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Giddy As A Kid On Christmas

That's how I felt last night when the husband gave me my anniversary gift - a rose pink Nintendo DS. He knew the girl and I were going to start saving to get one for us and he all up and done got it hiself. What a good man!
He got worried when I got Brain Age and Animal Crossing for me to play on the boy's DS. In fact, I believe he said he hoped the boy enjoyed the DS while he had it. Hey! I only played it at night after the kidlets were in bed. Granted, they would have to play it in the corner of the living room while it charged during the day because Mama wore the batteries out playing it in bed (heh). I shared though.
I share this one as well since the husband got Tinkerbell for the girls to play. They love that game. So all of us are happy giddy kids. Even the one year old gets into it. She gets a hold of the Gameboy Advance and pushes all the buttons, dances around to the music and all of this with a huge grin on her face like she's getting away with something awesome…

Seven Year Itch?

Nah, no itches here. But it has been seven fabulous years of marriage to the greatest husband ever. Not that I've had other husbands to compare, just sayin'. Anywhoo.....
I love you honey and I hope you're still awake when I get home from work! *wink wink*
It's our anniversary babe. Here's to losing our sanity together.
Thanks to the kids.

How Can One Kid Be So Funny?

The Boy: (licking frosting from the bowl) I wish I was this bowl. Then I could lick myself. That would be good.
:::ahem::: moving along........
The Boy: Mommy? Daddy? Gramma? Grampa? on YouTube there's a Spiderman 4 video and Spiderman helps these two kids cross the street, go across the street, so a car won't get them, and they say thanks Mr. Spiderman. MISTER Spiderman! Isn't that funny? (insert hysterical laughing on his part)
I love that he felt he had to explain the joke. It wasn't a Spiderman 4 video. I honestly don't know what he was watching on YouTube. I think that puts me up there for Mother of the Year no? I know he isn't watching bad videos because he outs himself all. the. time. when he does. Example? Ok....
The Boy: Mommy, I saw this cool video of Mario, hurry come look. Mommy: yeah yeah I'm coming TB: HURRY!!! (who knew that YouTube was going somewhere? Not me) M: Ok, here I am. What video? TB: The one where Mario is wearing a pink bra and underwear. …

He Wants An Answer

The Boy: Daddy, I know you and my mommy saw Transformers last night in the see-uh-ter (that's how he says it, sersly).
Daddy: Um, yes. Yes we did.
TB: Soooooo?? (holding hand out) Is it appropriate for me?

He's only six people. He's killing me.

Parents In Disguise

That's what I felt like when we went to see Transformers tonight. The place was packed, I didn't mind that. Looking around though? Ha! I think there were maybe a handful of people older than us there. At the last minute, these two teenagers sat next to us. Again, not a problem except holy debbie downer. They poo poo'd every trailer that came on. Airbender (looks good), 2012 (looks really good mainly because it has Bossy'sboyfriend in it), Harry Potter, GI Joe and G-Force (I think I'll take the girls to that one). Those were just the ones I want to see. There were a few other trailers but nothing that peaked my interest. I just wanted to tell the kids to shush. I'm getting old right? Dammit, I thought so.
The movie? So good. So very good. A lot of laugh out loud moments that I wasn't expecting. Plenty of quotable quotes. I'll post some of those tomorrow.
Stopped at BW3 for a couple beers and dropped off some wings for Mandyland at work. She was happy for…

Big Love

Mama: No, you may not watch your uncle play World of Warcraft, it's too much for your age.The Boy: But it's got cool weapons in it Mommy, the destructive-ish kind. M: Nope, don't care. You shouldn't be looking at violent stuff and thinking how cool those weapons are. You're six. You should be thinking about happy things like swimming in your pool and how much you love Mario. TB: I can play it when I'm a grown up. M: Yes, when you are 18 and not living in my house. TB: (innocent wide eyed look) why can't I live with you?
M: Well maybe you'll go to college or get married. Ya never know. TB: Will I have to live in that girl's house? The one I marry? M: Probably. Most married people live together. Gramma and Grampa, Oma and Papa, Mama and Daddy. TB: Well I think you should have waited to marry Daddy and waited a long long long boring time until I was a grown up so that I could marry you.
(a few minutes later) TB: Actually Mommy, you should have waited a long long…

Here's Some Useless Stuff For You. You're Welcome.

