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Lurkers, Where's The Meat Department?

There's a little grocery store near where we live and I think I'm in there about 5 days of the week. When we first moved here, I was there every night getting a gallon of milk cause we love milk around here. It was also my "I have to get away from the children for a few minutes" trip. The other night I went up there to pick up some Tylenol and other stuff plus double check a price for my MIL. I got the meds and other things but could not locate the Lit'l Smokies that she purchased. I looked and looked and finally just asked the kids that work there. They said they're in the meat dept. Cue the dumb question of the day. "Where's the meat dept?" I wasn't thinking (that's clearly true) and as I followed the kid to the other side of the store from where I was, I was saying out loud, "Where's the meat dept? How STUPID can I be? Where's the meat dept? Good God. I am so sorry about this. I can't believe I asked where the meat de…

I Like Knight Time

So The Queen of Spain is running her contest again. This time we gotsta show some lovin'. I hate being photographed but thankfully my boy LOVES when I bust out the camera. Thank God we went digital a couple years ago. We were paying about $100 a month, give or take $10, in photo processing and film. It was CRAZY. Anywhoo, this is my sweet, loving, charming boy. Wait. I don't have one of those. Who is this child and what did he do with mine? Can I keep this one? Sigh.

There Should Be A Warning Before Idiot Callers Come On Talk Radio While You're Driving. Really.

I'm driving to the store the other day and hear the radio guy introduce this shmuck who likes to sue people. The guest was asked why was he suing a restaurant and immediately felt like he was on the show for entertainment purposes. Well duh. After his response, I knew he was right. And I praise the host for having him on. He disguised the guest's voice and asked him the question again. The man almost started crying and here I am thinking he must have been called fat or something horrible ya know? Yeah um no, not the case. Some background (from the guest):
He and his wife love the food "deeply" from this place. I wasn't aware love for food be so sincere but ok. His wife loves when he dresses as a cowboy (hat, western shirt, boots, spurs). Ok I can deal with that. He went to the men's room. He states that his wife thinks it's sexy when he comes out of the BATHROOM IN PUBLIC walking bowlegged, fingers hitched in the belt loops while whistling the theme to &qu…

We Got A Little Wild

Oh man was that fun last night! Went to the Wild game and had a great time. I love going to hockey games and I love hocky players. I never thought in a million years that I would like the sport. No one in my family is a fan - we're strictly football and basketball (NCAA). A few years ago a friend of mine took me to a Milwaukee Admirals game. I was hooked the moment we sat down. Now that we live in The State Of Hockey, I can enjoy the games even more. When I entered the Excel Center last night, I honestly could name maybe three players. I have always liked Kuba because of his name (and he can play). Then I saw this young man. Not the best photo of him but on the ice? YUM-UHM-MMY. Yeah. I need a moment..... Ok. I don't need any grief over picking a favorite player based on cuteness. I won my fantasy hockey league a couple years ago and I chose all of my players based on cuteness and if I liked their name. That pissed off some hockey stat geeks I'm sure but oh well. Back …

Welcome Home, Watch Out For Those Stairs!

So my dad went home from the hospital yesterday (at least that was the plan as he sat on his hospital bed in street clothes while talking to me on the phone). I would think that if he wasn't home, my mother would have called but who knows. I'll double check tonight. He has an enlarged heart, an eye that doesn't want to stay open (he's going to the opthamologist for that bad boy) and they think he had mild congestive heart failure. Lovely. At least he's at home. His terror dog missed him so much. I'll be going out there in a couple weeks to see him.

