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Just Curious But....

A 25 yr old is claiming to be Michael Jackson's son.
From a one night stand, um, 25 years ago.
Could this be Billie Jean's child?
I know Michael said she was not his lovah.
She's just a girl who said that he was the one.
We're just wondering people.

(and please people, don't get your panties in a bundle if you're so inclined to do so. I mean no disrespect and while I am giggling a little at the question, it's just a question. Reeeee-lax. kthxbai)

Weasley People

Lady in the red SUV,
Chill out for God's sake. The husband was going five under the limit. It had just switched to 50. Simmer down sister. If you had honked the horn again? Well, I don't know about the husband but I would have had a couple choice gestures for you. Maybe even some pretty colorful words.
Thanks much
Kids sitting behind us at the movies,
Listen, I read all the Harry Potter books too. My husband hasn't. Could you maybe refrain from speaking during the movie? Also, could you not speak of crucial plot points BEFORE THEY HAPPEN? Another thing? Shut up!
Thanks from the one who wanted to be surprised and me.
Dearest person somewhere in my breathing area,
Please take a shower before you come to see a super fluper popular movie. Everyone is packed like sardines. We don't want to smell like sardines. Be sure to get the soap wet. I hear that helps.
Thanks from the one who uses Dove Rose soap.
To whom it may concern at the movie theatre,
We love the huge screen.…

Maybe She's A Fighter After All? Nah.....

We're Expecting Giggles Any Day Now

She Looks Like Her Sister So Much That It Scares Me

Is It Karma? Is It Murphy's Law? Is It Him Acting Like A 14yr Old? (No Offense To The 14yr Olds Out There*)

It seems the tides may be turning. No matter if you watched Jon and Kate Plus 8 or not, everyone had an opinion on them. I used to like them in the beginning. How could you not? Those kids are so stinking cute and really? The logistics of raising twins and sextuplets peaked my interest. For the first season, I didn't really think anything of how Kate talked to Jon. I was still in the "holy bat balls! she has eight kids! is she crazy?!" phase. I was fascinated that they were so organized, the kids pretty much listened. I don't know, maybe it was because Jon was out of the house working? That may be it. He wasn't home during the day so there wasn't much to do with the Kate/Jon dynamics.
Then I started to put aside the logistics and the mad parenting skills of keeping 6 two year olds together and not lose one in the grocery store. I started to see what my sister in law was talking about. What others were talking about. This woman? Who has eight children (have I …

Hockey Scrimmage And Cuteness Galore!

He's turning into such a little man. I won't lie. It makes me sad.

She's gonna be Daddy's "go to" when he needs someone to go to a game with him.

I know what you mean kiddo. Your big sister can be nutty.

Mouth full of popcorn? Check. Nintendo DS? Check. Pink blanket? Check.*

*He balked at the pink blanket to begin with, then realized that was all I had and he could accept it or freeze. He then turned to the guys behind us and regaled the "she only has a pink blanket" story to them and made them promise not to laugh at him for it. They laughed, only because he was being so damn funny. This kid cracks me up.

Here's Looking At You Kid Grandma

Part Of Our Fourth

(I don't have photos from our morning at Fluffy's. Sorry, I left the camera in the condo when we went to the pool and then forgot about it when we were inside. Whoops!)
We spent the late afternoon (on into the late night) at our friend's house in Maple Grove. Another psuedo Gramma and Uncle for the kids. It's all good. More people to hand them off to spoil them right? We had a great time and even though the kids were terrified of the sparklers in the beginning? They came around and Gramma Gail had to go get more. Well, she didn't have to but she said they looked so cute playing with them and she just needed to get more so that they would be happy. See the above spoiled comment.

He Needs To Make Some Friends. STAT!

This afternoon, the boy came downstairs and I asked him what he was doing up there for so long (being so quiet)(and you parents know how dangerous that can be). Usually he's reading a book or snooping around for my DS because I've banned him from playing Animal Crossing since he chops down all the trees and changes the time so that there a bajillion* weeds to pull. Don't laugh at me. It's a pain in the ass pulling all those damn weeds! Anyway, the boy? Upstairs? Being too quiet?
He was talking to Satan.
Apparently the boy felt the need to tell him some things. For instance? He told Satan that he (Satan) will die. He will be killed. He will not survive.
Also? The boy said he called him some naughty words. He said he called him the :::whispering::: eff word mommy. I asked him to whisper it in my ear. Swore to him that he wouldn't get in trouble this time for telling me.
He called him f@ckin'. Nothing after it. Just f@ckin'. Isn't that the equivalent of a dan…
I don't think there's a better "we have to pull them in to read the article" headline than Midget Wrestlers Killed By Fake Prostitutes. How could you not want to read that?
I went to Karaoke last night. Let's emphasize that I didn't sing at Karaoke. I did have fun playing Randy at the beginning, then Paula as the drinks kept coming. It was a good time. There was a fella who was lurking around Mandy for awhile. Little creepy and when he got up to sing? He had the host wish his parents a happy 49th anniversary. They weren't even there. Um ok.
Also, I should stay away from the SoCo's for awhile. They went down way too easily. And the bill for 2 1/2 hours we were there was almost $100 (including tip). It was those 5 shots of pure joy that did us in. Yum.
Have a very safe and happy Fourth everyone!!!