Lawcy Mercy, someone tell me this happened for real. Please tell me someone popped him one in the face. Gah, that would make my day! D-bag's side and the BEP side. I hear tell there's a video. I must find it. Can you tell I can't stand him? Blech.Holy shnikey, it's hotter than Hades right now. The humidity is making my hair look awesome though. There's a silver lining, ya just have to dig sometimes no?Jon and Kate? No surprise there. It's sad that they've made that choice but (from what we've seen) I think it's what's best for the kids. As a former I can't miss an episode viewer, I wish the show was ending. I wish TLC would have the courage and smarts to do it before the kids get effed up. I've got a 6 1/2 half yr old to give away. He's potty trained, likes to call everything stinkin' and gets so much joy and delight in calling me an idiot. I'll even send his Gameboy Advance with him. Not the DS though, I just got Animal Cros…

Have You Seen Them?

My children? The ones I could live with? The ones that I would voluntarily take out in public? The ones that would hug and love on us as if tomorrow was never going to come? You haven't seen them? Hmph. Neither have we.
Instead, what we have here is a failure to communicate 6 1/2 yr old boy who thinks that he can say things like, "Helloooo?", "You better answer me Mommy right now!" and, my all time favorite, "Look at my hands (on his hips) and look at my face! Do I look like I'm joking?" No, you don't look like you're joking. Here, taste this soap on your tongue. Does it taste like I'm joking? Didn't think so.
Add to that lovely ball of over energized testosterone, one fired up diva/princess/dictator. And yes, as a matter a fact, a cute 4 yr old redhead can be all three. At the same time usually. It's a rather fascinating phenomenon. If I weren't so embarrassed at how she acts, I would show you but really, some things are to…

Anyone Want To Ride In A Burning Hot Coffin?

People? I am not lying when I say the husband's car is a burning coffin. It's black, leather seats and sits very low to the ground. I'm using it this weekend so the boys could load the van up with all the necessary "we're in the infield to watch the races" supplies.

This car? Almost the deaths of us. The air is cranked all the way and it's still muey en fuego. The girl has to have a sheet under her car seat so that her legs and back don't get third degree burns on them. That was fun discovering that hurt. My ears will thank her later.

I never thought I would drive a low rider. Yet there it is. I know, I know. I drove this same exact car for months when we first got it but now? The minivan has changed me. I like riding high (heh) and getting down into the car was killer on my back. I felt like I was the one driving in Nascar. Gah!

So if anyone wants to experience a sauna minus the humidity, gimme a call and I'll drive over to get ya.

Ahhh, Home Sweet Home

The girls and I made it to the LaCrosse and I am so happy to be home again. I got my hairs highlighted by G and they look fabulous (as always!). Z locked himself out of the house so he hung out at the hotel with me and the girls. I think he liked it.

We're heading out now to the tattoo shop. Gotta see about getting this tattoo of mine fixed then getting the boy's name put above it. The boy I birthed not the one I married. Ha!

Tomorrow is visiting with friends and old coworkers. Busy busy weekend.

Sersly* People

So yeah, my brain? Not with me right now. Don't know that it has been for the last few days. The instruction* guys (who are doing a lovely job of tearing the hell up out of our road) snapped the phone line. In fact, they ripped it from our house. We had no internet for two days.
I barely made it people. Just barely. Then I was stuck in Facebookland for a couple hours catching up. Thank gee double oh dee ness that I'm not addicted to Twitter or any other social networking sights. I would not have made it to bed last night.
The shakes are subsiding, I've gotten my fixes and checked my email. I've Google mapped my trip to LaCrosse, which I really should know by heart already. Sheesh.
I'll be sure to update from the Ona/LaX this weekend. Have fun, I know I will.
* that's how the boy says seriously and construction. Also? there was a garden of Eve not a garden of Eden apparently. Who knew?

