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This, That and The Other

I can already tell that Thanksgiving and Christmas are going to suck ass even more than it normally would at my job. Last night, a guy was telling me how much he gave me, how much he was supposed to get back and THEN told me what order to give it back to him in. Um? Sir? I'm not a twit, ok, I am a twit, but I'm not an idiot. Ok, sometimes I can be. Like that time I moved up to Wisconsin in the middle of a blizzard from nice, warm Tucson, AZ for a dumb boy and we broke up less than two months later. Yeah that sucked but my point is: I've been in retail, just about every job one could have except store manager, for about oh, 19 years. I think I know what I'm doing when it comes to giving change back. Don't talk to me like I'm a 16 yr old kid who's working his first job and doesn't give a shit what kind of work ethic he has. I care about you as a customer but when you're a dick to me and pissing off everyone in my line so they are dicks to me? Well, now sir, we have a problem.

Oh god, I'm blogging about work. Ish.

My son informed me the other day that "Randall is berry, berry bad Mamma and he goes raaaaawwwwhhh roooooowwhhh and and and and Boo goes cries and dat's berry naughty and he goes in the naughty spot and gets spanking on his butt like dis" (then he smacks his own ass like this)*

I have conflicting feelings on MySpace. I can't dig in the trenches for the energy to blog here everyday (and really, I want to, Lord knows I have a shitload of crap - that was redundant, huh - in my head) so I don't really blog over there. Sometimes I post that there are new pics on Flickr. I do get messages from all my friends in LaCrosse and I love that. Part of me feels too "old" for it. I shudder at the thought of my kids having pages that some of these kids have. Yikes, the husband would have to be sedated. A lot. On the other hand, I've found quite a few people from high school, N. Chicago and Germany. It's been cool to keep up with them. I'm think I'm just bitchy right now and I don't know what to think of anything. Guh.

The husband is in Milwaukee with Papa this weekend for the Busch race. I told him not to buy anything for me or the kids and I'm sure, being the good husband that he is, he will ignore all that I say and blow $200 out there. He'll find a way to make it ok that he got it and I, naturally, will say it is ok. Meh. I just spent $30 on crap at my store, cheap highlights, a very cute beanie and a couple magazines that I read in all of twenty minutes last night. I read fast.

We are currently singing the Goofy Goober. "DJ turn it up LOUDER!"

I told the Queen that her daughter is on the same wavelength as mine. The very day that her Peanut went in the sink, my mother in law tells me of my Peanut in the sink - she's the redhead for all the new readers and if you are new, hey, hi, hello and welcome! Please leave a comment at the door. Thanks. Anywhoo, my niece decided to join in on the fun.

So do you think Monkey Boy could let all the fun be had and not have a ginormous part in it? Hah! Oh that was a funny joke. I crack myself up.

I'm going out on a limb here and saying that I think he's a tad large for the pool, er bath. Actually it should be called a shower because he used the sprayer. I was at work so I missed all the fun. Thankfully, my sister in law took some photos. Peanut is looking at him like "WTH does he think he's doing in that little itty bitty sink with his big ol' ass of his? Pshaw"

Now that we're men, we have facial hair
Now that we're men, I change my underwear
Now that we're men, we got a manly flair

*I've seen a couple of these videos and I'm still not sure on the premise of the show yet it's mighty entertaining none the less. Enjoy!


JerseyTjej said…
I miss beanie babies...I have a collection up in the attic with tag protectors and all from 3 rd generation on.
I used to budget 25.00 for beanies (a month) but between the tag protectors and the crystal cases....
would you shop for me?
Mocha said…
Could you be any funnier?

No. I don't think so. Really, I don't.

Thankfully, I've seen you over at the Queens and I came here. You are FUN-NY.
Queen of Spain said…
Hey! I KNOW that sink bath move! They look so darn cute I just want to eat them both. And those bannanas back there. THey look good too. And, is that pudding I see? I like pudding.
Trish said…
Jersey - I think that was the first beanie I've purchased in a couple years. I wish I could buy one a week, I like the special edition ones but I'm shallow, they have to be uber cute or no dice.

Mocha - Thank you so much!

Queen - You can have a Nina or pudding but I'm warning you, Monkey Boy will put up a hell of a fight. He'll make you work for it, just so ya know!
Les Becker said…
I'm SO glad I'm not in retail anymore! (And I LOVE coming here to see those kids - they are always so adorable.)
Anonymous said…
The look on your daughters face in the sink is killing me. You can tell if she knew more bad words the caption over her head would read "What the F*ck are you thinking?"
Anonymous said…
Stupid blogger. I'm not anonymous. I am Sarah. Goon Squad Sarah.

Erin said…
I love the photo of the boy in the tiny sink basin. Too funny!
tina said…
Your son looks like he needs a crow bar to get out of there!!
Seriously, your kids are adorable, and I love Peanuts red hair. And are you still in MN or are you back in WI yet? We(me and Russ) are thinking of going to Alma for fishing..around you at all?
Trish said…
Les - Thanks! I think the kids are cute too.
I work in a grocery store now and I can say that working in clothing retail stores were some of the worst. jobs. ever.

Anon, err, Sarah - I'm pretty sure she's exacting her revenge on her brother nowadays for the sink and other infractions. She poked him in the eye about 4 hours ago and he's still whining about it.

Erin - Thank you

Tina - Is this Tina from NChicago Tina? I'll be in MN for forever I think, unless I can convince the husband to move to AZ but that won't happen. I've just googled mapped Alma and it's SW of us, don't think it's close by.
tina said…
Yeah girl, its me. I used to think I wanted to move to MN, so much more Rellaaxxeed form the ghetto I live in right now. But from the sound of it, maybe to relaxed? :-)
Do you still keep in touch with Stacy? Email me at have other stuff to tell ya

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