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The husband got the job!

and it pays more than his last two jobs (not combined - that would make me poop a purple brick and some blue twinkies).

and it's closer to our abode than the last job.

and it's the job he originally wanted in October but he took the other one because we needed an income ASAP.

and he really likes the people there.

and he starts on the 12th so maybe I'll be able to afford my solo weekend to LaCrosse in August.

and I'm very very very very super duper fantastically happy for him. I know this is a huge weight off his shoulders. As of yesterday, we've been married 4 years and while there have been several trying times, I am so proud to call this man my husband. Not because he got a job but because he puts his family first, gives of himself so much to help others and he's an amazing dad. I think today should be the husband's day.

I'll be back later with his new name. I was just so excited with this news that I had to share it with my 4 reader…

Who Knew?

That theatres now have headrests on the seats? Wow. I was digging those! We (the husband and I) went out to the movies last night for our anniversary, which is today. He had to help his sister move tonight so we went a day early. We saw Superman Returns and it was great! I won't go into details since it just came out Tuesday but a couple favorite lines of mine were:

Kitty Kowalski: "Didn't there used to be two of them?"

Lex: "What did my father used to tell me?"
Kitty: "You're losing your hair."
Lex: "Before that."
Kitty: "Get out?"

I loved Kevin Spacey as Lex. I don't know that I like him when he plays a straight and narrow character. I loved The Usual Suspects.* Hey, I need to get that DVD, what the hell is wrong with me not owning that already? Sheesh.

We went to Buffalo Wild Wings afterwards and had a bite to eat and a couple drinks. I kicked some peoples' asses in trivia. It was fun. I wish that we could do something …

Daddy's Girl*

I have no memories of my father until I'm past age 11. He was in the Navy for 28 years. I was fortunate that I didn't have to move all the time like the Grunt or Flyboys/girls. I was born in Germany and then we went to W. Virginia when I was 18mos old. When I was three we went to S. Carolina. We lived there for 7 years. If I had to sit down and name 5 specific memories right there on the spot, I honestly could not do it. I remember 2 kitchen fires, the neighbor across the street dying (and we thought she was drunk and slipped on the pool deck again. Oops.) and my mom stalling out the 5speed at the stop sign a dozen times (it was in 3rd gear). None of these involve my dad. He was out to sea for 9 months at a time and I don't recall a single time going to the pier to welcome him home. To be honest, I was probably in daycare. That's where I spent all of my weekdays when I wasn't in school. My mom didn't have a job. She volunteered some but not to the point that I …

This, That and The Other

I can already tell that Thanksgiving and Christmas are going to suck ass even more than it normally would at my job. Last night, a guy was telling me how much he gave me, how much he was supposed to get back and THEN told me what order to give it back to him in. Um? Sir? I'm not a twit, ok, I am a twit, but I'm not an idiot. Ok, sometimes I can be. Like that time I moved up to Wisconsin in the middle of a blizzard from nice, warm Tucson, AZ for a dumb boy and we broke up less than two months later. Yeah that sucked but my point is: I've been in retail, just about every job one could have except store manager, for about oh, 19 years. I think I know what I'm doing when it comes to giving change back. Don't talk to me like I'm a 16 yr old kid who's working his first job and doesn't give a shit what kind of work ethic he has. I care about you as a customer but when you're a dick to me and pissing off everyone in my line so they are dicks to me? Well, no…

Hooray For Dads!

Dear Daddy,
Not the best shot of you but you don't exactly look at the camera a lot. You know I can never properly express to you what it means to have you for a father. I never lack for love, laughter and a swift needed kick in the ass when I'm with you. I am so proud to be your kid and even more so to be a Daddy's Girl. Thank you for not spoiling me and letting me make my own mistakes no matter how big you knew they would be. Thank you for teaching me to be my own person and nevermind what the idiots out there think. Thank you for showing me that I don't need to take shit from anyone and it's ok to be a bitch sometimes and stand up for myself (not that I'm saying you're a bitch sometimes cause, well, I'm not). Thank you most of all for loving me, for all of my oddball eccentricities (that we all know came from YOUR side of the family! Go Grampa K!). I love you Daddy. Have a great day!

Dear Papa,
I know you don't celebrate Father's Day but.......T…

Just a Thought...Maybe Two

When someone is getting in the right turn lane lady, it does NOT mean you can pull out from the right in front of them. That's why they had their blinker on ya know.

