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Several Reasons Not To Blog At This Time

the first of which.........

I've had many many beers and a couple 3, 4 shots. Give or take.

Random thoughts:

I can't wait for Sarah and Eric to have babies, they will be so happy

2 for 1 Rails and Tap Domestics can be dangerous. Very.

I love the girls that I work with.

If I was playing for the other team I would be ALL OVER her.

See, I really shouldn't drink and blog.

Let that be fair warning to ya'll


P.S. If I were to have left all the typos in, this would be a much MUCH longer post, but no, I took them all out. Every last one of them. If you think you see one, put down your drink, or share with me. Thanks.

P.P.S. I'll have photos uploaded tomorrow. ooh no typos on that one, good job trish.

I've Been Having Nightmares About Cardboard and Mr. Clean

So yeah, we're moving. Don't know if I mentioned that before but we are. Since we have no more family here in the Waukesha area, we've decided to relocate to Minneesotah. With the in-laws. Good times, they are a coming I tell ya. Anyway, I'm drowning in boxes here people and frankly, I am shocked I haven't packed Peanut yet. I thought I had enough boxes to last me until today but by Sat night I realized I was in trouble. Who knew that in ONE kitchen you could have TEN boxes of stuff. Yeah.

I had a schedule of what to pack on what days. Yeah that pretty much went out the window when I woke up Sun. I'm getting there though, slowly making progress. Lots of Goodwill stuff and even more for the garbage. I feel like I'm really getting shit accomplished. Usually when I move, and I've moved approx 10 times in my life though it feels like more,usually I just chuck stuff in boxes or bags if I'm really unorganized. I've got my poop in a group this time wit…

My Time Has Come To An End

Tonight was my last night at work. I cried a couple times. Well, once because of a couple that I'm going to miss more than I can possibly put into words. The other time was when I was telling Sarah that because of the car*, I wasn't going to be able to go out with the girls next week. She said, and this is a direct verbatim quote, "Oh hell no! I've been looking forward to going out and drinking with you!" Apparantly now some of the girls are going to go in together to liquor me up and when I said no they said shut up. So there. I love my girls.

Now that I'm no longer working at the store....some tidbits if I may. I still have to be careful because I will be transferring to a different corporate store and even though I haven't worked there yet, I still like my job. For now. Onto the good stuff:

Praise the Lord Almighty that the store in Minnesota doesn't sell alcohol. Thank you, thank you and thank you. No more carding 80 yr old men for their gin.

Thank …

How Many Beers Must One Have Before Saying, "YES! I'll Take Her!"?

When we were in Paris in '91, we were dropped off in the middle of the Red Light District thanks to Wolfgang the crazy German bus driver. We meaning my mom, dad, and about 30 other Americans including a classmate (I was a senior, he was a junior I think) The Red Light District. Parents. Classmate. These things don't belong together. I vividly recall seing a couple of nuns walking away from the District and I asked my dad if they took a wrong turn. He said to ask them. No, that's ok, I'll just guess. I bring this up because, well come on, the Red Light District? Hello? Anyway, I remember the hookers and sex show women looking a hell of a lot better than this one. I feel I must clarify here, when I say sex show women, I mean the ones in the windows with the signs stating Live Sex Show Inside. I never saw a show but lots of tahtahs and other nether regions. I wouldn't…

Pedro Is A Saint

Since Friday is my husband's last day at work, his boss invited everyone to Pedro's tonight to say goodbye. It's a nice place to eat and drink but oh the things that could be torn apart by a raging 2 1/2 year old. We had poker video games to beat on, a Miller Lite beer dispenser on display for a contest, Packer banners to rip down (all while yelling Packers Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck-good boy). Oh the joy. We knew going into this shindig that I would be chasing said 2 yr old around most of the night. I was not looking forward to this but I bucked up because I wanted to say hi to some of his coworkers and I wanted to get out of the house and go somewhere that didn't involve my store. Sophia was very shy and quiet unless mamma was holding her, then the vampire teeth were showing in big grins. I'm waiting for the aftermath of Donovan's dinner. Not sure which end it's coming out of but it'll be ugly no matter what. In the course of 2 1/2 hours he had:

A chicken str…

I Promise, Really, I Do

I promise to you, oh faithful internet, that I will NOT be posting these things all the time. I just happened to see this one on another site and liked it (it was a father of triplets' website and of course, I closed the window just as I was thinking that I should probably link to his page-dammit) As per the norm, I will be adding snarky and sassy comments. Thank you.

7 Things I Plan to do Before I Die:
1. Go back to Germany for a visit
2. Celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary (it better be with Kirk cause I can't start over and then last THAT long with another human, ain't happening)
3. Quit smoking
4. Go to Hawaii ( I used to live on Hawaii Avenue in Great Lakes, IL Doesn't quite count does it?)
5. Own my own house (debt free of course)
6. See Neil Diamond in concert (Yummm mmm mmmy)
7. Raise my kids up right (not upright as in postion though that's not a bad idea)

7 Things I Can Do
1. Count to 10 in English (duh), German and Spanish. Only to 3 in French cause I don'…

Trish Needs.......

