, if the President has accepted the apology, what the hell is everyone else complaining and bitching about? Chastise him to his face when you see him. Send him a tsk tsk email. Call him an…

Dammit! Thought I Had More Time!

This Falls Into The "Really? REALLY?" Part Of The News

This seems to be one of those "it can't be true" type stories.
All I'm saying is that he would not be in jail right now if that was my child. He'd still be in the hospital. I can honestly say would lose my mind. It's probably the one time I would be ok with hitting someone I didn't know. Don't mess with my kids. The article doesn't say what the mom did but I'm guessing she was in shock. With my son and his outbursts, I've had my fair share of stares (let's not rhyme anymore lady). I've gotten a backbone and told complete strangers to stop staring. Sorry my kid is so loud that it's bothering you. Sorry that I don't have a perfect child. Sorry that I can't have a quiet child like yours. Sorry that mine likes to express how he feels, whether it's sadness, anger or happiness (the loudest of the three). I've told people that it hurts when they stare. It's opened a lot of dialogue about Aspergers.
What happened…

Have I Mentioned That I'm Not A Morning Person?

Emails from this morning:
From The Dad
To The Mom
Hi honey,How's it going? Well the boy seems to be in waking up for school mode since he gets up at 5am now. Actually it was 4:45 this morning. Love you.
From The MomTo The Dad
Oh no he was up at 4am because he came upstairs crying about a nightmare he had. Wanna hear what it was? Sure ya do: He had a muffin with green topping and the girl squished it.
He laid with me for a few minutes then declared you were better to sleep with and off he went. To get some Swiss Cake Rolls. At 4:20 (heh) in the morning. We did not have the rolls and went back to bed. Again, I was declared unacceptable and he came to you.
The end.
Love you, Me