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Showing posts from February, 2011
I sign up for some pretty eccentric email lists. Some of them are for fashion news (if you knew me? that would make you laugh your ass off.) Some are for off the wall artists or musicians. One list I'm on sends me a variety of things. It's one of the few daily emails that I look forward to. Today I was sent this.

I love photography and was very interested in this when I realized what it was. It combines two of my favorite things to study: photography and criminals. I am so entranced with these photographs. I want to know all I can about the subjects. What their stories are, how they ended up where they were. How did their lives turn out? I really like learning about people. Not necessarily famous folk. Anyone will do really.

I think in some ways it's because I want to feel some connection with people. Alive or dead. I think all of us want to see that others are human too. Maybe they make the same mistakes we do and that comforts us. The knowledge that someone else thought …