I did this cause of Suzi, whose page I read religiously - check her out here.

I'm going with the top 30 Google responses to "Trish needs" because SO many of them are related to wrestling of which I am a fan but not capable of doing without killing myself and/or the other person (unless it's the husband in bed but we won't go there. No. We won't. His sister reads this! Hi Steph!) I've decided to add commentary where I feel it's needed because, well, because I can.

1. Trish needs to always be in control of the situation and her men (amen to that my friends)
2. Trish needs to get this card off as soon as possible
3. Trish needs to do some serious damage control
4. Trish needs your help (help packing, help mentally, help with laundry, help with Monkey Boy, etc)
5. Trish needs to come to OPS and talk to all counselors & supervisors
6. Trish needs a makeover ( I don't think it's THAT bad!)
7. Trish needs an intervention (I do not have an Oreo problem!)

New Babies, A Welcome Home and A Wedding

My good friend Louanne became a true Gramma on Oct 1st. Her son Todd and his wife had a baby girl, Taylor Sue. She's absolutley adorable and has chubby cheeks you just want to nibble on.

My good friends John and Jacque had a baby boy on Oct 7th. They named him Calvin John and what an excellant choice if I do say so myself. Hopefully I get to see a photo soon!

We got an email a couple days ago from my friend Todd (another Todd - this one's a Marine). He is home from Iraq and I cried when I read that. We hadn't heard from him in a few months and we were worried. His homecoming was great he said. I'm sure Jolene was thrilled beyond words to see him!

And lastly, my best friend in the entire world, Donna, got married yesterday. I was so hoping to make it to the wedding but we couldn't afford the plane ticket for me to South Carolina. I hope her day was filled with love, laughter and fabulous memories.

So internet, please join me in welcoming Taylor and Calvin to the world.…

There's No Easy Way To Say It

She ate poop.

You read that right. A tab on her diaper fell off, I didn't know she had THAT kind of mess in there and when I looked over, yeah. There was poop.


I think she likes how shea butter diaper wipes taste. I hope she prefers that over poop since I used about 10 of them in her mouth. I brushed her 3 1/2 teeth about a dozen times. Kirk asked if they made Scope for babies. Can we just dilute some with water. I thought about that believe me. He says we can blame this one on me. When I was little, my dad was playing cards with a friend of his and I was in crib apparantly ready for a change. I decided to decorate myself and the walls and the crib with my own version of paint. It was like deja vu for my father. He thanked the lord for paying me back through my kids as he had been praying for since I gave birth to the first one.

A customer heard a couple comments between myself and a co worker about my daughter's new food choice and said she had a story too. Seems her …

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Kisses to everyone
Donovan washing Sophia's hair

Nicolas Cage And My Husband

You may be asking what they have in common. Well let me just tell you internet. They both love Superman. I, however, am not like Nick's wife. They had a healthy baby boy and I am happy for them. The child? I'm a little concerned. I like names that aren't common. My daughter has a somewhat common name but it was chosen for family honor and not it's commonplace in society. My son, his name isn't so common. I've only known one other child with his name and that's whom he was named for. Nick Cage talked his wife into letting them name the child Kal-El. Listen, I'm not a hardcore Superman fan but even I know that is his Kryptonite name. Kal-El Coppola Cage. If his father and uncle were not famous, I do believe he would get his ass kicked in school. Of course, I fill my husband in on this tidbit of entertainment news and his exact response was, "That's so cool". I'm sure that Jerry Seinfeld is looking at his wife saying, "Why didn'…

Comment Spam

Sorry about the word verfication process to comment. I've gotten a lot of comment spam in the last couple weeks for some reason or another and I hate that crap so yeah, just let the computer know you rock and won't spam me! Thanks internet!!

T to the Wise Trish

The One Where Mom Feels Slightly Ticked Because She's Sick And No One Seems To Care

I made some hashbrown hamburger helper thingie tonight and I think my stomach tried to give it back to the world. I am so sick still. I don't know if it's dinner, a cold, the stress, moving, good lord - it could be any or all of those things. I never have a negative thing to say about my husband other than his snoring so when I get upset at him, it must be bad. I told him I was feeling horrible and I got nothing. No, "What can I get for you?" No, "Why don't you go lay down and I'll watch the kids." No, you get the idea. Donovan noticed when I was curled up that I looked sad, put his hand on my cheek and said, "Mamma no sad". I cried. Kirk didn't notice. I don't get sick often and when I do, I suck it up most times. Yeah I bitch and complain about feeling like shit but when I'm sick enough to hurl and am curled up on the couch breathing heavy and the toddler notices, I'd like to think my husband would too. WARNING I feel a s…