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Who Wants To See Cute? You Do? Well, Here Ya Go My Friend

Behold, the cuteness that is, me. I really don't know what happened between these three photos and now but as you'll see in the couple days, it's the hair. It has to be the hair. I'm too nostalgic at this time of year. Just last night, I found 6 people I went to high school and friended them all on Facebook. Odd. That's me. I don't think my girls are going to look like me though, they look nothing like these photos and for thank? I thank whomever needs to be thanked. =0)
I'm channeling my inner Gemini by making this post, and the next few, all about me. Me me me me. Maybe the kids. Who knows what my mind will spit out. I rarely do.

A Trifecta Of Happy

Oh people. Where do I even begin with this day? It was a good day. Great day indeed! Let's just cut to the chase shall we?

Muey Importante News Numero Uno : My sister in law Fluffy and her husband, Mr. Big, welcomed my newest niece into the world this afternoon. She looks just like her big sister, The Monkey. So damn cute and I can't wait to hold her. The Monkey is staying with us whilst her sister is adjusting to the lovely Minnesota winter weather. Congrats to Fluffy, Mr. Big and The Monkey!! Hey ya know what? Congrats to the newest girlie girl in our lives too! We're a crazy, loud family (well your cousins are, sorry) but we're family and we can't imagine us without you! Welcome baby, welcome home.

Muey Importante News Numero Dos : Mandyland done up and got herself engaged this morning! She's gonna marry herself a cowboy! Yeehaw people! He showed the ring to just about everyone but me. Wonder why. Perhaps he thinks I have a mouth on me and would let it slip? M…

Bah Humbug

So my computer took a huge shit today and is no longer loading anything.

I'll be laptopping it when the husband is home from work in the evenings.

Perhaps my most awesome brother in law will be able to fix it or rig it up for me.

We need a new hard drive - I've actually filled the one on this computer and even though I have a ton of photos on it, I know that isn't what's doing it.

Gah! Technology, you taunt me so. I am your bitch.

I Can See The Girls In These, It's The Smile

Hey! What're ya doing? Me? Just hanging out.

I love the orange tint to all the photos. I have that highchair. I wish some of the outfits I wore were saved. Some of them were so stinking cute. Do you/did you guys save clothes from your babies? I have a couple outfits from each kid and of course, a pair of shoes. Can't look at them though, makes me want another one and this baby making factory is permanently closed thank you very much. But I wouldn't mind one more. Just saying.

One of my absolute favorites. I love how my mom is looking at me and then there's me. Attitude already. And why doesn't my mom have the extra chin that I have now? She stayed skinny after me and had no extra parts. Damn, that line of DNA missed the train to me. Balderdash!

We're Going To Stay On This Journey For A Bit

I wanted to sit next to my cousin Kari, not next to her brother Eric. I'm guessing here. Who knows. My Gramma Lulu had those pillows right up to the day she died. I miss those pillows. And her davenports. That's right, davenports. It's not a couch!

Clearly Kari and I got along well as little ones. She's the cutie in the yellow coat. That's my dad hanging in the background there making sure we don't break the mirror or headbutt each other. They called us the kissing cousins. Really? Huh.

Listen, all I'm going to say here is that when you have a bathing suit up your ass, you will pull it out, no matter who is there with you.

I was worried about the bunny ears from Eric. Do ya'll sense a pattern here? I hardly saw my cousins when I was growing up so I kind of saw Eric as the older brother I never had. That being said, I was also privy to being picked on as his sisters were. I didn't mind though. He came through in the clutch once when someone was bugging …

A Look Back In Time

My four year old girl just said, "Is that really your mother?" Just imagine that said with a lot of indignation and disbelief. Indeed, this is my mother. I love this photo of her. I love the hair. I love the way she's sitting. She's beautiful. I think this is her senior photo but I'm not sure. I'd ask her but she never has her cell phone on (hi Mom! can you turn your phone on once in a while so that I can talk to you? k thanks!)

I don't know that  a clear shot of my parent's wedding is even in existence. Seriously? Every single picture of them at the alter looks like it was taken by the Hubble Telescope. Anywhoo, I wish my mom's dress was still around when I got married. I love the veil and how long it is. I don't know that I would have been able to fit into the dress, I am doubting it though. Still, this is the same alter I got married in front of. Love love love this church!

This is nothing but a whole mess of trouble makers right here! My Pap…

Don't Expect This To Make Sense

So the boy has had a rough week. On Monday he physically moved a child out of a seat so that he could have it. On Thursday he attempted to twist his teacher's arms behind her back because it was time to leave the library. (Side note, glad he loves the library, shitty that he has to act out his way) Today they were all walking to their specials and two classmates weren't walking in a straight line, per the rule and he felt the need to go tell them. Then he pushed and kicked them to get in line. I'm not going to lie people, I cried when I heard this news.Finally, this afternoon he missed the bus because he didn't want to stop coloring and had a meltdown in the hallway. When I got to the school to pick him up, his paras were holding him in the hallway because he had been kicking and screaming. I know his medication hasn't really taken effect yet but I hope it does soon. I haven't updated ya'll on that, have I? (just checked, that's a no) So, to recap: He w…

My Sweet Boy Has Taken A Vacation And We Don't Know When He's Returning

Today the boy has an appointment with his behavior specialist. I'm not even sure what to call her. We see her twice a year and she monitors how his medications are helping him with daily routines. It's good timing because lately? This sweet boy of ours has become aggressive. He hit a boy at school last week because he wouldn't stop filling a hole the boy was digging. He said he asked the other child to stop and when he didn't, he hit him in the stomach. Talk about making mama feel like she had been hit in the stomach. It made me so sad to hear he resorted to that.

He's been hitting a lot more at home. Sure some of it is the natural brother versus sister hitting but sometimes it gets really out of control. When I was at work the other night, he got so mad at his father that he threw a pill bottle at him and hit him in the head with it. When that didn't illicit whatever response he was looking for, he picked up one of the plastic balls (like from the ball pits th…

This Is What I Get For Not Being Able To Sleep And Being Emotional.

I can't sleep, who knows why. So....I just got done watching My Sister's Keeper. I'm pretty sure I have the book around here somewhere. I haven't read it yet (I would think that was obvious from the I think I have it part but I digress). I have a question (or 4) for you guys:

Did you see the movie?

Did you read the book?

Which one did you like more? The book or movie ending? I already know what happens at the end of the book. Since I haven't read the book in it's entirety , I don't feel qualified to give a complete, prim and proper opine regarding this.

I am going to look around today and if I don't have it, I shall go get it. I'm sure Target will have it. Bahahaha! They have everything a girl like me needsdesireslusts for wants.