When you're pulled off to the side of the road for reasons only known to you, don't think you can just pull out right in front of traffic. Sit your ass there and wait dumbass.

Apparantly Monkey Boy does not like this song* but LOVES this one (it plays louder than the others), this one (about 1:30 into the song that is), this one, and this one. Too much American Idol maybe?

Just because you drive a Jag or a Benz does not mean your shit smells different than mine. Get the hell out of my way or at least go the speed limit. Going 10mph UNDER isn't gonna make you any new friends.

I think the big red train is coming to town cause I was so bitchy on the road today. Maybe I have that condition? Then again maybe not cause I'm too chicken shit to flip someone off or yell loud enough for them to hear. Ya never know w…

I Can't Wait

I know of no one who agrees with me that Jason Mewes is hot. This is a bad example and this is definately NOT hot. That's ok though. I remember the good, forget the bad. I make no excuses for my taste*.

For fans of Clerks, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob, etc, check it out:

P.S. I've been working 'til 11 or midnight most nights so I'm pooped. I'll blog more. I promise. Was I missed though?

* Or lack thereof to some people

She Works Hard For Her Money

The Captain lost his job today. He's been there for 6 months and was starting to get concerned because he wasn't pulling in customers and numbers like the others. No one talked to him at all about it in this time frame. His boss told him that there was nothing he could have done differently to have a better outcome.

I'll now be working more hours at the store which is great except that the husband will be out with the father in law doing contracting stuff all the time now. Which means, when I really need a nap (and lately I've been having killer migraines, KILLER) I won't be able to partake in the festivity of said nap. Meh.

Hopefully he'll find something soon. I think we're gonna end up on MA for the kids because my work is union and there are almost a dozen people in front of me who want full time.

Please let the "Life Sucks Royally But We Shall Overcome" phase begin.

Iowa = Not Happy Family

Let me preface this with: I love my family and had an absolutely great time with them. I loved seeing all of them. That being said, Iowa sucks.

We are all still sick. I've been diligently taking my amoxicillin but I don't feel any better. I'm down to one vicodin and am saving that for when I really need it. Monkey Boy is still sick though he says his ear doesn't hurt anymore. Peanut is still struggling with her breathing and so much coughing, poor thing. They didn't call with her results so I'm assuming it was negative. I had to call work today and ask them if I could trade tonight's shift with tomorrow or Wed because the husband is sick now too. Thankfully they are so understanding. The husband is at the doc's now getting checked out and I hope he doesn't have strep. That would blow.

Back to Iowa sucking. I'm exhausted from typing about us being sick so I'll explain more later but:

The McDonald's we stopped at on the way down sucked

The hot…

Run Away. Far, Far Away

I have strep throat. Monkey Boy has a double ear infection. Peanut's rapid strep test showed up negative but they are calling tomorrow with the full on test result. Did I mention we'll be in the middle of a 6 hour drive to Iowa when they call? Yeah.

My cousin's oldest boy graduated from high school last week and man, I feel old thinking about that. I remember going to the hospital when he was born. My bad back and migraines make me feel old and drained but I'm also lucky enough to not look my age and feel good most of the time. Still though, when I hear of a kid I used to babysit graduating high school or getting their license, I feel ancient. Everytime someone says 60, 70 or 80 is old, I tell them about my great aunt who was 16days short of her 100th birthday. That's old.

I don't know where I was going with this post. I'm on vicodin, naproxen and amoxicillen. I need to pack. I need to sleep. I need a couple drinks.

Maybe three or four.

Join Us Won't You?

The kids and I are sick. We all have appts today plus grocery shopping and packing for the Iowa trip. Insanity will ensue I'm sure. On a side note, the new job (doing the old job) is going well. Everything started comng back to me quickly and the only downside has been my back hurting even more. Most of my customers have been really nice.

My appt is first so I best get the kids ready for the store before I leave. The husband has a really hard time dressing Peanut as she likes to think she's a pig in a mud pit. She wriggles out of her shorts or whatever we're trying to put on her. It's really funny. To me at least. Not so much for the husband but he needs to go through it so he can appreciate my struggles every morning getting her dressed. If they weren't sick, I would let them run around in diapers.

I'm pooped just from typing that. Yipes.