I mentioned here that my inlaws have the stairs from hell in their house. Peanut was chugging around the kitchen yesterday whilst my MIL, SIL-not really, niece and Monkey Boy were eating lunch. She went towards the gate blocking the front steps (appx 8 steps), someone said no to her and she proceeded to take off with absolutely NO CLEARANCE FROM THE TOWER! She propelled forward so hard that she knocked the gate over…

Choosy Squirrels Choose Jif

This is a fun game. Played it for a half hour today. I shoulda been napping but oh well. My high distance so far is 318.7

We apparantly have a squirrel problem (I don't ask) because my MIL said peanut butter was the first thing on the list that we HAVE to get. Then she said that we'll have to make sure to get the good stuff if it's on sale cause squirrels can be picky eaters too. My FIL said to be sure we picked up crunchy peanut butter. That way they tell their squirrel buddies who has the rockin' peanut butter. Yeah that would work except for the POISON in the awesome crunchy peanut butter. "They Look Like Bushy-Tailed Tree Rats" my MIL says. I love her.

What I Wake Up To Everyday

Prosthetic Toes and Penile Implants

The kids got up this morning at 6am. Little poops. My mom was up too so I didn't want to saddle her with the urchins and I crawled off the couch. I need to clarify, it was a two cushion small loveseat. I wasn't paying attention when I put Monkey Boy to bed last night and gave him the big couch. So when peanut woke up at 2am (I had been sleeping for all of an hour) she and I had to smoosh on the small one. Not fun according to my back and neck.

My aunt from Antigo came down to watch Monkey Boy so Kirk and I could take Peanut to see Papa. He is breathing so much better today. The tap came back with a very high white cell count which means an infection. Duh. He was getting another MRI type scan done at noon so the nurse was asking him about neck injuries (they are scanning his neck). One of the questions was "Do you have any artificial limbs?" My dad laughed and said no but my husband said "He has an artificial toe". My dad thought he said something smart assy …
Originally uploaded by Trishfreak. Our Daddy's Girl

Daddy's Girl

While I was growing up, I always knew I was a daddy's girl. I am an only child and my dad was so fun to hang out with, always my parent 1st but also my friend. My mom and I never had a close relationship until I was 21 or 22. I wasn't an easy teenager to live with for her. (What teenager is really?) My dad has always been the one I call first when I have a major problem. I've borrowed money from him and paid him back when he tells me to (tried to pay him back other times when he insisted I didn't have to), we've had to ask my parents for help in these early years of marriage and my dad has always been there for us. My mom too but the point is: I don't know what my point is really except that I love my dad so much and I can't imagine my life (or my kids' lives) without him in it.

He's the hospital in ICU right now with some kind of infection that they haven't been able to diagnos as of yet. He has severe pain in his face, severe swelling of his f…


A Mama's Rant is running a contest for the wackiest kid photo. Immediately this picture of Monkey Boy came to mind.

I was at work and the husband was watching the children. I think that should explain pretty much everything. They made pudding and since our carpet was not
entirely destroyed at that time, he put Monkey Boy in the chair. The husband told him to look up and this is what he got. I can't help but laugh every time I look at it. Some of my old co workers had me print out a copy for them so that they can look at when the customers piss them off.

Ok so I thought about this (something I should have done vbefore hand) and decided that this photo was the one. Not the above photo.

The look of confusion is the best. I think I'll have it blown up to an 8x10. My husband on the other hand is mortified that he's holding a tampon. At least it's not.........ok I'm not going there. Enjoy the photos.

Happy New Years! We Have Insurance Now!

First words spoken to me by my husband in 2006? "Sorry Honey" Yes, it's going to be a good year.

We left the kids with the in-laws and got a hotel room in LaCrosse (actually Onalaska if we must be specific). We went to Yesterdaze with Kelly, Georgia, Linds, Sarah and well, that was it. We got all purdy-ed up at G's and I even wore makeup (gasp!).

This post is going to be full of random blabbing (is there any other kind?).

I asked my husband what the Hare Krishna folks believe in (I wasn't near a computer) and he said "Bald heads and lax airport security." Ironic coming from him since he shaves his head every Monday.

Donovan was informed today that there are no restrictions to hurting himself because the insurance through Kirk's work starts today.

Go over and check out Shotgun Daddy. Probably one of my all time favorite posts ever.

There are pics from New Years Eve to the right on Flickr. Check 'em out but be warned that some of them are naughty. …