Mama Needs A New Pair Of Shoes

I'm wondering why my feet weren't killing me when I was walking around 18 months pregnant. The last couple days back at work have been murder on my tootsies. I think I may actually have to go out and spend some good money on a new pair of shoes. Functional shoes. Not "hey they were on clearance so I got them in three colors!" shoes. No, I think I need to break my I'm not paying more than $15 for shoes cause I'm cheap rule. Yes. Shoe shopping. Most women love to do this. Not me but I'll live.
I kind of need these feet. They take me places.

A Hard Worker In The Making

I'm Going Solo Next Weekend, Sort Of

So Mandyland was supposed to come with me to LaCrosse next weekend but now she can't. Seems I'll be finding out really quick if I can handle the baby and the Dictator by myself at the hotel for three nights. The days don't worry me, I'll be with friends and some family most of the time. I probably won't sleep well during the night though because the husband won't be there. Don't get me wrong, I can take care of myself but I don't do well without the husband or someone, almost anyone, else there. I'll stay up 'til my eyes can't take it anymore and just nap with the girls during the day.
I'm not really sure what I'm doing while I'm there. It's one of those trips that I like. Nothing set in stone and just going with the flow. Obviously there are people I have to see while I'm down there like my cousin Kari (hey girl!) and Kathy, who I used to work with and babysit her boys (who are in HIGH SCHOOL now). It goes without saying…


I'm spent.

This Week, So Far

I've gone back to work (and I'm diggin' it, for now)
The Littlest Little has started the medication that is from the study she was one day too old to participate in (balderdash! to the one day too old crap!)
The Dictator Girl probably has another UTI (that would be two in a three week period on top of a yeast infection AND a micro viral infection thingy-ma-bob)
The boy hasn't gotten up before 9am at all since school got out. Check that, one day he was up at 7am and I only know this because his sister was screaming at him to stop looking at her.
My lower back has been hurting so much that I'm reminded of my gramma Lulu who would hunch over for awhile every time she got up from the couch or chair. At least I'm not tooting every time I get up like Grams.
Some interesting reads (can you tell I like TV Squad? I didn't think so):
Oh we've already had the discussion about these products. Today was all about fallopian tubes and a woman's menstrual cycle. With m…

She Will Dream Her Very Own Dreams

Maybe she will look like you, talk like you, smile like you...maybe she'll sing, paint or dance like you... but she'll dream her very own dreams.
You've given your child so much already - including the precious gift of life. And through the years, you will give her so much more - not just food and clothing but laughter, ideals and love.
You cannot give her her dreams, though, for those will be hers alone. May they lead her to all that is beautiful in life, and with your loving help and support, may she make every one come true.

A Greeting

What up?

Ups And Downs, So Goes Life

It started out OK, going to the park, having some fun.

Then we jammed our pinky on the slide. We're not happy. We hurt.

We really don't like Mama taking pictures. She's trying to get a laugh but it's not working.

Well, it sorta worked. For a couple seconds.

Then something was uttered about murdering Mama and voila! the adventure in the park was over like that.
The End

Don't Let The Hair Fool Ya, She's A Lovah, Not A Fighter

Fargo Fotos Photos

The Boy and his Great Grandma

The Littlest Little and Great Auntie Karen

Kim, her little girl Kyla, The Monkey Girl, Fluffy, The Littlest Little, Laurann, Caiden and Ashley

Hannah and The Girl, best friends it would seem

Great Grandma and her newest great granddaughter, The Littlest Little

Some Of My Reasons To Get Out Of Bed In The Mornings

The Littlest Little

Baby Girl

The Monkey Girl

The Dictator

The Sometimes Serious One

and The Sometimes Crazy One

I Could Never Do It

I could never work in autopsy. I used to think I could be a forensic photographer but yeah, not so much anymore. I don't know that I could work with dead things in any capacity. 
I say this and yet I absolutely love shows like CSI, NCIS and my newest favorite, Bones. I've just gotten done with a mini-marathon today of the show. Well, as much as the children would allow. They seem to really like interrupting the portable DVD player no matter what room I'm using it in. Yes, even that room. 
Hopefully I can finish up season three tomorrow and then start my Angel kick. We have seasons one, three and four. I think I'll see about getting season two when I'm out and about. I can hardly wait. I haven't really watched Angel episodes in in so long so it should be fun to go back to them. 
Plus I love me some David Boreanaz. Yummy.