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World Autism Awareness Day and My Son

Since today is World Autism Awareness Day, I just want to put this out there (again): My son has autism and we are so very fortunate that he is verbal (sometimes TOO verbal), he looks normal, he's wicked smart and has an amazing artistic side. My son is also verbally abusive, borderline violent with his sister (beyond typical bro-sis interactions) and he can cut your heart with words you never would say to another soul. He is my son, he has autism and I love him. So much that I will snap at people who make assumptions, offer unsolicited advice, judge, etc.
When you see a kid having a "temper tantrum" at the store, screeching at the top of their lungs in the parking lot or flailing on the floor at the checkout, please do not assume to know what is happening. Since our son's diagnosis 7 years ago, I have made a conscious effort to stop and think about that family. It could very well be a tantrum for not getting what they want, could be a kid mad at mom for busting him…